View Full Version : Twist Javelin over Windy? Does it have a delay?

August 29th, 2011, 02:48 AM
Okay so . . . Twisted Javelin at level 10 adds 118% AR, 118% dmg boost, and does 30% more damage to demons (xetan, gorgon, Naz Senior, devil bird, hell hound, ratoo, cyclops warrior, omega, runic guardian, morgon, dark specter, spider trooper, niken, strider, lizard poke, omicron, shadow, dusk, stone golem, sliver, naz, slaughter)

Does this skill work with forces? Is it a good idea to level it over windy (windy level 3, Twist Javelin 10 at level 100) for hunting xetans and leveling up in i2?

I'm not really a big fan of split javelin, and after hearing that it has a delay I'm not really interested in it at all. I get by perfectly fine with vengeance, and I've heard that vengeance pretty much always out damages it due to the fact that it can critical. The extra AR can make up for the lost AR from not having windy at level 10.

August 29th, 2011, 07:04 AM
yes it works with forces. Leveled my ata from 6x-8x using lvl 10 twist jav + enigma force at every mini monsters event in ruinen village
( mini dark spectars )

cant help ya with the rest since im only lvl 84 and i changed my build so its only lvl 1 now :-/

August 30th, 2011, 09:04 PM
For leveling 1on1, in i2 for example, i prefer vengeance, with two shots per activation it pretty much outdamage twisted in every monster except demon type. Yes it does work with forces, also works with vampiric cuspid and mana recharge.

As for windy, i believe it is always good. If you are a real atalanta (my "biased" deffinition says a real atalanta is fully armored to the maximum possible gear) you may find windy useful for those hard to hit targets, due to the increased AR. If you are not armored (aka agi build) then you may find useful the range bonus. I'n any case, windy is a win-win skill.

One last thing (now that remember) with twisted javelin: it EATS mana! i oftenly used twisted for soloing babel at early 8x (was very effective) but i remember i needed a wagon of mana potions by my side to be able to keep up with the skill.

I currently don't use neither twisted jav nor split jav as i reassigned those skill points to have bigger spear 10 (i use it with an extreme spear, sweet looking combination)