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August 29th, 2011, 08:50 PM
Want to meet other ACE Players? Want to talk ACE Online with others? You can do so at the first ACE Online get together! Here's the details!

Howie’s Game Shack ( http://www.howies.com )
Buena Park Downtown LA Palma at Stanton
Buena Park CA 90620 USA

September 17th 2011

Bring yourself and your friends to meet with Masang and others involved with ACE Online! There will even be an in-house tournament where we will be supplying prizes to the winners!

Player Signup Limit - 16


- 1 vs 1 Arena Match using regular Subagames Characters
- Start time 11:00 AM Local Time, Signup at 10:20AM Local Time

1. To win
Someone who kills twice first win the game.
If the match doesn’t finish in the game time (15min.), winner will be the player who kills more than another.
If the players killed same times, the winner will be the player who has more Energy, Shield, SPI.

2. Supplies
At the beginning of the match
Get 200,000 SPI and 10 kits.
Players cannot use their own items.
Players cannot use other items something like cash items or national buffs.
When the player killed by another player, will start with full repaired at the starting point.
Players can be supplied from the distributing agency with given 200,000SPI
Players cannot be supplied except when they start the match or be revived for fast operation of the matches

3. Defeat and rematch
Players who has been killed twice will be defeated (Common Rule)
Players who don’t join in 5min. will be defeated
Players who get disconnected five times, will be defeated
Players who has been supplied except the player starts the match or be revived, will be defeated
Disconnected players who return to the arena in 5 minutes will be granted a rematch
Players who decks will get penalized with a defeat
If a player machine crashes and is back in the game in 10 minutes there will be a rematch

Come on down, meet with the developers, and have some fun playing ACE Online!

RSVP if you're coming is done on this thread: