View Full Version : So how will archer play for a poorman with low funds?

January 4th, 2012, 04:29 AM
How willa rcher do for a poor newish player.. well new acct never had a 4x archer? I don't even have a santa suit though I'd love to get one, but rudolph on my main has been a stingy bugger like 50 turn ins and nto one armor suit. My mage has one thanks to a kind soul who stoped me as i was running by him in forest of spirits and he gave me one for my magician for nothing.

I was gonna get maxxed falcon for now, because its useful for 1 on 1 encounters, and probally will reset it out later once I hit tier 4. (which is lv 60 or is it 80 i think? not sure). WIll take a donation of a archer santa suit if you'll be nice... lol I know begging is unbecoming but ya never know, gold seems fairly worthless in this game now a days, least I have no damned idea how I am going to get the gold to age stuff as a new player, at 2 mil+ for a raident.

January 4th, 2012, 05:02 AM
Tier 4 is at lvl 60.

You don't have to use a Santa Suit (archer spec Santa is the most expensive, so I'm not sure if someone is willing to donate that like a Mage spec (the most worthless), but who knows). You can also just use an armor, 4x / 5x or highest you can, depending on your build.

How to make gold? Hunt and sell Raidents.
Due to the increased xp you don't really need to age gears below 80 anymore.
I would say maybe mix some lower gears, and from 80 start aging.

January 4th, 2012, 06:20 AM
Might try to hunt some raidents, but.. the drop rate for anything really is abbysmal compared to last time I played. Can fight in the place outside of navisko on my 40 ish pike for 30 mins and not see 1 piece of equipment drop, and thats on a good day, have gone as long as 45-50 mins w.o a single equipment drop heh, though my pike may just be cursed. I think they lowered droprate by half, so that those +50% drop rate items can be sold. Because last time I played ALOT more stuff was dropping.