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April 26th, 2012, 09:39 AM
Okay a lot of people have asked me how to use the ak do they tap or burst or what. I myself was asking the same questions until I learned from XTC and velociti play with it and showed me how to use it. But understand people will have different ways to use it.

Please don't try making shortcuts by skipping steps. Master each step properly before moving on.

I'm not judging or anything but if you use a circle crosshair, you will never be able to fully master a ak weapon, seeing how it's impossible to control your spray an see where your bullets are going.

-Reccomend using Type A crosshair. You can see it expand which will benefit you the most when learning to control recoil. I use the smallest one just because it helps my jump shotting, other more experience players like velociti use big, due that he plays cs.

-Always use the default version of the Ak 47 when learning it(it had the most recoil, which will again benefit you the most, you might even learn to like the default one the best just because it feels right, at least to me it does).

-Choose your class!

I broke the Ak 47 down into 2 types of users.

Tapper-Probably the harder choice, not reccomended for beginners though some may find it natural. Mainly always tapping at headshot level with peeks, prefire. Most tappers strafe constantly as it keeps their aim in line. Of course tapping close range isn't the best idea, it's reccomend to spray close range. Say you were at the top of terminal port and someone comes up the stairs, that's close range.

Burster- With this type you are pretty much always aiming at chest area and bursting 4 bullets max. A shooting pattern might be 3-2-2-1 repeat. Your not always trying for a headshot, but mainly focused on getting a kill. Only aim at the head
If your certain you can nail the kill. Example would be healing inside of A at terminal and someone comes mid, easy hs. If you really want to headshot, then aim a little higher when your burst, like shoulder length. The recoil should kick up to the head after 2 bullets+.

Controlling recoil.

Now most people try to pick up the ak and start spraying like a boss thinking it's a hk 416 or m4. Wrong, terribly wrong think again. Using the ak is much different and harder.

First get a friend or someone to join you in a cross range map 30 minutes so you have time and practice spraying at a wall.

As soon as you spray after about 5 bullets pull down a good amount(you'll know how much to pull if you pay attention to the bullet spray), then SLIGHTLY to the right, then last SLIGHTLY to the

Do this at least 10 ak's worth of clips.

Now stand almost mid range but more close range away from a wall and tap your whole clip, you should make a perfect circle on the wall, if it's deformed, your doing it too fast, try again.

Do this about 3 ak's worth of clips.

Now move on to bursting 2 bullets at the wall until you can form a perfect circle.

Do this at least 5 ak's worth of clips.

Last do the same thing except move on to 3 bullets, yes 3 bullets. You will have to pull down a tiny bit with every burst, but you can make a perfect circle.

Do this at least 7 ak's worth of clips.

Jump Shooting

The ak 47 is a monster when it comes to jump shooting, it really makes it the deadliest weapon in game. But, it's not easy if your just learning. Don't worry follow what I tell you and you'll be fine. Be aware, this can really rape your ammo so use it wisely not constantly.

You will learn how to jump shot again at cross range. Get a friend that's willing to be a dummy and have him stand on one side of cross range behind the mini fort on each side of the map. You should come from yor spawn and leap left or right and put the crosshair on their belly. Lucky for you, gravity does the recoil for you so all you have to do is hold down the fire button from when you jump till you fall.

Have your friend constantly move back to different spots but in the same area, and you keep coming from your spawn and repeating it.

Do this until you feel comfortable and confident, don't lie to yourself. If your not ready to move on don't.

Now let's practice leaping forward, for this one have your friend stand in the same area except
stay at your spawn and heal at one of your walls so you can see them. Then jump and aim at their chest and try landing at least 1 hit before hitting the ground, then move on to 2 hits. The reason I have you stay at spawn and use the wall is it helps you prepare for. The real thing, think of the wall as a safety net.

Now practice doing it like before, except you will leap forward. It's not reccomend you leap forward close range, that's a no brainer. It's guranteed your dead if the opponent is a decent player.

Aim at the waist area(your moving forward so think of it as your bullets climbing a ladder.

Do this until comfortable, don't lie to yourself.

Your basically done with learning how to use the gun, now the only thing left is to test it out. There's no better training that actually using it in a pub, do a few bomb matches and see how you do. If you miss a lot pay attenton to where your aiming and why you are missing. Of course everyone misses and makes mistakes, don't expect to be perfect. Try doing a Deathmatch with about 10 people if your nervous
first. If you feel you got it down good, join a clan and go test it out in clan war!

Hope this "tutorial" helped anyone who was struggling, it may my be the best but I tried.

Critique is welcome about my guide, please tell me I'd there is any errors.

Have fun using the best gun In the game !

April 26th, 2012, 10:34 PM
Thanks for this tutorial.

And almost forgot this: I like to play against your clan, you are a good player.

April 27th, 2012, 05:57 AM
Wow really nice tutor. Im a Burster type. !

April 27th, 2012, 04:40 PM
Thank you all.

EDIT: After you learn you get accUrate shooting patterns you will naturally develop your own way of using it. You'll know when that happens cause you will just start feeling confident and smooth in your shots. Also the jump shot when leaping forward, you shouldnt be moving at all just jumping over the wall in base so you can see the opponent for a second.

April 28th, 2012, 01:00 AM
Nigguh Shut The Hell Up, 5 - 3 - 5 Is The ****!

April 28th, 2012, 01:23 AM
I myself now can be said experienced in using AK47, but now im learning to use it wisely while lagging. Since when i play NA server my lag is 180+.

May 31st, 2012, 06:36 AM
im using jump shot i dont use ak47 for burst or tap :-)

June 1st, 2012, 06:46 PM
Wow really nice tutor. Im a Burster type. !
dont limit ur options to 1 method of shooting, you need to be versatile in all patterns to be good.
sometimes spraying is better, sometimes bursting is better, most of the time tapping is better.
im going to far, but if you played a competitive game, and you only burst, strafe, burst, theres no dynamic to it, and you will get blown out of the water.