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September 1st, 2012, 11:48 PM
Hi people,
I'm new on this class, i don't know nothing about Archers, so, here is what i want:

I want to follow a Build that give me kick ass Damage with enough Spirit Points to cast lots of skills and kill alot, and to compensate that, i'd have some points in Health, cause i won't have a good ABS/Def.Agi for Archer is a must, i've seen that.
But mostly, i will get into PvP and PvE, I want really hight 1 Vs 1 Damage, good HP, MP and Attack Rating/Speed.

So, based on that, can you guys help me saying a good Build that follows it?Massive damage from far looks cool.
Stats + Skills please, also, equipaments if possible (:

Thank you all :D

September 3rd, 2012, 11:14 AM
I don't want to demotivate you but as strange as it may seem, archers do not do "kick ass" damages (strange because you could think that a ranged char should kill monsters before they come to you and thus having massive damages).

The higher you want your damages to be, the more points in agility you'll have to put.
In order to do that, you have to sacrifice other stats.

There are plenty of builds/discussions around archers there, I'm sure you'll find your answers (but don't forget that there is no perfect build, you can't have both damages and high survivability).

September 3rd, 2012, 12:35 PM
Thanks MAX, i always see that Archer damage is very nice, but heh, i'm Hybrid Mech, so i think the idea of needing to run away from some mobs, being sooo limited on the map and drinking hp pots like they were water pots in the middle of the desert isn't the way to go, cause it doesn't value the amount of attack you have, is there a way to be Hybrid Archer then?
Look, Hybrid Mech (lvl 10 ES, lvl 10 PA with MA lvl 1, GS lvl 10 and MWM lvl 10), can survive alot and deal a nice amount of damage, just check my Post on Mech Class Threat, is there a way to be like that but with Archer?

For Archer i found Builds like that:


Strength: 81 (For Relic Gaunts)
Spirit: 72
Talent: 80
Agility: Rest
Health: 70


Tier 1: Shooting Mastery lvl 10
Scout Hawk lvl 10

Tier 2: Avalanche lvl 10 (You can mix the attacks, Avalanche with lvl 1 Wind Arrow)

Tier 3: Perforation lvl 10

Tier 4: Phoenix Shot lvl 10
Evasion: Rest that is left

Leave Falcon/Wolv/WA at lvl 1, but you can still use it when you need.

But if you don't know how to run well just to shot from far, you die :/
So, all Archer are like this?
If yes, won't play it anymore :/

September 3rd, 2012, 04:29 PM
The answer is no. Not all archers use the same cookie cutter build.

However, if you are looking to stand in a group of monsters and not expect to die, archer isn't the character for you, stick to the automech. I had a friend who loved her mech, then tried an archer and was pretty unhappy with it. You simply can't stay still on an archer.. or if you put her in high str armor, you will lose way too much damage to make it worth your effort.

Disclaimer, I do not PVP, so this may not help you one bit...
My archer does great damage, she wears Supreme armor (103 str) and has base health. She has enough spirit to use a Mirage and the rest is in Agi. She definitely does more damage than my fighter and mage. My pike probably does more damage, but he sucks down mana and health pots, so costs me more gold than he makes in a normal day.

I use level 10 wolverine to tank. I work with him and rarely get hit. In fact, I pick up more life pots than I use, so I give them all to my pike and almost never have to buy lifepots. I also combine Falcon and Golden Falcon (summon Golden), which also offsets the need for health pots with regeneration.

My suggestion, for PVE only, PVP is very different of course, is to try the wolf at 10. Avalanche 10 for single monsters, Perforation 10 for more. Once you get to know how long your wolf lasts with each type of monster, you will know how many Avas you can use before switching to a single hit skill so you don't die before Ava is finished. I don't usually take on large mobs of monsters on a normal basis. Sometimes I will, Perfo is quick and you can maneuver yourself fast and get into the best position to get the most monsters into the line of fire. There is a lot less screaming (of my archer) and a lot more killing (not of my archer) when I use Perforation.

Since they gave us the wolf, we can spam more skills and do major damage, but, as my husband says, we are "glass cannons." One hit can shatter you, so you just learn not to get hit.

In one sentence, archers are meant to be quick on their feet and stay out of harm's way.