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Deep in the heart of Priston, a new evil has awoken: Salzacck, and the world shall be plunged into chaos and despair. Only the 8 heroes of the north and south continents will rise up and defeat him.

Chapter 1-The Meet of the Future

"Alright, I have to train as much as I can now!" A young man with fiery orange hair said, a wooden axe strapped to his back. He had blue tattoos running down his face, and had a bulky stature. He smiled, although was freaking out on the inside. Then, a woman walked up behind him.

"James, you can't rush into every battle blind." she said, shaking her head. She had long, brown, flowing hair that reached her shoulders. She was holding a bow in her hands, green eyes glistening. James sighed, folding his arms.

"Oh, Sasha, you don't need to worry about the toughest young aspect in Ricarten." James said, filled with pride. Then an older man walked up to them, a blue mask covering his mouth. His cold, blue eyes stared at James and Sasha intensely.

"You guys are so immature..." he said, nodding as if he agreed with his statement. His blue hood that ended in a point on the back of his head blew in the wind. He had a spear gripped in his left hand, jagged and fierce.

Sasha rolled her eyes, scanning the man blankly.
"Mark, do you always have to get involved with everyone's business?" she asked, irritated.

James shrugged, walking away.
"Geez, can't I catch a break around here?" he asked himself, not looking where he was going. James bumped into a younger boy, and the both of them fell to the ground.

The boy groaned, green hair falling in front of his face.
"Ow....look where you are going, James." he said, annoyed.

James got up and helped the boy to his feet.
"Henry, be quiet. You'd better look where you are going next time." he huffed.


James and Mark walked into the room of the leader.
"Verkan? Are you here?" James asked loudly.

Mark sighed, hitting James in the back of the head.
"Silence is a virtue." he said, continuing forward in the room.

Henry and Sasha came out of a small corridor to the left of the room, stopping before they bumped into Mark.
"Oh great, not you again." Sasha complained, narrowing her eyes.

Henry looked away, scared of Mark. They were half-brothers, and Mark was usually the one to take charge.

James walked up next to Mark, frowning.
"Henry, Sasha? Where have you been?" he asked.

Sasha rolled her green eyes.
"Oh please. Obviously we were visiting Master Lance." she replied bluntly.

Henry nodded, mad at James.

Mark raised an eyebrow, looking back and forth between James and Henry.
"Looks like you two have something against each other." he noticed, walking through the corridor.

James growled, bumping past Henry, following Mark.

Sasha grabbed Henry's arm, walking out of the sanctuary-like dungeon.

I hope to have Chapter 2 up later.:p

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Chapter 2-The Holy Unholiest

In the town of Pillai:

A boy with brown hair sat on the roof of a building, frowning.
"Why father...?" he asked, looking up in the sky. A girl with long flowing pink hair floated up in front of him.

"Aster, what is the problem?" she asked, smiling. She sat next to Aster, putting an arm around him.

Aster sighed, taking out a necklace from his pocket. He looked at it, and clenched it in his fist.
"My father died failing at a task that we are now burdened with, Julie. I can't take it!" he growled, sobbing.

Julie frowned, trying to calm Aster with a hug.
"Not to be mean, but crying over it won't change anything." she said.

A man with midnight blue hair and a robe walked by, deep in thought. He walked up to another person wearing a robe, greeting him.
"Raven, it is a pleasure meeting you. I have something to ask of you." the man said to Raven, who paused and listened. "I know that Salzacck is the main problem, and there will be more people that I have to combine my prowess with, but do you really think that they will be up to it?"

Raven didn't motion a response. Instead, he gave words of encouragement.
"Zale, you know not about what lies within you, nor about what challenges await. All we can do is cheer for you." he said, before walking off. Zale had much to think about, but he sighed.

"Then I must find out..." Zale said, walking off to the teleport area south of town.

A woman with brown pigtails and a javelin studied Aster and Julie from afar.
"What is up with Aster lately? He has to set his emotions straight." she said, spinning her javelin in her hand.


Zale came back from hunting, unimpressed.
"I need advanced training, or else I will not beat Salzacck..." he muttered, walking home.

Julie and Aster were sitting near a shop, looking at the customers that came by.
"Thanks for lifting my spirits." Aster said, hugging Julie.

Julie giggled, getting up.
"Cya tonight!" she said, running off.

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chapter 3 please

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Chapter 3-Opposite Elites Collide

Night was falling over the land of Priston, and in Ricarten, people rushed for multiple reasons. The salespeople were selling armor, weapons and potions, the warehouse keepers stored items from people who came to the center of town, and others were rushing to get home. As for James, Sasha, Mark, and Henry, they were in the middle of an argument.

"We are going to train!" James said, pointing to the town entrance. His eyes were blazing with fury, as Sasha was always the one to complain.

Sasha shook her head, frowning.
"James, we can train in the morning!" she replied, huffing.

Henry nodded in agreement, fists clenched.
"Listen to Sasha! If we train too hard, we could hurt ourselves!" he shouted.

Mark sat quietly and watched the three bicker. He seemed not to be in a rush at all.

Master Lance walked up to them, smiling. His black hair was almost invisible in the night, and his brown eyes glittered.
"It seems like you three need to relax." he said. Lance sat Henry, James, and Sasha down beside Mark, and began to speak.
"A long time ago, when I was about James' age, I was a dedicated warrior in Ricarten. I sought only to become stronger, and that all came to an end when my friends were in danger."

James yawned, struggling to stay awake for Lance's story.
Is this necessary NOW? he thought.

Sasha nodded, staring into Lance's deep brown eyes.
"Hm..." she mumbled. She was bored out of her mind, and much preferred being in bed, dreaming about being the swiftest archer of all time.

Henry listened carefully, in awe. He was younger, but loved stories.
"Ah..." he gasped quietly.

Mark folded his arms, raising his eyebrow to Lance, who continued his story.

"They were attacked by the legendary Babel, and I was the only one who could save them. And in doing that, I was permanently scarred. I was heartbroken knowing that I was unable to fight anymore. All of that time I spent just training prevented me from doing anything exciting." Lance said, looking at James, who looked away uncomfortably.

In Pillai:

Everyone was gathered in the middle of town, for an anniversary that happened every year. Aster, Julie, and Zale were huddled together, discussing random things.

"Hey Zale, you wanna go grab some food later?" Aster asked, smiling. He had a big appetite, and could really use a cheeseburger.

Julie smiled, floating lightly off of the ground with her apprentice magic. There was big new about 4 people being chosen to lead Pillai in the fight against that monster, Salzacck.

Anna, the girl with the javelin from before, walked up to them, frowning.

Zale, not having time to answer Aster's question, turned to face Anna.
"Anna. What brings you here?" he asked, the palm on his hand glowing with a strange mark. He narrowed his eyes, hiding it.

Anna smirked.
"None of your business, mage." she replied coldly, folding her arms.

Aster gave a bored look, and opened his mouth to speak, but a large, melodious bell rung through the floating city.

An old man wearing a thick, purple, light blue, and gray robe, wearing a big hat, walked up to a high point, arms raised.
"People! Let us all gather below for the exciting news about the four who, with the four from Ricarten, will defeat Salzacck!" he announced, and everyone was silent. Then the man continued, "I will name the four people to lead us. The first, and widely known, Aster the Knight in training. Next, Zale, a wise magician who I have trained myself. Thirdly, Juliette, the priestess who never fails to smile in the face of danger. And last, Anna, the Atlanta with an attitude and great skill."

The four walked forward, and faced the cheering crowd. Julie was waving happily, while Anna just stood there with a bored gaze. Zale gave a slight smile, bowing. Aster shrank back, sighing. The beginning of a legacy...

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