View Full Version : Facebook Screenshot Contest

September 9th, 2012, 05:37 PM
Hello everyone,

Starting Monday Sept 10, 2012 (tomorrow), we will be hosting Weekly Screenshot(SS) Contests on our Facebook app. In order to access this contest, go to the ACE online app page, and click the camera icon on the top right corner, where the quiz and the scratchcard is located. Here's breakdown of the details of the rules regarding this contest:

-Players upload awsome screenshots of their gears. Once it is approved by us, it will be displayed in the gallery for other people can view and rate (you cannot rate your own picture).

-Currently the app only accepts .jpg and .png files. We are working on implementing .bmp support, but for now, just open the SS using paint, and re-save it in either .jpg or .png before uploading.

-Each player can only upload one SS per contest, if another SS is uploaded, then it will overwrite the existing SS, as well as reset the current rating.

-Anyone can rate the SSs as long as they have access to the app, but they cannot rate the same SS more than once.

-At the end of the week(Sunday), the owner of the SS with the highest rating will receive a code for a fabulous prize. If there is a tie, then the winner is determined by whoever submitted their SS first.

-People who have rated the winning SS will also have a chance to receive great prizes. They will be selected randomly, and the redemption code wil be sent to their email.

So, don't forget to drop by the app tomorrow and submit your awsome SSs! :)