View Full Version : [Guide] How to Reload SP by using MOLpoints

September 21st, 2012, 09:31 AM
[Guide] How to Reload SP by using MOLpoints

I will show you guys how to reload SP by using MOLpoints(global)
Nevertheless, i'm using MOL Malaysia but it doesn't matter. This guide is specially for those who cannot reload SP by existing method. This is specially for Malaysia user.

1. Login to MOL - Money Online (https://www.mol.com)

2. Reload your MOLpoints( Here's a tutorial to reload MOLpoints How to Reload MOLpoints (https://global.mol.com/global/portal/en/HowReload.aspx) )


3. Then proceed to Suba Games Website (https://subagames.com/), Login.

4. Proceed to Suba Bank (https://subagames.com/SubaBank.aspx)

5. Choose any Point Package you prefer(depend on How much you reload on MOLpoints, and the currency rate)


6. Click to choose PayByCash method, then Proceed.


7. The page will redirect to PayByCash site, Then you'll find various method to reload to PayByCash first. Since this tutorial for MOLpoints. I'll choose MOLpoints.


8. Here you see the actual price in your country currency(you need to set them in MOLpoints site). You also can view other package price in here by repeating previous steps with different package.


9. Then it will redirect you to MOLpoints page, requesting for login. Just simply log in.


10. Here it will show your MOL region wallet. A country wallet and a global one. Choose the one that have wallet balance. Make sure you have enough balance.


11. Re-type password at bottom right, then confirm the transaction. DONE