View Full Version : BCU- Death from Above now *SELECTIVELY* Recruiting

November 27th, 2012, 12:17 PM
Greetings Ladies, Gentlemen, Lassies, Blokes, Dudettes, Dudes, Sisters and Brothers of BCU,

A new brigade of terror has been established within your feeble earth sphere. We call ourselves "Death From Above".
We are seeking skilled players regardless of level (as you all know many of us have low leveled alts) So, that being said; level is not of dire importance skill is. Our intent, mission, and mantra while borrowed from the U.S. Marine Corps is simple;
"Locate. Close-with. Destroy." Our Modus operandi is just as simple, "Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action."
If you lack the skill but have the dedication and discipline to learn you are welcome if not. Pack sand, or kick rocks, and **** off in an direction and location other than here, you are not worthy.

The prerequisites are simple.

You will be utilizing the languages of swift gratuitous violence and English and it's corresponding grammatical law.
And those are the only two languages you will speak whilst communicating with the brigade. VoIP access (Teamspeak, Ventrilo)
and a mic/headset that works and doesn't sound like **** are also a very good idea(meaning preferred, and soon mandatory).

-Discipline and Dedication
You are not expected to be here 24/7. But showing your face, claiming lives and kill marks, and in general making the gents at graves-registration overworked is a good idea.

-Thick skin
You need to be able to take rough criticism from time to time if necessary, and be able to work within a verbally harsh environment. We are not biggots, but slurs, slanders, and constant rough talk is to be expected and embraced. Understand the fine line you ride between rough play and belligerence and disrespect.

-Desire to work,
The best things in life do not come free. The best things in life are earned with sweat, tears, toil, anguish, and blood, and sometimes lives. While this is no environment that will (at least shouldn't) cost you blood or life) you are expected to work for keep. We do not seek your hungry, tired, poor, and broken. You will not be given hand-outs nor hook-ups if you have not earned your place.

-Tactical and Technical Proficiency
You must be knowledgeable of current tactics, and their application and the technically proficient with your gear everything from your computer to your game. We are not hard-core, and this is not life and death but you must be able to run your gear like a boss and know how to do it.

-The beatings will continue, until morale improves.


November 27th, 2012, 12:46 PM
Where is the requirement that you have to be gay?

Without it there is no reason for me to apply.


March 20th, 2013, 07:58 PM
hey, you do not believe how long and hard i have worked for a clan like this,not on this game but on tanki i used to lead a clan. anyway long story short, i wanna join, my game name is gunnerJDS and i am in the paratroopers in real life (UK) so i think that that alone fits your requirements, Can i join? btw add me in game if so cus i wont be checking here often, in game thats where i will be, lvl 27