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November 27th, 2012, 09:03 PM
Killing Ghosts for Dummies

Ghost mode consists of two sides, human and ghost. I'm going to talk about human side because I'm more experienced in human and in my opinion, it's more fun and challenging being on the human side.

Let's start off with equipment. Using the right equipment will definitely give you an advantage over other players/ghosts. Here is the list of an ideal equipment:

Primary: Golden Kriss - Crazy amount of ammo in one clip/hold more than the average rifle
Secondary: Dual golden C40s (?), axe, cake grenade, VX (?), smoke grenade - Automatic pistol, great for medium range and quick slashes, high power, stronger than tear gas, and to create a smoke barrier
Left arm: Gloves - Faster switching
Head: Puppy head - More ammo
Misc.: Ammo card, C4 toolkit, defense card, anti-tear gas card, quick reload card, grenades card, dance, subtle

Next is settings. Your settings will help you out A LOT it'll increase your efficiency by like 30%. Now what you want to do is go on your MAT's settings and change the cursor speed/mouse sensitivity, this will adjust the speed of the game to yours so that you'll be able to move accordingly. After you've finished with that you'll need to change your graphic. Play full screen for the best result of course, lower your graphic down if you're lagging, and change your cross-hair and blood (green). Auditory comes next, adjust the volume so that you'll be able to hear footsteps while keeping the volume down to protect your ears, turn off the commands because they're very annoying if someone kept on pressing them, and last but not least is to turn off the background music it's not going to help you in anyway and will be a confusion among other sounds.

Computer accessories will improve your ability to match your game so that you'll be coherent. Don't listen to other people and buy expensive game accessories, I, myself use these:

Now on to the game. When you're on human side it's harder to see ghosts now because for some reason, Suba decided to make ghosts more transparent. Anyway, the most important thing that'll save your live and win comes from audio rather than visual, you'll need to listen to your opponents footsteps and breathing by using your headphones and tune in into their locations, you won't be able to locate their exact location but it'll give you a clue of where they are.

That's all folk. :X

November 29th, 2012, 07:34 AM
Walk around - dont rush after ghost to get kills, dont spray and use sound.. :P