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December 9th, 2012, 05:41 PM
Ok so, I was looking at this game on the interntet and thought it was cool I downloaded it installed it and started playing but for some reason it lags like **** (my FPS is very low).
I'm runing the game at 800:600 with the LOWEST possible settings everything turned off and a 16bit color depth.(This was just to test if it'll run with higher fps) BUT the game still lags like ****..... (pardon for the language) Anyway here are my sys specs.
CPU 2.8hz (Currently runing)
RAM 1,5gb
VC 512 MB Nvidia 3Pix/Vort shadder
I have DX 9 newest version installed and Net framework also.
the game sets my settings at med with everything turned on 1024 screen res full screen and 32 bit and it lags almost the same as at 800:600 with NOTHING ON and 16bit color depth.
From what I understand the game's R.Q. is:
CPU 2.0 (min) 2.8 (preffered)
Ram 1GB
VC 64MB or better
NOW so generaly when I saw thise I thought... "WAW such a potentualy amazing game with such low RQ I'll give it a shot" I go in and BAM even at the LOWEST settings I'm laging like ****. If anyone has any advice or ANYTHING that can help post please. THank you.
Ive played games like LOL with 0 lagtime WOW with 0 lagtime BattleForge with 0 lagtime and ect and they have higher Sys RQ.

December 16th, 2012, 11:36 PM
That's the old R.Q. outdated, since MAT evolved too much. They should update the R.Q