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January 11th, 2013, 04:06 AM
How to increase your stats point

str gradually raise the to 104 ata wearing santa amor spec or 108 even superme armor and shield 80d ata min Streng stream high agi

SPR gradually increase to 52 to wear trans (the latter up again or k depending on you, max 80 wearing celesto min SPR)

talent raise the javelin, max working now for 80 talent 84

agi nhiu balance point for numerous agi all

health base

From lvl 1 to lvl 54 only increase str and talent item, public how nhiu for the very agi end, rest assured that k die because of skill Shield Strike (level 10). After reaching lvl 55 mix sup str 108 and great shield perf block, 40 hp mixes all to be able to hunt in I1 I2. Playing this way and the hunt very well, lvl 89 and still sup wear and poultry great shield mix 40 hp go I2 hunt) Listen to mix dev it seems raised money too, but it will save money, just to buy limb blood tube + Jav lv, amor and shields use for whole life. Ata detector 7x return can ask the clan, if you have to buy is also very cheap.

Build stats that can be considered a standard of high agility and you will rest assured that hit very hard to die


What about skill learning TM first and TOV. Until a new tier 4 is divided into two lines of high agi different:

1.Max Frost then HOV, skill tier 2 will raise further Twist 10 used as a definite skill rather VEN. This train line is essential, has excellent raw damage. To train combination splitt (level 1 or 2 in order to avoid delay) twist and storm if mos east

2.Max Ven before Frost (if want better train) or HOV (to serve PvP) ---> PvP queen. In KPT EPT also has proven to be the most economic is PvP PT. If Ven max then you will balance the SP, can learn Windy support for Ven

Also can max HOV first buffer and (just following buffs pt) but HOV max before banana too (difficult to hunt, PvP), so k people tagging

Location and how to train

From level 1 to 49: used microtic crystal

lvl 1 - 1x: 0x 1x (Road of wind or just outside ricarten)

lv 1x - 2x: Ruinen village, cursed land

lv 2x - 3x: cursed land, the Forgotten Land

lv 3x - 4x: Forgotten land, oasis

From lvl 50 to xxx: lvl 50 marked a turning point in her life beautiful ata(: skill storm) How to use very simply trying to move her so beautiful ata and flood mobs stand in one line and ... storm. Note keep distance with mobs and ... Your hp column should have 1/2. use Shield Strike to rescue (can use microtic crystal if possible)

lvl 50 - 60: Oasis. moreover the quality monster is also very good as the number of mobs in Oasis (or crystal microtic if possible.)

lvl 60 - 65: go belltrala at ricaden or train in cave lv 55
lv 65-80: sancury or go belltrala at ricaden
lv 80-90: can go belltrala at the navisco or train in sancury, CT1 CT2.

* Note: k should map to train that goes to map one bit, lower die and damage high enough to kill mobs fast
TM Throwing Mastery
TOV Triumph of Valhalla
HOV Hall of Valhalla
Twist Twist Javelin
VEN Vencgence
CT1 Curse Temple 1
CT2 Curse Temple 2