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January 17th, 2013, 09:28 AM
Here are the weapons that the Fighter can be used, this one from personal experience when playing Ft and saw and heard things in the game, or reference from the old topic in the forum.

1. WEAPONS 2 HANDS: As weapon should spend for FT at every level lv, because only like to promote the power of a warrior Fighter

1.1 axes: (AXE)
- Advantages:
+ As a special weapon of Ft should be to promote the power of class and skill.
+ Damage is high and relatively stable, fast train, pvp well.
+ Use the key skill as Des, AC, BC and all the important buffs like CC, Ber, SA.
+ Age Rate increase - one of the very important factors for destroyer
+ Axe with the highest level now (80D, 102,105,108) have two hand axe.

- Cons:
+ Crit low axe, age not increase crit.
+ The ability to carry two hand ax defense is weak, difficult to train if there is no genuine item
+ Most of the axes are slow (speed 7) should have the choice between one of the 2 buff important SA and CC. (SA rose 1 speed is buff 1 ft, but CC is extremely important for the strongest skill of ft is the destroyer)
+ Axe rated slow to die when you hunt.

- Tips using two hand axes:
+ Age up really high if you can afford (at least +8) otherwise dem mix Hp or Mp is better than age +6 or less.
+ Increase the only one 2 skill: CC and SA depending on your item.

1.2. (SWORD)
- Advantages:
+ The important buffs still works: MM, CC, Ber. Use a lot skill attack of FT: AC, BC, Imp ...
+ Damage is relatively high and stable.
+ Rated speed is very fast, which helps train and hunt even better than carrying an ax.
+ High Critical, age increased crit, this is extremely useful for key skill of Ft is AC. AC will not be wrong to say that only its full stregth with a sword high age. (Titan sword age +8 AC IF roaring explosion crit).
+ Sword is the only weapon of ft can change ax to train, hunt, pvp is fine.
- Cons:
+ High Damage not be as ax
+ Do not use DES - FT's strongest skill.
+ Charge for the right age, so please consider your economic abilities.
+ Atk Rate of earning less than ax
- Tips:
+ Follow the path ft sword if you have a good sword damage and age (+n8 or higher), lv / 1 2 3 AC was all because little miss.
+ Combined sword with ax (Des = ax, AC = Sword)
+ Only: leave not learn des, max BH and increase Ber.

1.3. (SPEAR)
- Advantages:
+ There are a number of advantages when used for: beat fast, used be berser and some skill attacks of ft.
+ Block the, high crit age increased crit.
+ Dam very high max.
- Cons:
+ About the difference large dam (pk)
+ Do not use CC, Low Rate, des.
- Tips: If you have a teacher Fs beautiful, index and age or Crit mix also, but should only be used when there is no ax and sword.

1.4 . (hammer)
- Advantages:
+ MM and Ber work.
+ Dam weapons quite high, be des = hammer.
+ Age + rate axes.
- Weak;
+ Do not use most of the skill of ft: AC, BC ...
+ CC does not work.
- Tips:
+ Should spend combination with swords or spears, while the hammer is used to des
+ Only use when you do not have an ax better (eg Hammer 102 combined with JS, for example)

DES Destroyer
AC Avenging Crash
BC Bone Crash
CC Concentration
Ber Berserker
SA Swift Axe
MM : Melee Mastery
BH Boost Health