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January 22nd, 2013, 05:12 PM
Goal Mode

Goal mode is one of the easiest and simplest mode in all of MAT. Why is it easy? Because the mode is very straightforward. The "goal" of this mode is to kill the required amount of kills (500) to successfully finished a game. Goal mode can be play by anybody but only at the right time will goal mode be allowed to play. It is very beneficial for players that can't afford gold because you can get items and M points. To be successful in this mode you'll need the right equipment and strategy.

Most players think that playing with others will help them with goal mode, WRONG - soloing goal mode is more efficient if you know what you're doing. By soloing you can get more kills as they only go towards you. To get that 500 kills in 20 minutes you must be strategic, my strategy is to camp in one of the corners and head shot the NPCs, by head shooting NPCs you'd save ammo and instant kills. To maximize this outcome you'd need to get the right gear.

You want guns with a large amount of ammo no matter what its recoil is. My top 3 suggestions would be Dual Kriss, Golden Kriss, Golden Beast (in respective order). Additional accessories will definitely help you, they are: Sad Puppy Head, Dragon Emperor Wings, Ammo cards, and gloves.

The best part of this mode is receiving the drops. MAT's translation is off at the moment and I don't know if they'll fix it but here's my recorded data of the drops with the right translation.

nc - Pistol blueprint
! - Automatic casting machine
h - Sewing machine
ϥho - Silver exchange ticket
☐- MIG machine

January 22nd, 2013, 07:22 PM
A little addition.

Let them come close before shooting, its much easier to hs them at short range.

Don't spray when shooting - tap tap tap (one bullet each tap). If you do this right you can easy kill 15+ enemies with 30 bullets.

Reload whenever possible, doesn't matter if you only used 2 bullets. All ways have pistol reloaded as well.

Pick a weapon (two) with fast reloading time and lots of bullets.

When running out of bullets (both main gun and secondary) and using a melee weapon move back and forward timing it so you move forward right after the enemy did his attack. If you aren't very good at this part its better to die and get new stocks for the guns.

January 24th, 2013, 02:26 PM
/002:X they've pretty much made the drops lower now, for all of the items that were there before ~ only gained one, ONLY one 10 m points from over 300 kills .. ..