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February 22nd, 2013, 05:53 AM

The Valhalla

The Atalanta, born under the Morion race harness the magical powers of nature to fight their way to the top of the tempskron food chain with the use of javelins. Although rumored to descend from the Tempskrons, the Atalanta starts their tale in Pillai, a town in the northern region of Priston that sits in the air thanks to the magic of the Morion. Atalantas rely mostly on their accuracy and power to take down enemys, making them a great offensive champion however not the most defensive.


Leveling at it's best

Although the atalanta carries a shield, but do not mistake her for a mechanician with pigtails! The atalanta focuses mainly on agility while still contributing to other statistics such as strength, and talent for equipment. This allows for a higher attack rate and damage output than most classes in priston tale. The atalanta begins as a solo artist and at early stages is more of a 1 versus one class, but late game the atalanta can handle large groups with her powerfull area of effect skills and high damage output. Never the less, while grinding out the experience with an atalanta it's always best to carry a crystal or two!

Dressing like a princess

With the game constantly changing it's no question that the equipment continues to get better and even better looking! However the atalanta is no stranger to unusual builds. If you don't value your ability to tank as much as your damage it might be best to invest less statistic points for equipment and focus on more damage output. This is commonly referred to as a "pure" build and normally results in you having low (or none) added statistics in strength, or talent past the ammount needed for your weapon of choice, resulting in a much higher than normal agility stat count meaning you have a larger attack rating and attack power base. This also calls for higher equipment enchancing such as aging, mixing, or socketing in order to recieve the full potential of your items to make up for the stat points lost.


A few things to note to the GM and/or Beanlet, the forum would not allow me to post most than 15 images so i could not post the spells in regular text i had to make it a picture, but i can convert that to text easely.

Also note that i did not include morion quests, and other things such as conflicting buffs because this is supposed to be a beginners guide for the class, and those are not things a beginner would need to worry about and i also i felt those deserved their own guide (if at all!). Just so you know that this was not missed, but avoided intentionally.

February 22nd, 2013, 07:35 AM
Key points of interest for Atalantas

High Damage Output
Highest Acuracy in the game
Largest Range of all classes
Multiple possibilities for equipment builds


Low Defense and Health rates
Typically Low Health & Mana
No area of effect spells until level 50

Base Stats at level one:

Strentgh: 23
Spirit: 15
Talent: 19
Agility: 19
Health: 23