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April 8th, 2013, 06:09 PM
Hello all,

We're pleased to announce the winner and runners-up of the March Madness poetry contest! You can read the winning poems below!

Grand Prize Winner

An Eee Tale
(a PristonTale story)

Some Raidents and Sparky,
or a couple of Trans or Murky.
Devines and Celestos if you can get any,
stock them cuz you will need many.
Aging or Mixing is always a necessity..

At level 1 to 10, you'll hunt alot of hopy,
when a Hobgoblin spawns, you need tbe hurry.
Spam "1" while running till you get to safety,
he runs fast and kills you in a jiffy.
thats all i can remember being a lowbie..

1st Rank-up Quest will come in Twenty,
get some Oil or kill some colored Wolvie.
A little bit more and youll be Forty,
2nd Rank-up Quest aint gonna be easy.
higher leveling maps are looking abit scary..

Swamps and deserts are places that you scurry,
just to train and earn some good "XP".
Slowly but surely, you will reach Sixty,
beat your Skill Master thats abit Bossy.
you'll get your 4tier skills eventually..

As time flies by and goes swiftly,
you'll enjoy it more - Believe me!
Soloing Iron maps is abit lonely,
it will be alot more fun being in a party.
Be friends with some, even from other country..

Getting to 10x is long and quite bumpy,
but through hardwork, you'll get there really.
Hoping to explore ET1 to ET3,
or join some great "comp party".
And be the Warrior you want to be..

This is PRISTONTALE to me,
and I invite you to come and see.
Discover tha vast plane of Fantasy,
which is hidden in an MMORPG.
Unleash the best that you can be..

This tale of mine is abit Silly or rather Catchy,,
All i wanted to say is Come and Play with me!!!



Prisontale Oh Pristontale
Sometimes I just feel like I'm in jail
So addicted to this game there is no leaving but yet i feel some shame
I don't know who to look to but i guess it's you to blame
I log in to talk to friends every day
I just feel too lazy to level and play
Many look at me and say go level up
I just like to talk, so whatsup?
The forums are full of people chattering and making fun
but then you get the occasional I'm leaving post, I'm done
We say hello we say goodbye
and the occasional stupid remarks, oh sigh..
We blame the company for not doing their job
Sometimes they do but when they dont many just sob
Hackers galore whats there to do
Hopefully soon there will only be few


Dear [GM]Triheart

Our man that works at suba games,
Didn't know of all our claims.
In the spring the sun wil shine
But he will still be working on a new design

Altho he realize he would never win the cup
Most would have alreaddy given up
The game we play is Pristontale
More GM's tried to get it back on trail

He should know he is not alone
But people are scared for another suba clone
To be honest we think he is a nice dude
And we talk about him in our neighborhood.

Maybe he thinks this is not the place where he belong
Because many come in way to strong.
Specialy the tickets system slows him down
And the forum flames make him look like a clown.

But i didn't see many before him stop so late
Even in his sleep he still tries to communicate.
So yes i see him as a dedicated man.
He is still standing where others ran.


So if you ever doubt if there is any one that cares
I will make a start and put you on top of my stairs
Some will call me after this poem a freak
But i really think GM triheart is unique.

Being a GM for pristontale make you grow up fast
Trying to solve the problems from today and the past.
So i hope you stay a little longer and will not go
And we will find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Dont stop fixing things now and buy a rope
Even those old men could chose a new pope
I hope when you see this you count again to ten.
Fix tier 5 and we know lost horizens might return again.



They say the sun is out, the birds are singing in the trees
Lots of flowers, they’re visited by honey bees
A few white clouds are riding on a gentle breeze
But I can’t go look cuz I’ve got the PC game disease

I think I got it when I was about thirteen
I don’t see sun so my skin’s a shade of greyish green
My eyes are red, I live on Twinkies and caffeine
I may look bad, but my char’s a bad-ass kill machine

Can’t go out now, I need to get this quest reward
And level up so I can use this cool new sword
I need more gold, there’s an upgrade that I can’t afford
Don’t need fresh air, I need a better motherboard


Years ago when man turned on man
A legend flew with the rest of them
His missiles roaring through the heavens
His eyes ablaze with the fires of liberation.

And thus began the great crusade
Countless brothers were slain at his command
As ideals and bloodshed further fueled the rebellion
His fame soared through the sky.

Although the rebellion was a success
Nothing could relieve his tortured soul
For he was haunted by the ones who fell before him
His arrow of death covered in the blood of brothers.

The rebel hero seeked redemption
Embracing a challenge far above any other has seen
That night he left his post
Leaving a note behind.

He first challenged the two headed beast
Evading the brutal attacks with unmatched elegance
A blindling flash of light erupted as his arrows pierced the flesh
In the final reckoning, the beast is slain.

Return to duty he did not
For his brothers have suffered enough
Another challenge was to be faced
This time, the three guardians.

The red guardian exploded in crimson debris
And the blue guardian soon followed
But the hero was worn out by the impossible fight
Legend goes that he perished in peace.

Ceremonies were held after his final sight
The rebel hero was sent on his final flight
Cannon volleys saluted and poems were written
The envelope was opened, and his final speech was announced.

There he said his arrow of death
Was buried inside the mightiest of beasts
His soul finally in peace
Awaiting the day of return.

Years went by and on went the flow of time
With man still fighting man
A graceful comet was sighted in the distant sky
Awaiting the day when man is united once again.


Why do i play priston tale?

Pristontale.. Such an old game,
Its so buggy and the grinding is just the same.

Why do we even play?
I know a good reason..
We have nothing better to do everyday!*

But the real reason for me are my friends,
Everyday i login to chat with them about things that make no sense!*

I have a fighter and he's very sexy,
Red armor, yellow axe and hair all messy.

The favorite thing i do is PVP,
My character is tough,*
so try kill me!

This game makes me relieve stress..
Even though its old,
Even though it lacks,
I have a family in game..*
So God bless!

I am bad at writing a poem,
So i'm gonna stop,
*and drive myself home.

April 9th, 2013, 12:30 AM
congrats. i thought topic is anything under the sun. but majority seems like its all about pt :P

April 9th, 2013, 01:31 AM
congrats. i thought topic is anything under the sun. but majority seems like its all about pt :P

Maybe PT players are just naturally eloquent =)

May 30th, 2013, 03:27 PM