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May 1st, 2013, 01:06 PM

Create a short story that revolves around any (or all!) of Suba's games that adheres to the storylines, and that features any characters in the game. Fill in your own details and exciting events. We will follow along in your adventure!

Stories must be at least 500 words, but no more than 10,000 words in length. One entry per person. All stories must be your own original story -- the first posted entry with a similar storyline will be the only one considered authentic. All other similar entries will be disqualified to discourage cheating. All entries will be checked for plagiarism, so please, only enter your own work.

Let's get creative and immerse ourselves in the games we love to play! Make us laugh, make us cry, make us believe we are entering into your alternate world!

Entries accepted from May 1st through May 31st. No late entries will be accepted, so start your imagination flowing!

Prizes are
1st Place, 20,000 Suba Points
2nd Place, 10,000 Suba Points
3rd Place, 5,000 Suba Points

Winning stories will be placed on a dedicated fan creations page for all to see!

Please only post entries here. ;)

May 2nd, 2013, 10:06 AM
Just saying, there is one at the AR forums about some newbie AG and a famous MG who won't buy her own drinks and stuff like that, just letting you know in case someone tries to plagiarize it.

May 2nd, 2013, 11:37 AM

Create a short story that revolves around any (or all!) of Suba's games that adheres to the storylines, and that features any characters in the game. Fill in your own details and exciting events. We will follow along in your adventure!

There's a LH pic o3o Does that means Lucent Heart is included? :o

May 2nd, 2013, 11:57 AM
There's a LH pic o3o Does that means Lucent Heart is included? :o

Of course! The Team specifically made sure Lucent Heart was included in this event and the ones to come even though we don't have a release date yet.

May 2nd, 2013, 12:17 PM
A big part of why we created this event was to give the Lucent Heart community an opportunity to join in the Suba Games family! We have seen how enthusiastic and creative so many of the players are, it seems like a great way for you all to show your enthusiasm for your game.

The other games also have some background storylines, a history, and we hope to see some great entries from those realms as well!

May 2nd, 2013, 03:11 PM
Of course! The Team specifically made sure Lucent Heart was included in this event and the ones to come even though we don't have a release date yet.
Yay! Gotta give my best \o/

A big part of why we created this event was to give the Lucent Heart community an opportunity to join in the Suba Games family! We have seen how enthusiastic and creative so many of the players are, it seems like a great way for you all to show your enthusiasm for your game.
I've been working on a story based on LH's storylines for the past 2 years....now I just need to resume all of it >w< Can we add some pics?

May 2nd, 2013, 03:46 PM
Pictures aren't necessary for this one. If you would like to include one or two small items, that'd be fine. I discourage filling up the page with pictures, it could make it harder to read and judge the content of the story.

May 2nd, 2013, 05:28 PM
Just a few questions, since I'm super excited for this! (I love writing ^-^!~)
Will the stories be simply about your character in the place of the hero, or whoever, in the game? Like example, for me since I'll be doing Lucent Heart, will I be following the main story-line with Cadena and Theia? (The game's story)
And also, how will we be posting these stories on the page. Directly as a reply on the forum here? Or if there's a different way, please let me know.. hehe. >-< I'm so excited, thank you!
- DC

May 2nd, 2013, 06:56 PM
Direct reply here on the forum for all to read.

The story can be about anything related to Lucent Heart. You can make your character meet up with the npcs of LH, or go off on their own and meet new people/players/partners. The only real guideline is to keep it related to your game. Don't make your story go into outerspace, or on a deep sea mission, unless that is part of the story of your game.

May 2nd, 2013, 07:33 PM
Direct reply here on the forum for all to read.

The story can be about anything related to Lucent Heart. You can make your character meet up with the npcs of LH, or go off on their own and meet new people/players/partners. The only real guideline is to keep it related to your game. Don't make your story go into outerspace, or on a deep sea mission, unless that is part of the story of your game.

Thank you very much Beanlet, I'm really excited to start writing! c: Ooh, so many topics to write about.. <.>!

May 3rd, 2013, 02:37 AM
Here's my entry :D

Suba Games Fan Fiction Contest – Dawn Prophet VS Sun Commissioner (Lucent Heart)

I sat there, twirling the scepter in my hand just staring at the orange gloomy sky. Heart of Fire… I looked around glancing at the inferno surrounding the rock walls. Usually the intense heat would lower a person’s HP but I was using my healing aura so it does not concern me.
The mechanical enemies roam around, minding their own business or searching for random players to pass by. Months have passed since I have been trapped in Lucent Heart. There was a glitch when I logged in and somehow I can’t seem to get out. All the other players also have the same problem but they are convinced the Game Moderators will get us out of here.

How foolish they are to believe in such things. If it is true that the Game Moderators can get us out then why haven’t they done so? Those dreamers should just give up and try to get out on their own. But I know it’s pointless. I have been trying to get out of here ever since we were told the game is has glitches.

I let out a sigh and stood up, dusting imaginary dust from my armor. My pink colored butterfly wings flutter every so often as I pulled on my gloves a bit tighter. Time to do dailies. With that in mind, I grabbed my Nuclear Star Scepter and called on my Warg. The dark demonic wolf bows his head at me before I climbed on his back.

I patted his fur and led him forward, towards Hephaestus Tableland. The swirling light dances around the portal platform. With a soft kick my Warg jumps through the portal, successfully landing on all four on the other side.

I always loved using the portals. The lights were so mesmerizing and it always felt like you’re being surrounded by millions of tiny fairies. I was snapped out of my reverie by a shrill shout. I looked up and gasped. A boy probably around my age was fighting with an Exo Beast. Their hard scaly skin deflected any fire based spells.

My Warg disappeared when I climbed off of its back. The boy still hasn’t seen me yet so I took cover behind a huge boulder. Hephaestus Tableland wasn’t surrounded by fire so touching the rock didn’t burn my hands.

I don’t know why but I felt drawn to whoever this boy was. The way he moved to dodge flying fire rocks, the way he swiftly casts a shield, the way he sends ice shards flying towards the Exo Beast when he found an opening. I loved everything about him yet something in the back of my mind keeps nagging at me to not trust him.

With one final blow, the Exo Beast perished and the boy huffed in victory. That’s when I looked up and saw his name, Aryeon. Weird user name but then again, most user names used here are weird. Aryeon was too busy checking his backpack that he didn’t notice me staring at him from behind the large boulder.

I crept towards him slowly but still stayed hidden in case he tried to hurt me. When he still didn’t notice me, I opened up his profile information and found out he is a Sun Commissioner from the AeternaSonata guild. I growled under my breath and left him.

How could I not notice it before? He is from that guild! I was so angry and I needed to vent out my anger on something before I blow up a mountain. I saw a Coal Cinder monster. Its whole structure was made of rocks and it had two burning holes as eyes.

When it saw me, its boulder-like hands produced fire as it came running towards me. I quickly pulled out my scepter and shot it with my earth base spell, Faultline. When my spell hit it I cast another one this time a fire base, Divine Fire. I looked at its HP bar and saw them diminishing. With one final attack I hit the monster with my Flaming Orbs of fire.

Its’ being crumbled and fell down on the burnt ground. The fire has long distinguished and I was breathing heavily. My anger quickly washed away as I finally got my breathing steady and even.

As I turned to go back to Minotsize City I was stopped by a Burning Element. The Burning Element resembles a lion but triple in size. Its tail was on fire as was its mane. The Burning Element snaps its sharp canines at me and starts to stalk me like the predator it is.
I gulped and looked around but still had a good view of the lion-like beast. The Burning Element lunges at me as it extends its claws that are also on fire. I yelped and dodged, hiding behind a rock. Okay, you might be calling me a coward right about now but it’s not my fault. What would you do if you were faced with a lion four times your size and it is on FIRE!

I snapped out of my thoughts as the lion got closer, trying to sniff me out. I backed away slowly but I didn’t notice another Burning Element coming from my right. I looked to my right and left and saw both lions eyeing me like a piece of meat. Technically I am meat but that’s not the point!

I quickly placed a physical enhancement shield around me and then cast another magic resistance shield because the lions often shoot fireballs at people.

I took deep breaths and cried out as I jumped from my hiding place. The lions lunged at the same time I jumped out of the way, they collided with each other. One of the lions regained its balance and shot a fireball at me.

I quickly repelled it with my shield and cursed the lion with my Omen of Misfortune. I quickly casted my most powerful spell, Omen of Destruction and with one critical shot, the lion was down. The other lion just woke up and started growling at me.

I guess it doesn’t like the fact I killed its little friend. I smiled nervously at it before running away. I could see the portal not too far but the lion was gaining on me.

Come on, think… think…

I snapped my fingers and stopped running abruptly. I turned and ran towards the lion in full speed. The lion growled and ran towards me as well. Its claws scratched the dry soil as its fiery mane flew in all directions.

If I wasn’t in a life threatening situation right now I might have taken a picture. Oh well. I gripped the cane of my scepter and jumped over the lion. Once I saw its defenseless back, I shot its back with my Faultline and the lion went down with a huff.

I couldn’t do a victory dance yet because the lion got back up again. I really hate killing these things, they are just so difficult to kill. I waved my scepter around and casted spell after spell at the lion. After every curse, I dodged a fireball thrown towards me.

Eventually the lion finally died. I let out a sigh of relief and started walking towards the portal. The swirling vortex of light consumed me again and I opened my eyes to see the ever glowing orange red sky and burning walls. The trees looked dead and burnt but I ignored it. I walked a few feet away from the mechanical monsters because I am exhausted.

Once I reached Minotsize City I quickly walked towards one of the Inns there and checked in. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and going to sleep.

I woke up the next day, refreshed and ready to kill more monsters. After checking out of the Inn I used my Teleportation Scroll and teleported to the middle part of Hephaestus Tableland. The sickening feeling of being sucked through a straw came and went in a blink of an eye.

I gasped and breathed in heavily. I can never get used to that feeling.

From the corner of my eye I could see a Sacrifice Spirit. Have you ever seen those Indian movies where they dance around a fire with giant tribal masks? Well, a Sacrifice Spirit takes the shape of those tribal masks. The masks are white and pale as the moon as the outline glows royal purple. The Spirits always roam around this very area during certain times.

Most players try to avoid them because they are powerful ghost-like monsters. Melee players have trouble taking them down because their magic defenses are low.

I changed my healing aura to a magic defense aura. It comes in handy whenever I go against ghosts. I took a deep breath and struck the monster with my Omen of Misfortune which quickly follows by a Faultline. I gathered my magic and struck the spirit with my Flaming Orbs. The earth element of Faultline weakens the spirit’s fire defense. I casted another set of Flaming Orbs towards the spirit and it got critically hit, killing the monster.

That was fast. I chuckled but then I heard someone clap their hands. What the… I turned around and glare at the person when I saw Aryeon standing there with admiration shinning in his eyes.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes at him. “What do you want?” I asked harshly. Aryeon didn’t seem fazed by my harsh treatment and gave me a heart stopping smile, “Just came to watch you kill off a Sacrifice Spirit.” He shrugged his shoulders innocently.

I narrowed my eyes at him and turned to leave but he grabbed my forearm, stopping me. “Let. Go.” I said through gritted teeth. Aryeon had a stubborn expression on his face and shook his head, “Not until we talk.” I pulled my arm out of his grip and turned to leave, “Just leave me alone.” I growled.

He just shook his head and let out a sigh, “Why are you so mad at me?” I froze. I slowly turned around to face him and he had regret in his eyes, “Why don’t you tell me. What would you be feeling when the person you’re supposed to be with, to trust, betrays you and leaves you alone to fend for yourself!” I was full on screaming at him.

I could feel anger boil inside me. I couldn’t stay. I took out another Teleportation Scroll, “Thereall City.” I said out loud. The sickening feeling returned with a vengeance but then it’s gone again. I opened my eyes to see I was in the Earth Plaza. I saw a Virgo statue and softly run my fingers over the rough edges.

When I heard a ‘pop’ sound I turned to see Aryeon standing there. I ran before he could see me. I saw a Plaza Currier, “Send me to Water Plaza.” I breathed. The Currier nodded and quickly transported me to the Water Plaza.

I didn’t stop running. I ran up the ramp that leads up to a floating island. On top of the island was a shop that said ‘Thereall’s Magic Shop’.
I squeezed me way through the small opening towards the back of the shop. Once I made it to the other side, I breathed in and out heavily. Why am I running? I paused and slowly straightened my back.

Why was I running? I shouldn’t be afraid of Aryeon. I’m stronger now, faster and better in controlling my spells.
I gripped my scepter and quickly changed my armor along with my accessories. If I’m going to take out Aryeon I should equip my damage dealing armors. Aryeon is a Sun Commissioner. What I learned about that class is that they focus solely on healing. Most of their attacks consume time so I have speed on my side.

I may be a healer myself but Dawn Prophets are more offensive than Sun Commissioners. With determination, I enhanced my physical defense and jumped off of the floating island. The pain was bearable so I ignored it and made my way towards the middle of Thereall City.
Aryeon was standing next to a Beast Tamer, probably buying treats for his Spiritual Pet. I opened up my his profile and quickly sent him a message, telling him to come up Thereall Tower where we can settle this without being disturbed.

I saw him nod to himself so I made my way to one of the electric Cable rides. The NPC called out, “All aboard.” And I barely just made it.
The ride was slow and each second passed I felt myself growing more anxious. My palm was sweating and my heart was beating a mile a minute. Can I actually do this?

I slapped my cheeks and shook my head… I can do this. I kept chanting in my head. The Cable ride finally stopped moving so I stepped out. The tower was very tall and I could see all of Thereall City from up here. The east side shows the Thereall Bridge that leads you towards the Training Masters and Breezing Land.

The south part of Thereall is where the Earth Plaza lays. In the middle of Earth Plaza sat a circular platform that rises and falls. The north part of Thereall is where the Water Plaza and Magic Shop locates at.

The west part of Thereall City is the Knight Regiment where Apollo stands, directing knights and giving out quests. Everywhere I look NPCs were walking about. There weren’t many players lingering here because this place is mostly for Beginners and low levels.

With that in thought I made my way up the stairs towards the middle of Thereall Tower. Aryeon was there, without a weapon, he was just standing there staring at me with a blank look on his face.

I raised an eyebrow at him and gripped my scepter closer to me, “I won’t start unless you equip a weapon.” I spoke. Aryeon didn’t move a muscle. He just kept staring at me and I started getting annoyed, “Pick up your weapon.” I glared at him.

Aryeon let out a sigh but took out his scepter anyways. We circled each other. I cast an ice shard at him and he dodged it perfectly. “Can’t we talk this out?” He pleaded. I ignored him and sent a flaming orb his way.

He barely put up a shield as he stared at me with wide eyes. “You want to talk? Let’s talk.” I growled and shot an explosive rock at him. He shot an ice shard and it exploded together, sending tiny shards of rock and ice everywhere.

“Where were you when I needed you the most?” I asked him, or more like shouted at him. He huffed and barely managed to dodge a fire ball, “I told you, I was helping out my guild.” He yelled back at me. I narrowed my eyes at him and shot the ground underneath his feet.
He jumped out of the way and we started circling each other again, “You promised me you would help!” I cried out, sending a wave of fire his way. He casted a healing rain around him. “I did come to help you!” He replied.

I only saw red. He is lying. He never came. I was all alone. He never came. “You never came!” I screamed at him. He looked stunned for a second before he composed himself and gave me a hard stare, “I did came back to help you. You were already unconscious when I came back to help. It’s not my fault you don’t remember any of it.”

I froze as his words registered in my mind. He came… He came? He actually showed up to help me?


I was standing alone in the dark cave, staring at the huge Very Strong leveled monster. Aryeon was supposed to come and help me but he wasn’t here. I went ahead to see if the monster was alone but he sensed me and now I’m trapped.

I almost got hit by the monster’s glowing mace as I dodged and hid behind a large boulder. I panicked and looked up to see the ceiling being near to collapsing. With a wave of my scepter, I sent a fire ball towards the ceiling, making them crumble and fall.

I guess I wasn’t thinking this through, the falling rocks were about to hit me so I ran out of the cave. Dust particles fill the air as I struggle to see where I was going. I tripped and fell. I lost my grip on my scepter and it went flying across the ground.

I looked up and saw the rocks falling, about to hit me. I screamed and covered my head with my arms. I felt my body being flattened and pelted by thousands of huge rocks. It felt like hours until the cave finally stopped moving. I was going in and out of consciousness.
I could hear a distant voice calling out my name but I was being consumed by darkness. The last thing I remembered was seeing Aryeon’s frantic face, as he tried to dig me out from under the rocks.

End of Flashback

I lost my grip on the scepter in my hands and it fell down on the ground with a loud thud and clank sound. “You… came to… help me?” I whispered. Aryeon was in front of me instantly as he held me close to his chest.

“Yes, I came back to help. The Guild Master wanted me to help out with recruiting new members so I was late. When I felt an earth quake coming from the cave you were in I ran as fast as I can. I heard your scream and it was the most agonizing sound I ever heard. I thought I was going to lose you but when I saw your eyes flutter open and close I knew I still had a chance to save you so I took you to a powerful healer.”

He was stroking my hair now. His soothing voice lulled me and calmed me down as I let my arms dangle at my sides. “I never left you. I could never leave you, Hime.” He spoke softly, using the nickname he gave me.

I nodded and hugged him close to me. I no longer felt angry at him for leaving me weeks ago. I now understand that it was entirely my fault for jumping to conclusions. I didn’t remember his face when I woke up. I couldn’t even listen to his explanation because I was mad at the time.

I never questioned how I got to the healer’s and I never asked what he was doing there. I am such a fool. I let my emotions get the best of me. I gripped Aryeon’s biceps and placed my chin on his shoulders, “I’m sorry.” I whispered.

He nodded and continued to hold me. We were just standing there, holding each other, trying to compensate all those days of being separated.

“I love you, Hime.” Aryeon whispered softly in my ears. I could feel heat rushing to my cheeks and I bet I looked like a freaking tomato right now.

“W-w-what-t?” I stuttered. Aryeon chuckles at my flustered look and plants a kiss on my forehead, “We have plenty of time for you to get used to that.” I nodded and buried my face in his chest. I could get used to this.

I suppose being trapped in Lucent Heart won’t be so bad since now I had my Aryeon back. I smiled at the thought. I would be with him until we go back to the real world. I smiled mischievously at Aryeon and he gave me a worried look, “I know that smile. What are you up to?” He asked, his face turning pale as he gulped.

“Well, we will be spending a lot of time together until Lucent Heart gets fixed so, I just had a crazy thought in mind.” I said innocently. Aryeon didn’t believe me for one minute, “What are you up to?” He asked again.

I laughed and waved my hands around dismissively, “Nothing to be worried about.” He gave me an incredulous look, “You expect me to believe that?” He said bluntly. I shrugged my shoulders and gave him a wicked smile.

His eyes widen but it was too late. I had already escaped from his embrace and was now standing on the edge of Thereall Tower. “Hime, what are you doing?!” Aryeon cried frantically. I laughed and looked at him in the eye.

“Catch me if you can, Sun Commissioner.” With that I jumped off the edge and I just barely hear Aryeon yell, “You won’t beat me, Dawn Prophet.” I laughed as I saw Aryeon’s falling figure.

He grabbed hold of my arm and starts casting a shield around us, “Got you.” He said.

I smiled inwardly. “Not for long.” With that I ducked under his arm and changed into my Zodiac Armor. I stare at the ground below and made the ground as soft as a pillow to catch me.

“Dawn Prophet wins.” I yelled as Aryeon landed on his butt on the ground. Since he was using his shield, it didn’t hurt as much but I knew it still hurt in a way. “Whatever.” He huffed but I could see a small smile playing at his lips.

The End!!

Completely written by AoiTenshi. Almost all I wrote in this entry is real in Lucent Heart. Almost everything. The names of characters, guilds and monsters are based on my memory of the game. That includes the maps and how the monster looks like. I hope you guys like it just as much as I enjoyed writing this. Oh, almost forgot, this entry consists about 3,599 words. :)

May 3rd, 2013, 10:50 AM
I enjoyed the read :) can't wait to read more entries.

May 4th, 2013, 04:13 PM

Part 1: The Burden of the Good
One thousand years after the war between the sister goddess Theia and Cadena started, the suffering of the people of Lucent Hearts had started to grow gravely darker. Most of the major cities were surrounded by flames, unsettling fog and dark clouds. But, worse of all were the creatures of corrupted darkness; such as wolves, witches, and even mermaids. They would kill all who dared venture out for help or supplies needed to live, such as medicine and food. The kind goddess Theia could no longer ignore the cries of sadness from her hungry and ill people that were almost void of all hope, and In response to these cries, despite her fathers and advisors wishes, she decided to take matters into her own hands and descend to Lucent Heart herself to personally help the people. Hiding her true identity she first traveled to Thereall bringing the gift of peace, then to Goldport bringing the gift items to trade, and finally to Anteacar bringin the gift of music and dance. These three gifts were enough to start to raise the spirits of the people of lucent hearts and even encouraged some to wear their wings of hope for the first time in over a decade, but Cadena would not let this happiness last.
Soon after Theia left, Candena went to these cities and in place of a Theia’s kindness she would replace it with a curse. To Thereall she would bring wrath among the people by tricking them into hating each other. To Goldport she would bring greed by making the people to fear the loss of their items and refuse to sell to anyone. Lastly to Anteacar, she would bring sloth by cursing the city to be no longer hear anything so as to no longer hear the music they once danced to and loss there will to have fun. Theia, in compete sadness upon hear of here peoples new found misfortune, seeks her sister at once. Cadena only have one thing to say with a dark serious expression on her face,
“For every act of good you do, I will bring an act of evil. For this is our destiny to always be at odds with each other and I will not lose to you. So do as much good as you want, but in the end you will only hurt them as much as you help them as long as I am around to see that it does.”
At that moment in her sister’s eyes, Theia could see the faces of all the people she had just tried to help fill with pain and hopeless defeat. The horrible sight of what she had done was too much for the kind, sweet Theia, and she ran off and hid herself away in an abandoned ship in the frozen, dark ocean in Misty Storm, never wanting to be seen or heard from again.

Part 2: The Goddess is found
5 years had passed since there was any sign of Theia and her allies were losing all hope of her return. Cadena’s monsters still ran wild but without the resistance of Theia’s soldiers, who were either looking for her or lost the will to fight, the chaos and death of the people of Lucent Heart was at its darkest peak.
Out in the cold tundra of Misty Storm at daybreak during a weak but persistent snow storm, a woman with dark brown hair and eyes is wondering around in light gunner armor holding on to a single flower and a gun strapped to her back seemingly looking for something.
“LEO! LEO MINOR WHERE ARE YOU!? Darn that stupid pet never listens to me.”
At that moment a blue wolf with golden lightening shaped markings on it jumps out of where right in front of the woman with a determined look in its eyes and the woman yelled out in surprise.
“AHHH!” the women jumped back and pull out her gun quickly, but after seeing the wolf a look of relief and frustration pasted her face “Storm! Didn’t I tell you not to sneak up on me like that a million time, I thought you were one of the corrupted ones and almost shot you.”
The Wolf named Storm just tilted his head in confusion as a response.
“Sigh, never mind, Have you picked up Leo’s sent yet?”
At that Storm pointed his nose in the direction up ahead towards a wreaked ship in the distance, and the woman pats his head.
“Good boy Storm. You’re the best partner ever”
She and Storm run towards the ship and once there she enters and continues to call out for the pet she was looking for
“LEO! ARE YOU IN HERE? John and Hally arewaiting at home for you and a storm is coming so you better get your little green butt out here now or were leaving without you!”
Just then a tiny green Leo Minor comes rushing up to the woman and starts to pull on her clothes trying to lead her somewhere
“Fine fine, I’m coming, but this better be good and quick because we need to head home before the blizzard.”
Leo lead the woman to the center of the wreaked ship and then ran up to a pile of ice and snow and kept digging at it.
“What are you doing?” said the woman with a heavy sigh while heading over to help
Finally after the three dug a bit more they saw a strand of long light blue hair, and the woman yelled out in a paniced voice
After few more minutes the full body was uncovered to show a strange looking girl whose skin now, from the cold, looked almost as blue as her hair. The woman checks her pulse and signed with relief
“Well she’s alive, I guess we better take her back home with us till she wakes up and can tell us where she comes from.”
Putting her gun around Storm she lifted the girl and started to walk back towards her town with a sleeping Theia on her back.
They arrived at a small town in the corner of the Misty storm region where the snow was much lighter and easy to walk on then in the middle region where it snowed more often. The woman with Theia still on her back walked into a small but well-built hut that looks similar to many of the others in the town, but all had no residences in them as if abandoned soon after being built.
“Hally I’m back. John get out here and help me, I brought home a present.”
A man with green hair and blue eyes walks out with a welcoming smile on his face
“Welcome home Mary, you’ve…”
It was then that he noticed the body Mary was placing on the couch
“W-WHAT IS GOING ON, WHO IS THAT?” John said in a shocked tone
“Your present, what you don’t like it Johnny? *sigh* and after all the trouble I went thought to get it for you” Mary said with a fake hurt and then look at the girl again “I found her out in a abandoned ship in the Blizzard area. I don’t know who she is but I’m sure glad that shes light or I never would have made it back in time because of your stupid pet.”
As if right on cue the Green Leo Minor came in and jumps into John’s hands
“Aww, were you a bad boy for Mary again Leo? You better watch it, or one of these days she will cook you alive with that temper of hers.” John says with a smile while laughing and petting Leo
“I don’t know what you’re laughing about John, You’re the one that told me to bring that ungrateful pest because you though he could help find me the flower faster” Mary said as she pulled out the shining bright yellow flower that looked like a rose mixed with a lily from her bag
“Is that it? Is that the pretty flower that will cure me mama” came a tiny voice from behind the curtain leading towards one of the connecting bedrooms
Peeking out from the curtain was a young girl with long dark blue hair and sweet brown eyes wearing a tiny pink and purple bow in her hair
“We can only hope it will Hally” Said Mary with a sad smile
Hally’s eyes set eyes on the girl sleeping on the chair
“Mama, Papa, whos that pretty lady?” Hally said looking up at them confused and amazed at the same time
“We’re not sure yet sweetie, mama just found her while she was out looking for the flower for you medicine” said John with a kind smile
Hally walked over to the girl and held her hand
“Will she wake up soon? I want to play with her. She’s so pretty, maybe she’s an angel that was sent to make me better again” she said in a hopeful, innocent voice never looking away from the girl
“I don’t think so Hally, but that what we have this flower for right?” said Mary with a big smile holding up the flower in her hand

Part 3: The Shining Star in the Sea of Darkness
A few days past and Theia has yet to show any signs of waking up, but still Hally would take every chance she could stay by her side and talk to her about all kind of things about her life, her family, the games she liked to played, and even about her illness.
Hally had been ill since the day John and Mary found her abandoned while on a quest in Pegasus field five year ago. They had taken her in as their own and even took her with them when they had to abandon their home in Goldport after the horrible fights of greed and increase in monsters started to cause too much danger for them to handle. So they took off with a small group of fellow travelers that could fight almost as well as Mary and made it to a small safe town far away from danger. Almost all the other travelers either left soon after staying to look for even better land or died along the way. Despite her illness, which John as a well-known dawn prophet believes to be a new unknown poison, Hally still very young at the time was able to almost magically survive the harsh journey past the blizzard lands. Today, now at the age of 7, she is still fighting to get better. Together she, John, Mary, Leo, and Storm have become a family in this small peaceful town. Her low energy and coughing attacks, that sometimes show blood, prevent her from doing a lot of things outside the house most days. Some days even walking is too much for her. Despite that she still grew up a kind, spirited and intelligent girl who always kept hope.
A few days before the finding of Theia, John found out in a book about a flower called “The Shining Star” located in the blizzard area of Misty Storm and only blooms in the middle of the night during the night of the new moon where it can shine the brightest. Hearing that it has unknown healing properties Mary, being the strongest, insisted that she go while John stays to keep Hally in stable condition till she returns.
Two week had passed since Mary had returned home with the flower and the sleeping girl. Hally was sitting and holding her hand while talking to her as usual.
“So, mama and papa call this town North Star because it’s in the north regian of Misty Storm and it’s the place that gave us light in the darkest of nights” Hally said with a sweet and innocent smile. “Our very own little shining star in the sea of darkness that gives us hope that maybe the goddess will come to help us someday like people believe she did a long time ago”
At those words the sleeping girl’s eyes flew open and she took a deep breath in, as if coming up for air when being under water for a very long time. Hally jumped up shocked and let go of her hand
“Papa, Papa she’s up, she’s up!” Hally yelled to John who was working on her potion by the fire place
He stood up and rushed over as the girl continued to breathe heavily while her eyes looked around fast taking in her surroundings
“It’s ok Miss, we won’t hurt you. You’re safe here. Could you tell us your name?” John said in a strong but comforting voice
“I’m…” Theia had to pause for a second to think. Finally she remembered the horrible visions of her people suffering because of what she thought were good deeds. She felt it best to keep her real identity from these people, or else they would surely hate her
“My….my name is..um Tina” she said in a quiet voice
“May I ask what happened to you?” Asked John with a welcoming smile
“I…was upset, so I ran away and got lost and found that ship for safely” She said speaking half the truth
“Upset at what? And what did you need safty for?” Asked Hally
“Um…well a….a bear…was uh” Theia struggled to lie
“Oh! A bear was it?” came a voice from the door
Everyone turned their heads fast towards the door where Mary was standing carrying two bags filled with food
“I almost shot down a bear today for dinner, but that beast was a wimp and ran off before I was even able to aim” said Mary as she stepped inside the hunt and put the food down on the flood
“Who are you?” Theia said a little confused at the entry of this new person
“The person who found you and carried you all the way here. I hope you have a big reward for me” Said Mary teasingly as she holds out her hand
“Mary, don’t tease. She’s still in a bit of shock over the whole thing.” Say John as he turns back to Theia “My names John, feel free to stay here as long as you like Tina”
“I’m Hally! We can play together once you feel better okay?” Hally said with a big smile
Theia taken in by all there kindness could only nod and smile in return
After 2 days of recovery Theia, to John’s surprise, was fully recovered again.
“I don’t know how, but you look like you’re in great condition already, better than me even.” John said with a happy laugh “how long did you say you were out there again?”
“oh um…im not sure, I guess a um..days or so” Theia said hiding her eyes
“Well then you must have some great heck of a strong body.” He smiled
“Good thing too, Hally has been really excited to play with you. She barely left your side and she even has been talking to you about all kind of things when you were asleep” Mary said laughing while putting vegetable in a bowling pot for dinner
“Mama!” Hally shouted at him being a little shy “I just thought it would be fun for both of us is all” she claimed blushing
“Mhm, it sure would be” Theia said smiling at Hally “What kinds of things would you like to play?”
Hally smile brightly “Mama, Papa, Can I take her outside to show her around?”
“Sure, but be careful, and don’t push if you’re feeling weak” said John
“And don’t get back too late or I’m eating both your servings of food” Said Mary with a sly grin
“WE WILL!” Hally said in a panicked tone and took Theia by the arm and ran off
Hally lead Theia to a small field right outside.
“Look Tina.” Hally said pointing to a group of cute furry fox like creatures with big bushy tails. “I call them Fluffy Tails, there so cute aren’t they” said said smiling and started to head over towards the group
“Wait!” Theia said grabbing her hand. “Arnt they corrupted like all the other creatures? Wont they hurt you?”
Hally looked up at Theia and just smiled knowingly and went off to take some berries from a nearby bush. She took Theias hand again and lead her over towards the group with her. Once they got close Hally kneeled down signaled for Theia to do the same. Hally cupped her hand with the berrys and made a noise that sounded like a “tick, tick, tick” while shaking her hands. At once one of the Fluffy Tails ears propped up and it made its way over slowly to Hally and Theia. It sniffed Hally’s hand and started eating the berrys happly out of it.
“See Tina.” Hally smiled kindly “ Not all the creatures are corrupted. Some still can be nice like fluffy here. We shouldn’t loss hope right? At least that’s what mama and papa always say.”
At that moment a bunch of the Fluffy Tails jumped on top of Hally and Theia in hopes of more food. They both laughed with pure joy as there big tails tickled their faces and they stayed there and played with them until John called them in for dinner.
Seeing this simple act made Theia feel something she hand not felt since her sister cursed those cities…Hope.

Part 4: The Goddess Rises Again
A couple of months passed and Theia was enjoying her time with the Hally and her family. She thought of leaving and returning home, but could not bring herself to leave them and releave herself just yet. During the days she and Hally would play games, like hide and seek or who can find Leo first. Somedays when Hally wasn’t feeling well Theia and her would make up stories or songs together as they layed in bed. When Hally was resting Theia would spend time Gathering food with Mary and Storm as Mary told her funny tails about her adventures and training as a Comet Marksmen. Other times she would help John try to brew Hallys potions or cook dinner.
“Hey Tina?” John spoke up one day while they were brewing
“Yes?” said Theia questioningly, John doesn’t talk much while busy with Hallys potions
“Are you an angel?” He asked
“W-what?!” Theia asked turning towards him in surprise
“Haha, I’m just kidding. Hally seems to think you are though. She was telling me the other day when you were out how no one but an angel could be that pretty and that you’re here to be her own private guardian angel” John said Laughing “Though, I don’t blame her for hoping, we sure could use one”
After a moment of silence Theia spoke up “But, arnt you mad at the goddess who tried to help you before, I mean her good deeds cause you all that trouble in Gold Port” she said shyly
“How could I ever blame her for that?” John Said almost shocked “The goddess did everything to help us, it’s not her fault things turned out a mess. Also we all really miss her, sure North Star has become a great place to live in these times, but it’s one a speck on the big dark sky out there, We could really use a Goddess to spread this light right about now.”
Theia thought for a second “Maybe…maybe your right”

A few more days passed. Mary and Storm were just returning home from hunting and Hally was play with Theia as usual. Theia was just about to talk to them about her leave when John excitedly jumped up from the fire pit and turned to them with a big smile on his face
“It’s done! I finished the potion” he said
“Are you serious John? You said it would almost a year or two to get it right” said Mary with a mix of surprise and happiness
“Well I’m not known as the John the Great Healer for nothing” john said with a wink
“Don’t get ahead of yourself Mr. Great Healer” Mary said as she took the potion from him as John laughed “I’ll only agree to that once I see this stuff works, you ready Hally” she said with a big smile
“Yes mama yes!” Hally said getting up running over to Mary with a look of pure joy and excitement lighting her face
Hally drank the potion fast and gave a big smile. A few seconds later she started to fall to the flour before John caught her. They placed her on her bed with worried looks.
“Whats going on John?” Asked Mary with a hard voice
“I-I honestly don’t know Mary” he said shaking his head
“What do you mean you don’t know! This is our girl were talking about!” Mary yelled angrily
everyone remained silent for what left like a life time . It was three hours later that Hally finally woke up.
“Papa, Mama, Tina” she said in the weakest voice she has ever used “I…I don’t feel better” She then started coughing up blood in large amounts.
“WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING JOHN!” Mary almost screamed
“I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what happen!” John said in complete horror
At that moment Theia push pasted them and sat right next to the pain filled Hally still coughing blood.
“Tina…” said both John and Mary at the same time
Theia just put up one hand to silence them, then slowly placed the other on Hally’s head. Her hand started to glow and Hallys eyes started to glow as well the biggest blue color. Bright Blue light filled the whole hut and slowly died down.
“Wait…was that?” asked Mary looking around in shock
Hally who was also in shock, then slowly gave a hugh smile “I-I FEEL GREAT NOW!” she then turned to Theia “You really are my angel arnt you!? I KNEW IT!!” she jumped up and hugged Theia tightly “Thank you Tina, thank you sooooooooo much!”
“Who are you?” said John in shock
Moving away from Hally and standing before them Theia turned and spoke slowly and calmly “I am really… the Goddess Theia who has been lost for many years only to found and taken in by you and your kind family, you have taught me so many things, and I think now it is my time to go back out into the world and spread the light I have found here.”
John and Mary both looked at each other in shock, then after a few second they slowly smiled and nodded at Theia in complete understand and acceptance.
“Thank you Goddess, Thank you so much for all you have done and all you will do, You have my faith” Said John with a smile
“And mine as well.” Said Mary in agreement “to think I saved a Goddess” she laughed
“NO!” can a strong and powerful yell from Hally “Tina can’t go, shes my angel she cant leave me!” tears started to flow down her cheeks
“Hally” said John in a sad voice “we al wish she could stay but she has important things to do now”
“I know, but…but” she started to cry even harder
“Would it be better if I stayed the night and after we play a little said a proper goodbye tomorrow instead?” said Theia
Hally nodded thought her tears and Theia went over and hugged her. They spent the night with Hally sleeping in Theia’s arms, and she knew how much it would hurt to leave this little girl, but she understood she must.
The next morning Theia and Hally walked out to the field were the fluffy tails are and they sat and said there goodbyes..
“Are you really going to make the light go everywhere?” Asked Hally
“Im going to do everything in my power to, that’s a promise” said Theia
“Then I’m going to help you.” She said in a determined voice “When I’m older and stronger, I’m going to go to a big city and spread all kinds of light to everyone and everything, North Star is just the start and we will make it so everyone is happy again” she smiled and looked out into the distance hopefully then turned to look up at Theia.
“Yes, with you at my helper, im sure we will” Theia said smiling back
After a very long hug and a few tears they said goodbye and headed back towards the hut. When they got there though, Theia turned paled at the site she saw before her.

Part 5: The Duty of the Good
Standing at the Door of the hut was Theia’s sister Cadena looking more hateful then she has ever been before.
“Nice of you to finally show up, too bad I’ve already finished what I need to do here. I told you you should stop trying to play hero, this is the cost for that girl’s life. So long sister” she said with an evil smirk and disappeared
From inside the hut they heard the scream of Mary and ran in. Mary was kneeling on the floor and right in front of her was John lying on the floor, not moving an inch. Mary started crying hysterically
“I…can’t, once a soul is taken...I-I can’t even do something about it” Theia said through tears of her own
“Pa…pa” Hally stood still where she was unable to move at all at first, then jetted over and joined Mary in her begging and crying
“I…I should never have come back…” Theia said in horror and started to run off to hide again
“NO!” Mary screamed at me not taking her eyes off John but that one word seemed to have a command over me “You will not leave things like this.”
“I told you I cant do anything” Theia said though tears
“yes you can” she said in a hard, shaky voice staring at me now with Hally crying in her hands “You can do what John always wanted you to do. Beat her!” she said with more determination in her eyes then ive ever seen
“I-I don’t know if I can” Theia said completely void of confidence
“YOU WILL!” she yelled though her still flowing tears “and if you can’t beat her by killing her, then at least beat her by doing your F-ing job. Make this world better, Stop all these curses and deaths! DON’T YOU DARE LET HIS DEATH GO TO WASTE!”
There was a long moment of silence as Theia and Mary stared at each other, where all that could be heard was Hally’s sniffling tears in Marys chest.
“I promise you, I WILL beat her, and the light WILL start fighting back TODAY!” Theia proclaimed finally like the goddess she was, and without one word of goodbye left the hut to fulfill her duty as the Goddess of goodness and light

Part 6: Under the North Star
Many years have passed since Theia took her official stand against her sister. Gathering up as many warriors, mages, gunners, and healers as she could find she lead a full assault on her sisters corrupted creatures. Although she was not able to directly fight her sister, the control she had over lucent heart has greatly decreased. Although monsters still roamed and people still had to fight, light was returning to the cities and all the land. Thereall became the central city of peace, and in this city as well as others, people were free to live, dance and love as they wished.
A Strong Female Moon Flame envoy comes running down the bridge of Thereall
“Darn it my guild is going to kill me for being late to the meeting I told them to be at” she said under her breath
Finally she got to the meeting place where all her guildies were waiting for her and saw them all laugh as she came up
“What kind of guild master is late for her own meeting huh” mocked one of the members
“I bet she was out questing again and lost track of time like always. Don’t you ever take a rest? I’m sure the goddess would forgive you” another laughed
“Come on you guys” Said the guild master embarrassed
“Don’t worry they’re just teasing you. You know were always with you. We know questing has help you ever since you mom passed away” said her best friend and vice master with a kind smile
“Yup, and she would be happy to see how great you’re doing at helping the goddess in her mission” said her other friend and one of her most trusted Officers
“Yeah” she nodded, happy to have such great and understanding people at her side “and that’s what North Stars all about” the leader said with a smile “now let’s head out and get that boss monster Medea!”
“NORTH STAR SHINES FOREVER” the whole guild chants proudly in unison as they all start to ride off on their verity of mounts
The Guild Leader stays back for a second and summons her white horse she can battle on and a pet frog she uses for healing
“Let’s go Mary and John” she says referring to her mount and pet
She then looks up to the sky and sees a light blue figure fly over her.
“Thank you Tina” she says with a smile
“COME ON HALLY” her best friend calls out from up ahead
“COMING!” she riding off after her guild

May 4th, 2013, 07:51 PM
"United we stand, divided we fall."
It began on that one day. I was doing dailies with my friends Takata, Pachirisu, Bonzai, and Apalm when we saw an announcement for an event; supposedly it would bring all the players together. My friend Bonzai immediately said:
"OH FINALLY! Something to do! I wonder what event they have this time. I say we charge in and find out for ourselves!"
My other friends agreed to it too, jubilant in spirits and already making plans for their team, buffs and strategy. I snuck away, not wanting to linger any longer. I detested events, mostly cuz I always died, and I rarely had to attend them anyway. I debated whether I was going to the so-called "event" when I noticed I was being followed.
"Thought I'd find you here..." said Takata, my closest friend.
"Takata..." i replied while blushing.
"So you thinking about this event too? Could be fun." asked Takata.
"I don't know..." i replied back, wanting to resume my dailies. I utilized my march formation buff and walked.
"Wait!" Takata shouted.
"Come on, one event. What could happen?"
"Fine," I grumbled. "I'll go..."
Takata and I continued our dailies in Icarus Rift, one of the best locations, the lush landscape, cute monsters, and the music filled with nostalgia making me want to sleep. I got hypnotized and it was moments later I realized I attracted the attention of the Boss Mic, and he pummeled me. I didn’t even have time to utilize my shield cannon. So I laid there, dead. Takata couldn’t help but laugh.
“You’re a terrible tank.” Takata chuckled. With a poof, He disappeared.
“TAKATAAA!” I cried.
“Get back here and revive me!”
“No.” said Takata.
“You can just meet up at Antecar. It’s where everyone else is at.”
I went to Antecar, where I saw all my other friends.
”Rehmaa! My twin!” cried Pachirisu.
I chuckled and smiled at her.
”Did I miss much?” she asked.
”No, just Takata being a jerk again,” I told her. Apalm laughed.
”That’s Solar Guardians for you."
”What did I miss?” I asked.
”not much,” said Bonzai.
The five of us were standing in front of Brad trying to get our KRE’s when an announcement came up.
”Attention! Those who wish to join today’s event whisper the GM’s and meet up in the Events Arena.”
The five of us did as we were told and entered the arena. I took note of the vast amount of players here. The room was overflowing with people shouting for teams.
”Looking for team!”
I got with my team and awaited further instruction. I noticed there was a GM there, staring at us. Then with a sudden flash, everything went white. When we came to, we glanced around, looking at our surroundings. The arena was colored light brown, like coffee; there were statues too, and they were ginormous. Luckily I managed to find my team in time. The GM that poofed us here looked at everyone and said,
”Everyone ready?”
”Yeah!” we shouted.
”Good!” replied the GM. Then he leaped toward one end of the room. Next thing I knew I saw hordes of monsters, cute at first though.
”Woohoo!” yelled Apalm as he shot a fireball toward a horde of sprouts.
It was then the monsters started to look bigger, and scarier. I grew unsure of where to go, mainly trying not to die and buff my team. However I lost sight of them. Too many people. I saw a huge horde of purple wolves, not as high as my level but they were very strong. I was tanking one when I heard a scream. It was Pachirisu, who somehow got a horde of wolves around her.
”REEHMIEE!!” she shrieked.
I ran toward her and used my shield cannon. Pachirisu created a ring of fire with her scepter while I shot bullets from my shield. It was an adrenaline rush. I noticed more monsters emerge, this time as robots. Then we noticed a huge lightening bolt come toward us, and we barely dodged it.
”Sorry, I thought this was GVG,” apologized Bonzai as he ran toward us.
I glared at him but put aside my aggravation, for the event was not over yet. Still I couldn’t wonder, Where was Takata? We continued to fight: Pachirisu healed while I tanked, and Apalm and Bonzai blew up stuff. I kept running out of Mp only to be saved by Bonzai, who summoned a giant nebula explosion to cover me. Then in an instant, we were all frozen. I couldn’t speak, but I saw the GM look around from the debri. He sulked.
”That was way too easy… Congrats! Now for the final part!”
Everything went white again. When we came to I couldn’t help but feel light-headed, I wanted to faint and float in limbo. As more people resurfaced, including everyone in my team, I searched for Takata, but to no avail. I got back to my team and rebuffed them. I noticed this time we were in a colossal building,n I realized this was the same building I had become a knight, way long ago. The GM reappeared and started speaking.
”So guess who you’ll fight next?” the GM asked.
”Justin Bieber?”
“Nyan cat?”
”A giant bird?”
“Nope.” The GM replied. “Each other! And with that he vanished, and I heard a large air horn go off. I stood there, unsure of where to begin, I realized my team was gone. I watched countless players fly back n forth, fire rings and ice shards glowing everywhere. I ran into a room and hid. I was amazed, and looked at the giant pile of players. The final round wasn’t even half over and already half the people died. I contemplated my plan when I felt a sharp tap. I jumped only to find Pachirisu, Bonzai, and Apalm behind me.
”This is intense.” I complained.
”But it’s fuun!” replied Apalm. “LETS RIOT!” Unfortunately a random player had sent Apalm crashing into the wall.
“There goes another,” sighed Bonzai.
“What should we do?” whimpered Pachirisu.
“Run,” I replied, due to the fact that I noticed hordes of players heading toward us.
We ran, and as I ran with my team I watched my friends get killed by random players. I was the only one remaining now. I was in another corridor and I noticed a door. I tried to open it but no luck. I looked around and noticed a chest. I opened it and I found a key. I took the key and opened the door. I stepped inside. It was dark; I knew this was another corridor. But then I heard a voice.
“Hello…Rehma…” It was Takata.
“Takata! Where’ve you been?!” I asked.
“Same places you’ve been including today.” Replied Takata.
I relayed all that had happened so far.
“I know, I’m the one that killed Apalm.” said Takata.
I stared at him, appalled by his blatant disreguard for his friends.
“Why?!” I asked, demanding to know.
“You may never know, but I do know, but I do know you’re next.” Takata replied, snickering.
I whipped out my sword and gunshield.
“Lets fight!” I yelled.
Takata and I charged toward each other.
I stunned Takata with my Vengeful Blade and used Relentless Assault on him, pounding him each time. I stunned him again using Shield Slam, using my whirlwind after that. Then I fired a bullet from my gunshield. I watched as Takata staggered back, surprised at my strength. His health was low and I felt confident, though I ran out of mana. Takata regained his strength, this time using Vengeful Blade on me; My defense depleted. I tried dodging his attacks, getting slammed to the wall with each attempt. My health was lower than his. It was then I used my Zodiac. I shrank down and hit Takata from behind, unfortunately he also used his zodiac. It was a long and intense battle, our zodiacs receded but we were still alive.
“Not bad Templar…” mocked Takata.
I felt the ground beneath me shake, and it grew hot. Fire spurted out from the walls. I decided to run, heading towards the way I came, but the door was gone. I was trapped! I looked but Takata had left. With the place about to be destroyed I decided to run. It was as if I was floating, but then I was gone…
I opened my eyes and realized I was back at Antecar, with Apalm, Bonzai, and Pachirisu looking at me.
“REHMA!!” they shouted, happy that I was alive. I was relieved.
“How’d I get back here?” I asked, confused, and still foggy from my escape.
“Pachirisu resurrected you.” Explained Bonzai.
“And I kicked Takata for you!” exclaimed Apalm.
I expressed my thanks and we all traveled to Throne of Heroes to relax and enjoy ourselves.

This fanfic is about 6-8000 words, hard to tell from my word count lol, but i hope yall enjoy <3

May 4th, 2013, 09:21 PM
oh, for those tht are readign this, i meant 1483 words >_< my bad ignore tht 6-8000 word mark

May 5th, 2013, 12:00 AM
This is my favorite spot in all of Acadia. It’s so quiet over here, away from all of the craziness that happens in the main plaza of Thereall. This small grassy spot with a cute fountain with a scorpion statue sitting on a platform in the middle just seems so peaceful to me. It’s really nothing fancy, not like The Waters of Illusion where I’ve heard the beach has sand so soft and pillowy, you can fall asleep without any trouble at all and with water so crystal clear you can see the very bottom or like Sacred Forest where the snow is so light and fluffy and the sunsets are so orange and beautiful. This place is just… simple. There’s nothing wrong with simple. I could sit here for hours and just watch the water fall from the fountain as the cool breeze lifts my short blue hair from my shoulders.

I come here every day to relax after a long, hard day of questing in Hercules Hill and Breezing Land, but today I’ve come here for something special. I’ve come here to wait for the young man Cupid has matched me with. I’m so nervous! I hope he likes me! What if he doesn’t like me?! Or what is he thinks I’m weird?! No no I can’t think like that! Just take a deep breath, everything will be just fine! A confident smile spreads across my face. I can’t help it, I’m still nervous. I think with a small sigh.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see someone walking toward me. I turn to see who it is. It’s a tall, handsome young man with shiny, white hair that falls over his right eye and a rifle strapped to his shoulder. That must be him! Okay calm down everything will be fine… no everything won’t be fine! I’m a wimpy level 11 Wizard and he’s a strong level 38 Comet Marksmen! He’s not gonna wanna hang around and talk to a newbie like me! He looks so cool in his black t-shirt and black jeans. He’s gonna think I’m lame with my poofy purple armor dress with the dumb square purple hat. Okay well at least take off the hat. Maybe that’ll do some good. I took off my hat and rise to my feet and face him.

“You must be Kirai.” He held his hand out to me. Wow he looks even more handsome up close. I reached out to shake his hand. “Umm that’s right… I’m Kirai.” I sound so dumb...

“I’m Melancholy.” He said with a cute smile. Melancholy? What a silly name. I smiled back. “So you weren’t here long were you? I didn’t keep you waiting, did I?”

“Oh no! You didn’t keep me waiting!” I’m actually surprised you showed up at all actually. “Okay well that’s good I guess… so umm…” His eyes started shifting, looking at everything but me. “You have any quests to do? I can help you with them if you want.” His gray eyes finally landing back on my, most likely, red face and I can see his cheeks turn a very light shade of pink. “Oh yeah I do have a few actually and I really wouldn’t mind the help.” And so we were off, on our way to the Breezing Land.

And that’s how things went for a few months. Mel would make the long trips from the underwater city of Anteacar all the way to Thereall to see me and give me a hand on the quests that were assigned to me. Eventually we went to other parts of Acadia together, Golden Apple Hill, Ancient Ruins, and Melody Valley. I felt kind of bad that he did all of this for me, but I couldn’t do anything for him. His level climbed just as fast as mine did, probably faster. I just have to pick up the pace!

When I finally got to around level 28, I was able to gain access to Golden Sand and Waters of Illusion! Finally I was going to get to save him the trip to Thereall, but when I got there, I found out that his dailies are all the way in Sacred Forest and Coast of Siren which is all the way across Acadia. Just when I thought I’d caught up to him, he just keeps getting farther and farther away. So I sit on the beach of Water of Illusion and bury my feet into the soft, pillowy sand. Wow they were right, this sand is really soft. That’s practically all I do these days. I don’t even go back to my scorpio fountain anymore. I just sit on the beach by myself after I finish my dailies with my two friends, Cherish and Miaka, and think about what I should do next, but I never come up with anything that’ll make me feel better or that’s even worth doing.

I haven’t seen him in over a week now. He never said anything to me about leaving. I really hope he’s alright. That’s all I can think about as I sit here on the beach. I should just go. This salty air is ruining my hair. I stand up and dust the sand off of the back of my pink armor skirt, and pick up my staff. Just as I begin to walk back toward Golden Sand, someone behind me calls out my name. “Kirai!” I turn around and I see Mel standing there looking red and out of breath like he ran frantically to get to me. Mel… “MEL!” I drop my staff and run to him. As I jump into his arms, he twirls me around. Landing me softly back onto my feet, he hold me tight to his chest.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers onto my hair. “I’m so sorry I left without telling you.” He holds me close and strokes my back. “Where did you go?” I really hoped my voice wasn’t as shaky as it felt. “You don’t have to worry about that. I’m here now.” He runs his fingers through my rough, salty beach hair. I pull away. “Why won’t you tell me where you were?”

“It doesn’t matter.” His gaze pierces mine. “All that matters is that I’m here now.” He tries to reach for me, but I just take another step back. “I want to know where you were.” A single tear falls down my cheek. I was really trying not to cry, but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Kirai…” He sighs and looks down at the sand. When his eyes return to mine, I can see how hurt they are. “Please Kirai… don’t worry about it, okay? Can you just forget about it? Please?” There is so much hurt in his eyes. I want to know, I really want to know. Did something bad happen? I want to ask… but I don’t. “Fine…”

A few more weeks went by and we stopped questing together. He doesn’t do his dailies anymore while I continue to climb the ranks. Somewhat slowly, but surely. We spend most of our time sitting on the beach, talking. “I’m finally level 36! Do you think maybe you could help me get through the job change dungeon with a few of my friends?” I’ve been craving to go questing with him again. “Sure I’ll help you tomorrow.”

The next morning, in Argos Bay, I wait outside the dungeon with my friends, Hallea, Artheon, and Ordan, for Mel to show up. “Kirai, how about we do your job change now.” Hallea, a level 48 Moon Flame Envoy says. “Yeah let’s go I guess.” I want to keep waiting for him, but I don’t want to keep everyone else waiting too. The dungeon was extremely hard to get through, even with my friends help, but we were able to overcome the pirates, bandits, and wolves that lurked its halls. Upon my return to Gold Port, I become a fully recognized Moon Flame Enovy. Afterwards I go and sit in Waters of Illusion and waited for Mel to appear out of the blue again, but… he never shows up.

I spent the following months, sad and alone. Even my fellow Alpha-Wolf-Clan guildies couldn’t lift my spirits and as time went on I gave up. I no longer spent my days sitting alone on the beach. I don’t even go back to my favorite spot anymore. My days consist of staying in my quiet, little house. No longer practicing my magic, not going to Master Wizard, Heather for my occasional visit, armor, staff, and shield hung up and out of the way. Sometimes I go to the bakery and get some pudding tarts, but that’s all really.

A month went by and I stopped talking to my friends Cherish and Miaka. I wish I stayed in touch with them. I really miss them. I’m still in the Alpha-Wolf-Clan guild, but it seems like no one wants to talk to me anymore ever since I became a hermit.

I spent three months cooped up in my tiny house. I can’t take it anymore! I have to stop being such a bum and get back out there! Once I finally pulled myself together, I discovered the Alpha-Wolf-Clan guild had been disbanded. Oh no I wonder what happened. I wish I could’ve said goodbye to my dear friends. Unfortunately, I never got to find out what happened. Hallea’s the only friend I had left around here. I asked her if there was a chance of me joining her guild. She wasn’t about to leave me hanging! From now on I am a loyal member of NorthStar! I’m going to get my bearings and get back into doing my dailies and climbing the ranks even higher!

And that’s exactly what I did! Day after day, daily after daily! From Waters of Illusion to Whispering Grave! Whispering Grave to the Sacred Realm of the Gold of War! Sacred Forest! Cost of Siren! Then it hit me… Coast of Siren… this is the area Mel’s dailies were in before he disappeared. Maybe there’s something here that caused him to leave. I continued with the dailies in this area, but I couldn’t find a clue on as to why he would leave. I finally was able to catch up to his level… level 49. I wish he was here to share in the happiness, but I just kept on trucking.

Things started turning out for the better for me, I was made Chief of NorthStar! I got a new boyfriend too. His name is Kylian. But then things started going bad for me again. Kylian and I didn’t work out. I was the one that decided to end it. There were others too, but they also never worked out! One didn’t even last 24 hours! Oh well. Move forward!

Level 60. I made it to the big leagues! Dailies are harder and the work is long, but it’s worth it! I still hang around Thereall with a lot of new friends and guildies, but I very rarely visit my fountain. I decide to take a walk down there just for old time sake. I take my time. No need to rush to get there. When I get close, I see someone sitting on the edge of the fountain. It’s not uncommon to find other people here, but this person had white shiny hair that fell down the right side of their face, black glasses clung to their face, a rifle slung over their should, and was wearing black khakis and a back blazer. The person looked up at me. I was wearing a dark blue tube-top dress with white lace, glasses that constantly slide down my nose, black stockings, black heels with a single red rose attached on the left one, and a big burgundy bow tied into my short, blue hair. Oh yeah this definitely beats the first time he saw me. I walk over to him slowly. His eyes wash over me with every step I take. Okay just keep calm. Don’t get all crazy girlfriend that needs to know of his whereabouts every minute of every day on him. And smile. Come on smile!!!

“Hey there, stranger.” Good, good plain and simple now just keep your cool. “Kirai I-.” He starts frantically.

“Mel…” I hold up my hand to cut him off. “Hold on… I know… that there was a reason that you left for so long. I’ve waited for you for… how long has it been, five or six months? I know there’s a reason, but right now, I don’t really care. The only thing that’s important right now is that you’re here and you better kiss me right now.” There were no arguments on that one. When his lips touched mine, it’s like I completely forgot the last six months even happened.

Not too long after, we got married! We didn’t have a big wedding, mostly my guildies, Hallea, Kazusa, Jay, Lyner, all of my amazing friends.

You know, when we first met, I thought there was no way this would ever become real and this is as real as it gets. Eventually he told me that all this time he was training in Titan Ruin with the most advanced knights in all of Acadia. Apparently they wouldn’t let him communicate with the outside world. They thought it would be too much of a distraction or something, but you know what? Fine! I’m just happy I have I him back!

“I love you, Kirai.” He whispers into my ear as we sit cuddled in front of my scorpio fountain.

“I love you more.” <3

I'm really not much of a writer, but I still hope you enjoyed it (: This story has a total of 2,287 words.

And I kind of just noticed by previewing it that the italics don't show up very well, but they're there! O-O

May 5th, 2013, 07:21 AM
Jeez....am I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<

May 5th, 2013, 09:59 AM
Jeez....am I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<

Aww thanks bruna :D and lol just write what comes to ya :D sides, i havent played any subagames other than LH XD

May 5th, 2013, 11:44 AM
Jeez....am I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<

NOOOO you have to keep going i really want to see as everyone's entries D: write however you like i didn't really write about the game itself and every story is so unique and awesome to read so please don't quit, everyone here has done great work and im sure yours will be great too ^_^

May 5th, 2013, 12:42 PM
NOOOO you have to keep going i really want to see as everyone's entries D: write however you like i didn't really write about the game itself and every story is so unique and awesome to read so please don't quit, everyone here has done great work and im sure yours will be great too ^_^

Damn chu Hallea Q.Q XD I'm soooooooo lazy. I have to translate all the story to ENG so I think its gonna take a while for me to post ma entry ^^,

May 5th, 2013, 01:38 PM
Damn chu Hallea Q.Q XD I'm soooooooo lazy. I have to translate all the story to ENG so I think its gonna take a while for me to post ma entry ^^,


and im sorry for posting things non-entry things, but it is important to encourage people to show us more of there great work, ill leave this topic now

May 5th, 2013, 05:42 PM
Jeez....am I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<

Your story is about the game but the direction of the story is all up to your creative imagination :)

May 5th, 2013, 07:03 PM
awn can't do this event. My main language is not english, it will be hard for me create all my history and after try translate to english. I am still learning english, I'm so far to being considered a fluent english person. So not to annoy anyone with my poor English, I will not participate. :3 thanks and sorry to post this here x.x

May 5th, 2013, 09:52 PM
awn can't do this event. My main language is not english, it will be hard for me create all my history and after try translate to english. I am still learning english, I'm so far to being considered a fluent english person. So not to annoy anyone with my poor English, I will not participate. :3 thanks and sorry to post this here x.x

D:: NUUUU everyone can do this event <3 -sings rick astley song-

May 5th, 2013, 10:38 PM
Let's please keep the posts here to entries only. You can chat about the contest and all related topics in your normal game areas (the LH thread, for those players).

Thanks :)

May 7th, 2013, 12:29 PM
Mirmir the Young Atalanta

“The war between human and monsters has been going on for ages.” my grandfather remarks.
My grandfather is one of the oldest mages in the Morion tribe. He teaches magic and skills. He is the only person I look up to. Not only is he wise, but he is kind hearted and treats each of his students with respect.
Today is the day where all the students embark on their own journey. My grandfather is touching up on the history of our world so we don’t forget what we need to accomplish to conquer the war. Everyone is quiet today. Nervousness sets in, but also happiness, because we get to experience the world and encounter new experiences.
“Alright, everyone I hope you are ready conquer the world. Before everyone leaves you will be handed your 3-day guidance assistant.” Grandfather says.
I start walking towards the door. As I start to walk out my grandfather’s assistant Ian opens the door to the small cage and the small dragon flies out and perches itself on my shoulder.
“Goodbye, MirMir the young javelin user.” Ian says to me.
I head out the door.
“Hey I’m Terry! I hope you’re ready to start your new journey!” Terry the red dragon says.
I head into the forest named Road to the winds. Javelin is ready in right hand while shield is ready in my left hand. Heading up the trail I go south. I decided my first goal is to head towards Ricarten town. Terry keeps chattering away. I’m already growing annoyed with the assistance guide…
I’m at Land of Dusk when night starts to creep up behind us. I start to set up camp for the night. I let out a large yawn. A bit exhausted from the long day.
I open my bag and take out the meal that my father left for me in my bag for the first night. He left me a pouch of berries and another one filled with jerky. I take out a piece of jerky and savor it in my mouth. I put the rest away to save for tomorrow.
As the sun completely sets I feel a chill in the air. It’s starting to get colder so I try to rustle up some fire wood and start a fire. I get really close to it trying to stay warm.
I hear rustling in the bushes and footsteps. I jump a bit starting to get creeped out.
“Who’s there” I manage to say.
“In priston land there are many monsters.” Terry says
“Seriously shut up before I strangle you, you damn dragon.” I muttered.
Terry shuts his mouth and looks the other way.
I get up and walk away from the fire to check the bushes and the surrounding area. Around the bushes I see a girl who has fainted. She comes from Tempskron I presume by her clothes and markings.
Rustling comes from the bushes again. I jerk my head around to see what it is. I can’t make out what’s in the bushes but then the rustling stops and one set of red eyes open up glowing from inside the bushes.
I run over to the girl and have my shield and javelin ready. I am going to protect this innocent girl, whatever it takes.
The bush no longer appears to be a bush. The Haunting Maple slowly emerges towards us. I run towards it and launch at it throwing my javelin into its left eye. The Haunting Maple lets out a screech.
I try to twist my javelin out and once the javelin is released its eye appears to be dislodged from its socket leaving the monster half blind.
I shake off the remains from my javelin. I run 5 feet away from the Haunting Maple and then start running full charge launching this time at the monsters heart.
Blood and tree bark explode everywhere. I take my shirt and wipe off the blood that splattered on my face.
I walk up towards the girl and open up my pouch. I grab the health potion and I have her sit up so I can pour some into her mouth.
She slowly opens her eyes.
“Hey, can you say anything?” I ask her.
“Hey…” she remarks.
I help her to get on her feet. She falls a couple of times before she stands straight up.
“Where were you headed towards?” I ask.
“I’m going to Ricarten town to meet the Master. “
“I’m heading there too!” I exclaim.
“Great, we can head off together in the morning. Let’s get some rest first.”
We head back to camp and I show her a spot where she can rest. I open my bag and take out the cot and get myself in it. I put my arms behind my head counting the stars.
I awake in the morning to find my head lying on the computer. Touching my face I feel the marks of the keyboard.
It was all a dream wasn't it?

May 7th, 2013, 03:10 PM
WOW Mir that Was Great Story and just to think i have been there When you Realy did Fall Asleep on your Key bored LOL your ATA just kept Running in to a Wall I even Remember it Was During a mini monster Event we had the HS In Ruinen WOW Good Times

May 10th, 2013, 05:48 PM
A Show Of Dexterity

Her arms show how well she can handle a bow, full of muscles that have been shaped by years of practicing archery. She has a tiny frame, but she is a fierce competitor when necessary. Many are fooled by how small she looks when she’s in the distance, but when she pulls out her bow to fire a shot, they are wise to know they’re in grave danger. She is also quick; this helps her need to stay in almost constant motion while in combat look effortless.

Today, she’s heading down her usual path, to her usual spot in the desert. And as always, her friend Eyke tries to sneak up on her. He’d be smart to try and do this in a different spot, it’s a silly game they’ve played for years and she’s ready for him. As he seems to appear out of nowhere from her left side, she drop rolls off the path, smoothly taking her bow from her back and nocking an arrow into it to aim at his throat. One of the only vulnerable places on a Pikeman, he stops short, holds his weapon out in a sign of peace and admits that she’s gotten faster as time has gone by.

Dexterity likes to be called by her nickname, Dexty. She laughs at the look on Eyke’s face, he looks beaten and sullen. She started outdrawing him only a few months ago and he isn’t enjoying their game as much. She suggests that he try a new strategy, he has the speed, but he always comes at her from the same place, in the same way. He shrugs, just as he has done in the past, saying he’ll get over It. They continue down the path together, there is work to be done.

As they get closer to their destination, they hear a familiar yell from ahead. They know their friend has already arrived and rush forward to see what he’s gotten himself into. For once, they don’t have to wait for him, since he’s always late, or try attacking smaller groups of monsters without him. You never know when a large mob will appear and they do a lot better with Tank around.

Tank yells again and this time, they hear the smash of his axe as it connects to the monster he’s fighting. He seems a little out of breath, so as she comes into the clearing Dexty calls out that he should use more stamina to continue the fight. He snarls at her, pops a green potion into his mouth and turns back to the monster. It’s a great beast, with green eyes and a long mane of bristled fur that runs from the top of its head down to the base of its neck. After Dexty calls out, it turns its attention in her direction. Eyke steps out in front of her to protect his friend. It stares at Eyke like he’s fresh meat and lunges towards. Tank, already on his way over to intercept the monster, jumps in the way, yelling again. This stuns the beast slightly and allows Eyke to leap into action and land a blow to the creatures flank. The beast falls to the ground with a grunt and a groan. He is mortally wounded. Eyke bows slightly to Tank, who deals the final, fatal blow.

Both Eyke and Tank turn to find out why Dexty has not joined in this fight, she’s normally the first to get a shot in. Not this time, she’s busily digging in her bag, looking for something. Eyke laughs, he knows Dexty’s bag is always a mess, she can never find anything in it. Dexty gives him a dirty look and pulls a shiny item from the depths. Smiling, she holds it out to Tank, still looking at Eyke. The men are staring at the item, mouths open. They can’t believe her luck!

Tank reaches out to take the sheltom from her hand. He stares at it and can’t believe she’s giving it to him. He has been looking for this particular sheltom for years and there it is, in his hand. He carefully places it into the slot on his armor and it starts to glow. It is perfect, low spirit, high regeneration. He smiles brightly at Dexty and she smiles back. An awkward feeling passes between the three of them as they stand there. It is a great relief when a monster appears in the clearing; they quickly leap into their normal positions and start to fight.

Tank’s heavy armor and shield are made for his favorite kind of fighting, toe to toe. He taunts the monster to come at him and it leaps. Shield held in front of him to fend off it’s bite, he swings his axe with full force into the monster’s chest. At the same time, Eyke is leaping, jumping and twisting, landing blow after blow on the creature’s body. Dexty stands off to the side at a safe distance, carefully aiming and shooting arrows into the beast’s most sensitive areas. He is one of the biggest creatures in this land and he takes a while to kill. It can be worth it because these beasts are the ones who seem to enjoy collecting items from their previous fights. As they die, the last thing they do is drop their treasures. This one has nothing on him, but the trio of friends only has a moment to be disappointed. The smell of blood has attracted many more mobs and they’re appearing all around.

Once again, Tank greets the monsters with taunts while the others move into attack positions. It has never been obvious why the monsters don’t go after the easiest person in the group to kill, they seem more attracted to the heavily armored member of the party. Maybe they enjoy the challenge? No one knows. Today is no exception and they gather around Tank, lashing out. He loves this job; he laughs and yells, stunning them with his bold behavior.

Eyke’s spear finds its target, again and again, his kill rate has risen drastically in the time since they found this new spear for him to use. Dexty notes that she better be careful, watching him now, she believes he could find her weakness and take full advantage of it. Lost in thought, she almost doesn’t notice the monster appear behind her. Both Eyke and Tank shout out to her just in time and she runs out of reach of its grasp. Eyke knocks it back by spinning around, holding his spear at length. Dexty takes up a better spot on the other side and they continue their fight. Monsters are falling to the ground all around Tank’s position, littering the ground with dropped items; objects that could be worth a lot of gold.

They gather the loot that drops as quickly as they can, before more monsters appear and trample it. They have an agreement to share whatever they find, so whoever sees it first, grabs it and they divide it at the end of the day. Sometimes they find a very valuable item and it is understood that it goes to the person that it was specifically made for. They find no such items today and they head to town to sell and trade.

In town, there are both buyers and sellers, everyone gathers here at the end of their day. People come to browse the shops, to meet up with friends and to brag about the day’s kills and loot. Dexty and her companions are experienced with trading and making deals, a few of their items are sold to the highest bidders. When there are no more buyers for their leftover items, they head to the main shopkeeper stalls. If an item is not special and cannot be used by any of the town regulars, there are shopkeepers who buy it and pay you a small amount of gold. It seems to magically disappear from the shelves, there must be a market for it somewhere, and the shopkeepers never seem short of gold to pay for those junk items.

Once the friends have sold all they can, they divide up the gold and go their separate ways. Tank likes to have a drink with his friends at the end of the day and heads off to join them, telling Eyke he is welcome to come. He doesn’t bother trying to pry Dexty out of the shops. He knows she’s lost for hours to daydreaming about finding the best, lightest but most protective armor out there. Eyke doesn’t feel welcome in the heavy armor group, they make him feel uncomfortable. His armor is heavy and in good repair, but they say it’s too clean for them. Their armor has dents, scratches and it looks well-worn. Although he kills at least twice as fast as they do, they sometimes laugh when he talks about fighting because he has to replenish his strength with red pots and cannot easily stand still while large mobs of monsters pound on him. Tanks use red pots too, just not nearly as much as the Pikemen. Pikes also rely on mana, which the heavy armor types think is for sissies.

Eyke skips the invitation to join the group and heads back towards his home. He has plans for this evening anyway. He wants to practice the skills he tried out today. One of these days, he plans to surprise Dexty with some new moves. He laughs as he thinks about it; she won’t suspect a thing and he’ll have her pinned to the ground, bow lying helplessly at her side. She won’t know what hit her!

Dexty stays in town for a long time, as Tank knows she will. She is hoping to find some kind of items that will improve her ability to take blows from monsters. She isn’t sure why there is never any decent armor for women; it’s all bulky and made for big men like Tank and Eyke. The women have to be very careful, they are exposed and one swipe from a big enough beast can kill them before the heavy armor types can save them. Today’s close encounter shook she’s seen too many other archers fall to the ground. Shuddering and suddenly feeling cold, she realizes she’s been staring at heavy armor more than long enough. She turns and makes her way down the path towards home.

Half way to her house, she hears a cry. It is a woman’s voice and she sounds scared. She draws her bow and runs towards the sound. As she feared, it’s a priestess and she’s in trouble. She’s crying out for Dexty to give her mana, she says that 10 pots will be enough to kill the large mob that has gathered around her. Dexty tosses a stack of pots on the ground near the priestess and starts in on killing monsters. The priestess seems suddenly angry, but doesn’t say anything until Dexty hits the monster closest to the girl.

Okay, she’s not really a girl, but the Priestess family of the Morion tribe looks an awful lot like little girls. They are small, wear short party dresses you’d normally see on a four year old and style their hair in cute ways that in no way suggests a grown woman. The girl really looks like a child now, stomping her feet and yelling in her tiny little voice, telling Dexty to stop, stop killing her monsters now! Two seconds ago, the priestess was on the verge of dying; now she’s demanding to be left alone. Dexty apologizes, wishes her luck and moves on. The girl never thanked her for the pots. Dexty shrugs as she continues walking, thinking of how strangely people behave in this land. She feels she can’t blame them, really. Ever since the monsters started appearing and killing people, everything in this land is stranger than normal.

Dexty only encounters one beast on her way home, but of course he is the hardest to kill in all of the land. With luck on her side, she is close enough to home where she can whistle loudly and her faithful pet will come running. He always seems to know when she is in trouble and when he hears her whistle, he is already halfway to her. Flying at the demon beast that is attacking his master, the wolverine’s coat shines silvery blue in the moonlight. How can such a beautiful creature be so vicious? He tears into the giant monster, doing everything possible to keep it occupied so that his master has a chance to shoot her weapon. Dexty fires arrow after arrow, dodging blows from the huge demon. He seems to be able to reach further than any other monster and this makes him even more dangerous to an archer like Dexty. She has to keep moving, avoiding his swipes at her. Her favorite stance is impossible for this fight and many of her arrows miss. But she is landing enough to slow the beast down and it seems to be dealing less damage to her wolf.

Suddenly, the demon takes a breath and seems to hold it for a split second. Dexty knows what is coming and runs backwards, whistling for her wolf to follow. The wolf is not quick enough and is caught in the firestorm that follows. Dexty has no time to think as her wolf falls to the floor. She has one shot left and she needs to make it count. The monster is in a weakened state in the moments after he creates a firestorm, so she stands very still, aims her bow at his neck and fires. As the arrow connects, the demon lets out half of an agonized howl and disappears into a wisp of reddish smoke. Nothing is left but the stench of the smoke. It’s always an amazing thing to see a demon perish in this way. Dexty looks around to where her wolf’s body fell when she hears a loud clink. Startled, she turns to see the source of the sound and sees a small, shiny object lying on the ground. Loot! That hell beast dropped something as it vanished! Dexty’s face goes from concern for her pet to a beaming smile as she realizes her luck has rewarded her team with another rare sheltom. Grinning, she picks it up and inspects it. This kind of sheltom is one that merchants everywhere want to get their hands on. Warriors will kill for them and even if they are not special for anyone in particular, they are rare enough to where everyone wants them.

Dexty is confident that Eyke is going to be very happy tomorrow. The sheltom she just found has his name written all over it and it is the best item she’s ever found for him. She hopes it will glow brightly and remind him that they are a team. He doesn’t need to jump out of nowhere to try and prove he’s better than her. They all have their own specialties and they’re all good at what they do. She’s proud to call herself a member of the Tempskron tribe and can’t wait to see the look on his face when she opens her bag and fishes out this shiny new trinket.

Dexty whistles as she walks and her wolverine appears by her side, unscathed. They now live in a world of weird and wonderful things, she thinks, as she tosses the sheltom into the air and catches it.

May 13th, 2013, 07:54 PM
Cygnus and me

My good friend the Cygnus came from Bark City
He came once to ask me if he could be free
I told him he couldn’t he was too dear to me
So then my poor Cygnus ran to RNB

I chased him I chased him that Cygnus is fast
He flew past a Sepium, a Big Fish, at last
And then my friend Cygnus must have put on a mask
I lost I lost him in a world from the past

The birds you see were as mean as a Hawk
The Vulture bit me but not the Sand Rock
This last one flew at me so I drew up my stock
I blasted him down he fell with his flock

And then I flew up into Rock’s Nest Middle
No sign of my Cygnus, it was quite a riddle
Surrounded by birds he must feel so little
I’ll find him I will and I’ll give him a skittle

Past a Mecha Rock and some bots up to Rock’s Nest Top
I was so high up I could feel the wind chop
Past Condors and birds not so far as a skip and a hop
I found him, my friend, my heart almost came to a stop

I said hey there Cygnus I’ve made a grave error
Come home with me and be an adventurer
And just as I spoke I stared out in terror
A beast had arrived, the great Rock Emperor

Instead of attacking he looked as I cried
He beat his big wings and came right by my side
He stopped and he spoke and I thought I had died
Stop crying, he said and I had to abide

Oh great one don’t kill me I promise to cease
I’ll listen I’ll listen please good sir peace
And that’s when he said that he wished I’d release
This poor little Cygnus to fly with his geese

Your good friend the Cygnus has ran really far
He came and he told me a story bizarre
That one day together you and he had a spar
And since then he’s hurt, he has a big scar

He does not love you and your awful ways
He wished you would leave him to live out his days
Flying here at the top my good friend he now stays
So I bid you to leave him and make no delays

Oh Cygnus I’m sorry let’s go get some help
I don’t want your sorry he said with a yelp
I felt so useless, as good as a whelp
So I left in great sadness as that’s how I felt

So now my friend Cygnus flies up there no doubt
With birds so large he knows nothing about
I worry for him and his small lovely snout
I miss him so dearly, my Cygnus the scout

So whenever you fly above and beyond
In air so high, as that’s where you’ve spawned
Remember to see him and share in my bond
I love you my Cygnus, I wish you’d respond

May 20th, 2013, 09:38 PM
A short story about Lucent Heart~I'm blind so I had to increase the font size ;) ENJOY!

It all began in the City of Peace, Therall where the sounds of machinery and rushing water intertwine to create a sound so vibrant & lush its music to the ears. In this oasis-like town a young girl by the name of Lilyum stares off into the distance.

Her long un-kept hair of the blonde kind blows in the soft breeze. She wears a grey dress that seems alive as it clings to her frail body. As the weather changes and the clouds become dark, the smell of ocean water and lilies hang in the air.

Her face is emotionless, but upon closer inspection life could be seen stirring deep within her gold-green eyes. Liyum’s thoughts were racing and ever changing. As she leans against the rail of an old faded stone bridge she begins to think, the same thoughts that always invade her mind and imagination.

The way to begin is always the same. Hello, hello. Your hand, your name. So glad, just fine and then goodbye. That’s every story we know, so why pretend? The way to begin is simple, sane, Hello and then it’s Saturday, relax, no quests, spare time to craft, meet friends and then goodbye. In the end, this is the story we all know so well we don’t turn the page or look beyond the picture. The way to begin is always the same, hello.

Lilyum shifts her weight from one foot to the other, unable to keep still. I need to find a job, she thinks. I need to make some money...soon, she whispers. She turns and heads north, in search of a job. As her faded brown shoes scrap across the cold stone she hums to herself, it’s a familiar tune that keeps the butterflies from invading her stomach.

As she approached a group of people near the west entrance of Therall her humming quietly dissipates, her face becomes stone showing no emotion. She knew what would come next….Hello, hello. Your name, your hand so on & so forth. She was searching for someone in particular, a Master priest whose name Lilyum had forgotten. Lilyum hoped this woman could give her a job, a special one at that.

You see, Lilyum wasn’t your typical girl. She was a Lucent soul, also known as a Lucent Heart. These “souls” were said to be the decedents of the two most powerful beings on earth. Sisters, named Thiea & Cadena. One was good the other bad. These “souls” held various types of power, each different depending on which sister you were descendant from.

Lilyum was a descendent of Cadena, the “evil” sister. Lilyum had the ability to sense when others were in danger, or close to death. Lilyum could sense she was different at a young age; although it wasn't until her grandpa died that she realized she was a Lucent Heart. Lilyum had known her grandpa was growing sick & even predicted the exact day he was to die. This power not only gave her much grief but loneliness as well. People didn't want to be around her, not even her own family in the fear that she would predict there death.

Lilyum left her hometown when she was 11 and has been wandering around for the last 6 years that is until now. Shorty before her arrival in Therall she met an old man who spoke of a place that employed Lucent Souls. Based on your ability, you were given a certain job. Ultimately, every soul’s job was to protect and ensure the safety of the people of Therall. Lilyum had decided to become a priest; she figured her ability would only help her excel in this class and so this is how Lilyum ended up in Therall. She left her unstable lonely life on the hoarse words of an Old man with the promise of a better future.

Her talk with the Master priest was short; with a few words and a simple signature & her fate was sealed. Although Lilyum felt no different, she was now officially a Lucent Heart priest. She was given new clothes, a staff (weapon), an old book of incantations and her first quest; collect several gray wolf hides that had been shed in the prospect of summer. These hides were scatter around the now vacant dens of these fierce animals located outside the gates of Therall. This quest seemed simple enough…what could go wrong?

As she stepped into the glittering, sky-blue portal warmth enveloped her, giving her a sense of comfort and strength. Once outside the smell of fresh flowers, Liles to be exact surrounded her and she took a delicate step forward, off the cold stone and onto the warm green grass. The wind stirred beneath her feet and she smiled to herself thinking what an appropriately named place, Breezing land.

No more than 20 feet from where Lilyum stood were the discarded furs, as well as the empty dens. Cautiously, Lilyum approached the first out of the seven dens and gathered up the furs. The sun was setting fast as she made her way to the seventh and finale den. Without even looking up, Lilyum instinctively began to collect the numerous furs that scattered the earth.

Almost instantly she froze, her whole body began to shake as she sensed the danger that lye inside the “unoccupied” den. A low growl emerged from the den and with it a large gray wolf. Lilyum slowly raised her head, and ever so gently opened her book of incantations. Although her movements were slight, the wolf was not fooled. With its gaze locked onto Lilyum, it shot into the air.

Lilyum had no time to scream as the weight of a fully-grown man came crashing down on her. She closed her eyes tightly praying for a quick death but no such blow came. Instead, a cold blue light exploded behind Lilyums eyelids, followed by the whimpering of an injured animal presumable the wolf. With the crushing weight no longer on her chest, she was able to inhale a much needed breath and open her eyes to a tremendous sight.

A young man, not much older than herself was driving the wolf away. He was using breathtakingly beautiful magic; its colors and power were indescribable. Lilyum could hardly peel her eyes away from the magic or the one wielding it. She forced herself to turn and doing so saw the wolf running for its life.

The whole spectacle lasted no more than a few seconds but it felt like hours to Lilyum. Once satisfied that the wolf was a safe distance away, the young man turned to her and spoke. Lilyum had only known one word that began every story and it was simple & sane, Hello. But her story was going to change forever, as the boy who saved her life uttered breathlessly…”Hey.”

To be continued……Muahahahah~ ;D

May 23rd, 2013, 12:03 AM
Thank you very much

May 23rd, 2013, 12:48 PM
Deep in the heart of Priston, a new evil has awoken: Salzacck, and the world shall be plunged into chaos and despair. Only the 8 heroes of the north and south continents will rise up and defeat him.

Chapter 1-The Meet of the Future

"Alright, I have to train as much as I can now!" A young man with fiery orange hair said, a wooden axe strapped to his back. He had blue tattoos running down his face, and had a bulky stature. He smiled, although was freaking out on the inside. Then, a woman walked up behind him.

"James, you can't rush into every battle blind." she said, shaking her head. She had long, brown, flowing hair that reached her shoulders. She was holding a bow in her hands, green eyes glistening. James sighed, folding his arms.

"Oh, Sasha, you don't need to worry about the toughest young aspect in Ricarten." James said, filled with pride. Then an older man walked up to them, a blue mask covering his mouth. His cold, blue eyes stared at James and Sasha intensely.

"You guys are so immature..." he said, nodding as if he agreed with his statement. His blue hood that ended in a point on the back of his head blew in the wind. He had a spear gripped in his left hand, jagged and fierce.

Sasha rolled her eyes, scanning the man blankly.
"Mark, do you always have to get involved with everyone's business?" she asked, irritated.

James shrugged, walking away.
"Geez, can't I catch a break around here?" he asked himself, not looking where he was going. James bumped into a younger boy, and the both of them fell to the ground.

The boy groaned, green hair falling in front of his face.
"Ow....look where you are going, James." he said, annoyed.

James got up and helped the boy to his feet.
"Henry, be quiet. You'd better look where you are going next time." he huffed.


James and Mark walked into the room of the leader.
"Verkan? Are you here?" James asked loudly.

Mark sighed, hitting James in the back of the head.
"Silence is a virtue." he said, continuing forward in the room.

Henry and Sasha came out of a small corridor to the left of the room, stopping before they bumped into Mark.
"Oh great, not you again." Sasha complained, narrowing her eyes.

Henry looked away, scared of Mark. They were half-brothers, and Mark was usually the one to take charge.

James walked up next to Mark, frowning.
"Henry, Sasha? Where have you been?" he asked.

Sasha rolled her green eyes.
"Oh please. Obviously we were visiting Master Lance." she replied bluntly.

Henry nodded, mad at James.

Mark raised an eyebrow, looking back and forth between James and Henry.
"Looks like you two have something against each other." he noticed, walking through the corridor.

James growled, bumping past Henry, following Mark.

Sasha grabbed Henry's arm, walking out of the sanctuary-like dungeon.

Chapter 2-The Holy Unholiest

In the town of Pillai:

A boy with brown hair sat on the roof of a building, frowning.
"Why father...?" he asked, looking up in the sky. A girl with long flowing pink hair floated up in front of him.

"Aster, what is the problem?" she asked, smiling. She sat next to Aster, putting an arm around him.

Aster sighed, taking out a necklace from his pocket. He looked at it, and clenched it in his fist.
"My father died failing at a task that we are now burdened with, Julie. I can't take it!" he growled, sobbing.

Julie frowned, trying to calm Aster with a hug.
"Not to be mean, but crying over it won't change anything." she said.

A man with midnight blue hair and a robe walked by, deep in thought. He walked up to another person wearing a robe, greeting him.
"Raven, it is a pleasure meeting you. I have something to ask of you." the man said to Raven, who paused and listened. "I know that Salzacck is the main problem, and there will be more people that I have to combine my prowess with, but do you really think that they will be up to it?"

Raven didn't motion a response. Instead, he gave words of encouragement.
"Zale, you know not about what lies within you, nor about what challenges await. All we can do is cheer for you." he said, before walking off. Zale had much to think about, but he sighed.

"Then I must find out..." Zale said, walking off to the teleport area south of town.

A woman with brown pigtails and a javelin studied Aster and Julie from afar.
"What is up with Aster lately? He has to set his emotions straight." she said, spinning her javelin in her hand.


Zale came back from hunting, unimpressed.
"I need advanced training, or else I will not beat Salzacck..." he muttered, walking home.

Julie and Aster were sitting near a shop, looking at the customers that came by.
"Thanks for lifting my spirits." Aster said, hugging Julie.

Julie giggled, getting up.
"Cya tonight!" she said, running off.

May 26th, 2013, 09:08 PM
A world where people are high... in the sky.

Part 1: The Flight Test.

*Somewhere, lost in the middle of a desert...*

- "*shzzzz* Engine's ready, shield's ready and my body's ready. *shzzzz*" I state to the radio transceiver.
- "*shzzzz* Good, Start moving. *shzzzz*" my instructor says.
Pushing up my joystick, I advance faster and faster on the runway. Near the end of runway I finally take the very first flight of my life.
Flying in the desert, I can contemplate the blue sky opposing the yellow sand, though there are lots of unidentified mechanical parts spread all over the sand that I have yet to know why there's so many of them. As I turn around, I can see the very small airport in the middle of nowhere, even wondering why it is built here since there's no town and no resources nearby. I decide to do my first barrel roll, like I used to do during my virtual flight training. I got sick and barely lost control of my aircraft.
- "ew, it must be because the barrel roll is more realistic than in virtual flight" I whisper.
It takes me a few second to realize how obvious that statement is, since I'm flying for real now.
My thoughts are interrupted by the radio:
- "*shzzzz* everything seems good" my instructor says "now look for the flying target, lock on it and then fire your missiles. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* Roger. *shzzzz*"
It doesn't take me long to find the target on my radar. Once I've locked my target, I press the fire button. Cockpit's windows open themselves then I'm suddenly ejected from my aircraft. With a dafuq face, I can only watch my aircraft flying straight to the target, then collide it and explode in a marvellous fireblast.
- "*shzzzz* What the bee just happened?" my instructor says "I told you to launch your missiles, not the aircraft. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* But I've pressed the fire button, I swear! *shzzzz*"
And I'm certain I did everything right, I couldn't miss the big red button on the joystick that should have sent the missiles.
My instructor breaks the small silence:
- "*shzzzz* Ah well, most likely our Korean engineer who screwed up with the aircraft's plan again... Good thing you're still alive, now go back to the base. *shzzzz*"

Thank Bee, my seat has a functional parachute, but as I'm slowly falling down, I start to wonder how often the engineer fails to make a proper aircraft? I'm answered right away when my seat finally lands on the ground, seeing over 525 destroyed aircraft around me. As I walk back to the base, I glance at all different aircraft that didn't made it till the end. Tetrahedral aircraft, Square aircraft, Tube aircraft, Spike aircraft, I wonder how those can be aerodynamic and fly in the first place.
Once I'm back to the base, I'm welcomed by my instructor with a big smile:
- "You're quite lucky to be alive today." he says "The other day, someone had all his missiles eject from the aircraft with parachutes, and the cockpit with his pilot was launched straight to the target and destroyed it."
That sure is a perfect way to welcome back someone who could have same destiny.
- "...I have a few words for the Engineer." I say.
- "Well, you could try, but if you don't speak Korean, you won't be able to make him understand anything." he says with a sorry face.
- "But don't you have any translator?"
- "Nope." he replies "When he came here, he started to build aircraft and it was impressive how fast he was, so we let him take care of making aircraft, and got rid off our old engineer."
- "How about making them work as expected."
- "Well, with how many aircraft he makes everyday, we eventually get one that works."
I facepalm, and try to remember why I decided to be a pilot.
- "...anyway you've successfully done your flight test." He adds.
Looking back at the desert I just came from, I realize how awkward it is to qualify it as a success.
Oh well. He continues:
- “so it's up to you to choose your path. Stay Freeska? Join BCU or ANI?"

Freeska, BCU or ANI. Freeska is where I decided to start with, a mercenary nation that helps BCU to keep some areas clear as well as providing future successful pilot, or should I say, lucky pilot that survived the flight test. BCU, known as Bygeniou City United, is extremely Nationalist and give importance in controlling all of their areas, their resources and their people. ANI, Anti National Influence, are opposite to BCU, in a way that they want more freedom and they accept any kind of pilots.
I later choose ANI because the ANI's girl Operator is sexy.

Part 2: The City and the first enemy encounter.

*A week later, in ANI Nation*

- "Welcome in Arlington City, pilots." says Monica, the ANI's Operator.
Walking with a new group of pilots joining ANI, I stare at Monica's body with interest.
- "I'm your operator that will guide you through the ANI's City."
- "and I'm a Robot."
- "BEE THAT!" Suddenly shouts my whole group and me.
So that's how it is, making an attractive robot to lure people in choosing the right nation... from my group reaction, I'm guessing I'm not the only one that fell in the trap... The City's visit goes on, we're nearby what seems to be a hangar.
- "This is our Engineer." says Monica.
- "Hello bros!" Welcomes the engineer while grinning. "if some of you came from Freeska, you've probably met my bro, the Korean Engineer."
Hearing that, I freeze in fear, thinking I'll be dealing with a poor engineer again.
But I'm unable to see any similarities between his face and the Korean Engineer's face, so I ask:
- "How close are you a bro to him?"
- "Well, quite a far bro." he replies.
- "How far?"
- "So far that you could say we aren't bros."
- "hm.. so you aren't bros in fact?" I conclude.
- "Well yeah." he nods.

What ever, at least I know he has nothing in common with that Korean Engineer, so hopefully he knows what he's doing. As I glance in the hangar, I can feel safe as they're clearly well made aircraft. When the visit ends, we're told to do what ever we want, join a brigade, fly or go to partner-swapping clubs.
While I'm still thinking on what to do, I'm accosted by a guy with a black uniform, holding some nice charisma:
- "I'm guessing you're here because you've found the ANI's operator attractive?"
- "Huh." embarrassed to be found out so easily "Well yeah, I'm not really into Nation's philosophy, so I just decided on the sexiest body."
- "HA, I knew it!" He shouts, with a victory expression.
- "Isn't that your case too? Seeing that my group felt in the trap, I'd assume it's something fairly common."
- "Well it was, in fact I was in BCU first."
- "Oh really?"
- "Ya really, but guess what, the other operator is a robot too!"
- "Sad."
- "Yeah, I thought changing for ANI would be a better idea, guess not."
- "But it looks like you've stayed here."
- "Obviously, there's no point to change again, so I've decided to become Robophile."
- "Right.. Good luck."
- "Thanks."

I don't even want to know what kind of thoughts crossed my mind to make me say good luck to him.
- "What gear do you pilot?" He asks.

Good question, there are 4 different type gear existing in this universe :
- Bgear, known as Bombing Gear, as the name suggest, it launches loads of missiles at once to the ground, but it's also capable to do the same in the air, thanks to gears detection implemented in the missiles. This is the most powerful gear of all, which is not a surprise knowing that a Sage Korean Coder once said "Bgear main bomber so stronk".
- Igear, known as Interceptor gear, they're the fastest gear and are specialized in chasing and harassing other gears. Nothing much to say, so I'll just quote again the Sage Korean Coder "Igear supersonic speed zooooom".
- Mgear, known as Medic gear, gives heals, buff supports and unbuff skill known as pury, but deals too few damage to do any harm. Only silly people plays them as their main.
- Agear, known as Autocannon gear, a tank needing grounds to use at full potential his cannon, but it can fly. Expect to hear people telling you "Go play a real gear" if you choose this one.

- "Igur." I reply.
- "I see. Hm, you don't seem to have joined any brigade, how about you join mine?"
- "Welp, why not, how to apply?"
- "Here." Handing over papers. "and just sign."
After I've quickly signed, I check the brigade names : TheRobophilians.
Not even a second has passed, I'm already regretting joining this brigade.
- "Great!" He says "Now that I'm your Superior, I'll appoint you to a mission, a simple one don't worry."
- "I'm all hear..."
- "You'll first go to Bark City."
Bark City, a well known place which is the origin of the separation of United City, the greatest city back then, into 2 nations : ANI and BCU. Nobody is certain on why a war has started here, but it is a theatre of regular fights between the 2 nations.
As we both walk to the hangar, a question comes to my mind:
- "You will come with me?"
- "I don't feel like doing it, it's too dangerous there, so you'll do it alone."
I'm seriously regretting joining this brigade.

Taking off from the city, I use the gate to be warped instantly to Herremeze Relic Site. Relic's a nice place, quite wild with its hellflowers throwing some odd projectiles, but really fresh with its green land and blue lakes here and there coupled with some buildings and aircraft made by the local intelligent species, the Phillon. While I'm admiring the landscape, I find my way to the next gate.
I'm warped to Den-A, a kind of tunnel map, which doesn't give much spaces to move around, though, there is a dome on other side of the tunnel. After a while I arrive at the dome, and land on the Supply Pad in order to refuel my aircraft. Talking with the guys working at Supply Pad, I realize how friendly they are. So friendly that they also refuel the enemy aircraft in front of me. It seems the enemy saw me, and flies to the gate to warp to Bark City. After finishing fuelling I also go through the gate to Bark City.

My tense drastically increases as I've finished to warp in. A quick check on my radar shows me that there's no enemy nearby. Suspicious, I keep an eye on the radar. Suddenly an aircraft appears in it, and is located behind me. I instantly overboost to avoid his missiles to reach me. I understand that the enemy is a Bgear, an aircraft using invisible and ABM (shotgun like attack) with his missiles. I decide to turn around and face him, launching my missiles to him, he tanks them. As I approach him, I'm getting nervous as I know Bgears are deadly with their ABM. When I see he has activated his ABM, I execute a well-timed barrel roll that let me go through his missiles without scratch. I can't help myself but grin while trying to not vomit. However, one second later my aircraft is heavily damaged, despite the missiles being clearly far behind me.
- "What the bee just happened here!?" I shout.
I decide to contact my superior:
- "*shzzzz* Hello, it's the new recruit here. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* Hey mate, what's the matter? You sound angry. *shzzzz*"
I quickly explain him what happened.
- "*shzzzz* I see." He says "This is actually the target you'll have to take down for your mission, but it looks like you're facing a Bgear that uses L.A.G. Attack. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* What the bee is a L.A.G. Attack? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* Lame Anal Ghost Attack, they're capable of sending ghost missiles when the true ones are sent with delay. Thus you see yourself barrel rolling false missiles, and then the real missiles hits you... and you get butthurt. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* ...Any way to counter it? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* Just never let it be close nor face you. *shzzzz*"
I sigh. After flying around the Bgear for a while, avoiding all the time his ABM, I eventually find myself capable of sending my missiles without getting close to the Bgear. When I take out his shield, I see him panicking and for some odd reason he decides to crash on the ground, despite his aircraft's health being still in a very good state.

The enemy being down, I take my spare time to see how Bark City looks like. It's quite a desolated area, everything seems to have burnt long ago, but I can see a few rare buildings proudly standing up on the carbonized land. I find a place to land my aircraft, and I approach the burning Bgear. I find the guy alive, in really bad state though, probably is about to die.
- "hey.. ugh.. youu.. der." he says
- "Yes?"
- "Hahahu.. ah.. you didn't take me... down... since I crashed before... you destroy me! Shame on you!"
He adds:
- "Come here.. I wanna say a few wise words... before I finally die, so hopefully... my life have contributed... on something."
I feel like his life still won't contribute in anything anyway.
He continues:
- "You see.. you should love your parents, you should love all your mates... Don't do anything to anyone what you don't want anyone to do to you. Believe in something, as it's the only way to advance in life. Don't do Drugs. It's ok to be gay. Make sure you've put enough fuels in your aircraft before flying." etc...
Seeing he's not about to finish his speech and his advices are getting worst and worst, I decide to leave him alone and come back to my aircraft.
- "Wash your socks if they're dirty. Watch your steps when using stairs. Use a pen if you want to write something. Speak in a language that you understand, if you want to know what you're saying." etc...
I can barely hear him anymore when I've reached my aircraft, so I peacefully go back to my base.

Part 3: The aircraft experiment and the second mission.

*An hour later, in ANI's City*

Walking around the city, I bump into the Engineer.
He says:
- "Hey bro."
- "Hey."
I understand now why he claimed the Korean engineer was his bro. He calls everyone his bro.
- "There's a new flight test going on, with a new aircraft design I want to test, wanna see how it'll go?"
I accept, having nothing else to do. When we finally arrive at the hangar, I find an aircraft ready on the runway. Before I find out why the aircraft's look seems weird, the engineer says:
- "I wanted to be sure the aircraft will be extremely aerodynamic and will be able to penetrate the air super easily, so I've inspired myself with a model that already exist in our world."
I look back at the aircraft, and now see the big picture
- "A Dildo gear?" I ask.
- "Yeah, and I'll let you guess what's the liquid around it."
No thanks, I don't want to guess. But something tells me he's inspired by the fantasy of the Korean Engineer. I hear the engines heating, and my curiosity makes me check the health data of the new pilot, as I want to know what kind of pilot would want to try a Dildo gear.
I notice something is wrong. The engines are now hot and I see the aircraft slowly advancing on the runway.
- "But wait, how is he supposed to fly this if-"
- "Don't worry, his physical condition are perfect to support aircraft's harsh movements."
- "It's not about that..."
My fear increases as the aircraft is reaching a great speed, fast enough to attempt a fly.
- "It's about the fact that he's-"
All pilots and the engineer in the hangar can admire a magnificent explosion coming from the aircraft crashing into the wall... on the runway?
- "-Blind."
Thinking again about what I'm seeing, there's definitely a wall at the end of the runway. Now that I see the whole environment around me, I realize we're in a closed hangar.
- "How is he supposed to fly here?" I ask
- "Normally you activate yourself the button to open the gate at the end of the track, in the hangar."
- "Ah... but since he's blind he couldn't know..."
- "Well, such sad loss. He had the best physical condition of all our current pilots, and I couldn't see if my new design worked."
Watching again the big fire, I realize that ANI isn't better than Freeska,. They may build properly working aircraft, but they accept people that shouldn't think even once about flying an aircraft. Not many people survives the flight test here too...

Going back to town, my superior finds me, he seems pretty angry
- "Where the bee were you?"
- "I was watching a flight test, or a firework, I'm not sure."
- "Well, I have another mission for you, and this one won't be easy."
He watches his watch, and then say:
- "You'll go to Herremeze Relic Site first, I'll explain later what to do as I have something important to do right now."
- "Fine."
I take off and warp to Herremeze Relic Site again. Waiting for next instructions, I fly around the site. I detect quite a big UFO on my radar. Out of curiosity I check myself what is it. At my surprise, I see a Big Potato.
- "What the bee is that? it's worst than the Korean Engineer's design." I whisper.
Realizing that I'm not given any instruction yet, I decide to contact my superior.
- "*shzzzz* hello there, I see a Giant Potato in Relic, what do? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* A Potato? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* Yes a Potato. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* What kind of Potato? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* A flying Potato. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* How can a Potato fly? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* There are wings on the Potato. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* What else can you tell about the Potato? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* I don't know, but our conversation is not healthy, there are too many Potatoes in it. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* You're right, lets add some chicken wings and onion rings. *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* That's still not healthy, and what does it have anything to do with the flying potato? *shzzzz*"
- "*shzzzz* I was deciding on my dinner. Now that it's settled I'm going to eat, cya mate. *shzzzz*"
So that was his so called "important thing to do". Ah well, I'll trust my instinct, and take down that potato because it seems to be quite threatening.
Locking it, I launch a few missiles. The reaction is immediate as I see 3 small cute aircraft getting out of it and attack me. The damages my aircraft's shield receives are laughable so I keep firing. Then 3 more aircraft get out of it, this time pretty big ones. I fly around the Potato and avoid easily the missiles from the new enemies. Not wanting to spend more time on the Potato, I decide to activate my Final Skill, Berserker. My aircraft restructures himself a bit and opens more holes. As soon as the berserker mode is ready, I spam my missiles. This is certainly a terrifying sight for the Potato, as a tsunami of missiles are reaching him, doing dazzling massive damage. I can feel the Potato's life going down fast. Eventually his health is down.

And that's all? Not to mention there aren't even a single drop to be seen anywhere.
I expected an epic crash at least, like in the film Independence day... but with a big potato instead. What a waste...
Probably due to excessive frustration from killing that potato, I feel tired and so I decide to take some rest in this area. I land at the Supply Pad of Relic, and find a nice camping place nearby. The sun is setting, so I quickly set up a tent for the night. Just when I've finished building my tent, I hear some weird noise. I turn around to check what it is.
- "How dare you!?" says a familiar voice "I HAD NOT FINISHED MY SPEECH!"
I recognize the guy who crashed himself to the ground in Bark City. Considering the bloodpath behind him, he most likely moved all the way from Bark City to here.
- "How the bee did you manage to come here?" I ask, while I see him crawling on the ground with his right arm as the only body's part in good state.
- "My right arm and right hand never gave me up when I was in need."
The loneliness is strong in this one. Though I can't help myself but admire that right hand, I could need that on some lonely day too.
He adds:
- "So! Let me continue from where I was at... huh..."
I sigh in despair, I just want a peaceful sleep tonight.
After quite a long silence, he says:
- "Actually I've already finished."
- "Would've have been nice if you realized that sooner no?"
- "Yeah, damn, now I have to go back to Bark City."
- "But why? Can't you die already?"
- "I want to die near my aircraft, not here."
I crunch my fingers, trying to keep calm despite the absurdity I'm witnessing.
I suggest:
- "Well, if you want to come back to your aircraft in Bark City, I can take you with my aircraft and bring you back there."
- "I'd rather die."

I can feel my brain jumping out of my head, and fly away with a jet-pack, saying "nothing to do here".
He adds:
- "Well, that was a nice talk with ya dude, cya in paradise maybe."
- "Yeah right... cya."
After watching the guy painfully crawling back on his path thanks to his loyal right arm, I decide to come back to my small tent, and lie on the bed. Taking a long breath, I'm suddenly interrupted by a horrible scream heard far away.

Oh, so the guy have finally died. A smile grows on my face as I know I'll be able to sleep without disturbances this time. On my bed, I move my head up in order to watch the night sky, which I don't see since I'm in the tent. Then I close my eye, and let my thought navigate through many memories I've made since I've decided to be a pilot.
"What the bee..." I whisper.
Indeed, what the bee was all of this? but I'm glad I've survived until now, so I can look forward new experiences I'll be having soon.

After a while, I manage to sleep...

To bee continued?

PS: A small tiny short thanks to Saykai who helped me to check Ace online's story so I don't say BS.
3948 words.

May 28th, 2013, 03:13 PM
This night, Gemini constellation was shining brightly above Avalon Fort, protecting the newborn life there…
The powerful leader of the Knight Regiment hurried back home after glories victory over Giants. He couldn’t wait to see his son and future successor. The tall man in heavy armor rose his eyes, looking at shining stars above his fortress. The sky around even lost its usual crimson red shade and turned into dark blue.
The lord of Avalon opened the heavy door and entered. How he was surprised, when he saw two identical babies, covered by blankets and the old woman coming near.
“Welcome back, my lord, she said immediately. The knight noticed, she is very nervous.
“Twins?” he asked the midwife and nodded towards bed.
“Yes, my lord. Twin boys, born during twilight.” She answered.
“They are unique. When the first one was born,” she pointed to the one of them, “ the sun was still shining on the sky, but when the second one came into this world, there was already dark.”
The man was listening, then, he noticed something.
“And my wife? Where is she?”
The elder woman was silent.
“What happened?!” the warrior came closer, grabbing her shoulders violently. “Speak!”
“I am sorry, my lord. She passed away…”
The man’s eyes became so full of anger, that the midwife was scared.
“I… I am really sorry. I did everything I could do, please trust me. But she was bleeding too much. I tried to stop it, but she was too weak after the birth of the second child…”
The woman thought, that this will be her last moment.
“Well, go away!” the knight said in the end and his voice was cold.
“Go away and never return! If I see you again, I will kill you!”
When the midwife disappeared from his sight, he went back to the bed when his newborn sons were lying, curled against each other and sleeping peacefully.
Gemini twins. Aspros, who was born into the light, and Defteros, born into the dark.
Four years after the death of his first wife, their father got married again. His new wife was from the City of Trade, Gold Port, far away from Avalon. She came from really rich family of merchants who were travelling across the whole world to sale their goods. The knight from Avalon Fort met her when he saved her life after the caravan was attacked by Giants.
She loved both twins as her own sons and they were happy to see some friendly face on this place of endless war. But she couldn’t stay here too long.
Once, Aspros and Defteros were walking to the stables as always and met their stepmother here.
“Are you going to ride a horse?” the older one asked.
The young woman smiled at him.
“And can we go with you?”
Now her smile became sad. She came closer to little twins and stroked their hair gently. “Not, my children, not this time.”
“But you will be back soon, don’t you?” Defteros whispered, looking at her with his emerald eyes.
“No, my children…” she said hesitantly. She hugged both of them.
“C'mon. Don’t worry. I just have to go to longer journey, but I'll see you again, I promise.” She smiled and both of them nodded. She mounted on her horse. Before leaving stables, she turned back to twins. “I would like to ask you something?”
“What is it?” they said at the same time.
“What name would you give to someone who is important for you?”
They looked at each other. “Why?”
“Its surprise,” she said with a light smile.
They were silent for a few minutes. Suddenly, they remembered a tree with some wild berries, which they liked, because it is the only plant on this place.
“Bery, it would be nice name.”
Their stepmother nodded. “You are right. Thank you both. See you.”
She turned her horse and followed the regiment of knights, waiting for her outside.
Yeah, it will be the nice name for your future brother or sister.
When she found out she was pregnant, her husband was proud. For her own sake, he decided to send his second wife and their unborn baby back to Gold Port. He wanted to keep that in secret so she could not explain it to the twins.
The children, protected by the Gemini constellation, were growing up in the dangerous world of war between men and Giants. Both blue-haired boys seemed to be very close to each other. When one of them was sleepy, his brother began to yawn, if one of them was hurt, his twin felt the same pain, if one of them was happy, the other one was smiling. Every morning they woke up at the same time and every evening, they closed their eyes in the same moment, hugging each other as if they were only one person.
Their father hoped that his first born will become the powerful knight and mighty warrior like himself, but Aspros, usually called Asp, wasn´t very talented for sword mastery. He prefered the art, music and also magic which he studied secretly when his father was on the battlefield. He was fascinated by mystic powers which could allow him to control storm and fire, cure fatal wounds of dying friend or bring the death in agony to the enemy.
His brother Defteros, who was called Deft, was much better suited to the requirements of their father. He was strong, brave and more talented with fighting skills, even if he preferred firearms. But father never gave opportunity to him. It was more than clear that the honoured knight hates his younger child. He considered him for some evil shadow, someone who caused only sadness and misfortune to his family.
He thought it was just Defteros´s fault that his first wife died. As the midwife said, she was too weak. The birth of the second child exhausted her too much and took her life, he thought. He never lost a word with his younger son and Defteros became very silent child. The only one he was talking with, was his twin brother.
Two guys were sitting by the window of their bedroom and watching heavy raindrops falling down on the ground. They were about 15 years old. Suddenly one of them disapeared.
“Still afraid of thunders, little brother?” The older twin stood up and walked to his brother hiding under their cover. He sat next to him and patted his head. “You are cute…” He smiled at his brother.
“I´m not!” Defteros growned.
Aspros just laughted and hid himself under the cover. His younger brother was sitting there with his eyes wide opened. He looked so helples that Aspros had to hug him and hold him really tight.
Defteros frowned. He didn’t like to be hugged or something. He usually was his twin brother’s shield and protected him.
Another thunder and Deft suddenly hugged his older brother. His body was shaking.
“Don’t worry, I am here with you.” Aspros whispered, caressing his twin’s back gently. Under this soothing touch, Defteros forgot the storm outside. No thunders anymore. Now he could hear only the beating heart of his brother. He realized that the hands and body of Aspros are still so cold. Deft immediately pressed himself closer to give his own warmth to his twin. The older one smiled.
They couldn’t see anything because of darkness here, but they still could feel each other’s gaze, which caused that both of them shivered. Deft leaned closer and kissed his other half.
Thein hair was mixed together, arms wrapped around each other´s body. Then, suddenly, an unnown strenth hit the younger one and two big arms grabbed his hair, tearing Deft appart from his beloved one.
Aspros was trying to help his twin, but strong hand hit his face.He heard the voice of their father, full of anger.
„Stay here!“
Then, everything faded into black…
The first thing, that Aspros realised when he regained consciousness was that he is no longer in his room. He didn’t know what happened. The last thing he remembered the thunder, his other half and someone tearing them appart. His heart started beating strongly.
Defteros! Where is he?!
“I am here, brother.”
The older twin finally opened his eyes and saw his other half next to him. Then he noticed that their clothes were soaked by blood. And the dead body was there. The body of mighty warrior from Avalon Fort was lying on the ground. Somewhere in the distance, Aspros could hear angry roars. With fear in his eyes, he looked at his brother.
“What happened to our father?” he asked. “How did he die?”
His younger twin was silent. He couldn´t tell him the truth. The older one did this to protect them. He couldn’t kill someone by himself, so he created another personality, who ended father’s life. . He just couldn’t stand being separated from his brother. Aspros is not a murderer. Defteros knew it. He couldn’t let him live with this burden…
“Giants… killed him when you came. You were injured, that’s why you don’t remember anything…”
Blue haired boy put his hand on his twin’s face, caressing him gently.
“Don’t worry, my Aspros. It´s over.”
“What will happen with us now?” the older one whispered with fear in his eyes.
“We cannot stay on this place anymore. And we cannot return.”
“Yeah, you are right. But now, we are free. We can start new life, somewhere far away, where nobody knows us…”
The older twin nodded and embraced him. They wanted to forget everything from their past, everything except this strong and deep bond which they shared together. They were like one soul in two bodies. They were soul mates since their birth. And nothing could change this.
The children of Gemini travelled so far away from the fortress where they were born and visited many different places. But even in the greatest danger, they weren’t alone, because they had each other.
Two blue haired boys, two mirror images, were standing in front of a big city, which seemed to be full of kindness. It was so different from their home land.
“Where we are?” the older one asked the unknown woman in front of them.
“You are new here, aren´t you?”
They nodded.
“This Is Thereall, the capital city of Acadia.” She answered with the smile.
Thereall. The city of peace. Their stepmother once told them about the capital.
“This city seems to be perfect place where to start our new life, what do you think, my other half?”
His twin nodded. “Yeah, you are absolutely right.”
Holding their hands, they smiled to each other and then entered.

May 31st, 2013, 09:31 PM

The sweltering sun bore down on the dusty, dry desert, rays of heat savaging the worn ground like a fierce tiger. Soft clusters of sand swirled, twisting in unique patterns like miniature shoals of fish as they adventured across an endless open sea.
Above the desolation, a bright orange aircraft soared through the air, trails of dust and sand following closely in its wake. At its triangular front, a large glass canopy sat in front of a wide, even winged body; an elongated spine stretched down the back of the cockpit, leading down smoothly towards the wings, and finishing in a large vertical tail fin. Underneath the smooth metallic body, a set of quadruple engines burned brightly, blue flames erupting from them like a fiery volcano.
Beneath the cockpit glass, Leo “Redcat” Holaven sat in a comfortable chair, his thin frame strapped into the seat. Around him, various computer consoles flickered quickly, cycling through different pieces of valuable flight data. As his bright blue eyes watched the desert passing below him, he heard a beep from a nearby console, making him look up towards the noise.
His eyes fell upon the communications console, a soft light glowing green, informing him of an incoming transmission. Eagerly, he reached over and pulled a headset down over his head, the microphone positioned comfortably next to his mouth. Reaching over, he then pushed a button on the console, accepting the transmission.
“This is Arlington airspace control to approaching craft, please state your name and clearance code” The sound of a stern, professional male voice filled his ears
“This is Redcat, transmitting my clearance now.” He responded, quickly flipping switches on the console.
“Arlington control Redcat, your clearance is green. Please proceed to land at hanger bay G-7 Level 4 ” The same man responded moments later
“Thanks, Arlington control. Redcat out.” He replied, politely finishing the communication before placing the headset aside.
As he looked outside once more, his eyes fell upon a pair of massive mountains looming in front of him to either side, smooth sandy slopes appearing over around them.
“Nearly home” He reminded himself, his hand reaching for the flight control joystick.
Banking the craft above the natural canyon, he noticed a large stone wall at the base of the mountains, a dark blue energy dome shining brilliantly above it. The moment he noticed the dome, he slowly pushed on the controls, pitching the craft down straight towards the wall in a controlled dive.
As he passed by the dome, his eyes sighted a sprawling chaotic city, its shape sheltered underneath the dome; lights flickered and danced inside as hovering vehicles darted along winding roads, their shapes twisting between soaring skyscrapers; at the edges of the roads, people wandered around beneath bright, flashing neon signs like ants inside a colony of light.
“Arlington” He smiled to himself, the city disappearing as he passed in front of the wall.
Soaring down further, he flew over a series of holes shaped like wide open mouths, the craft diving down towards one of them. As he finally approached the opening for his plane, he carefully guided it upwards, passing safely through into a cluttered hanger. Once inside, he slowed the plane down, bringing it in to land against rough tarmac a few moments later.
Quickly powering down the craft, he pulled open the cockpit, unstrapping himself from his seat and standing up. The moment he stood, he noticed a ladder appear out of nowhere alongside him, his body moving to climb down it seconds later without hesitation.
The moment he reached the bottom, a large burly hand gripped him on the shoulder, a towering voice filling his ears from behind.
“Welcome home Redcat!”


Leo leapt up as he turned in fright, a curse nearly escaping his lips.
“Damn you Stan!” he shouted, his long blonde hair following him in irritation “You scared the hell out of me!”
A large, dark-skinned man in front of him guffawed, eyes hidden behind a set of dark sunglasses. An image of amusement lay etched onto his sharp features, his emotions clearly visible underneath thinning hair and a small headset.
“Well what do you expect!” Stan replied jokingly “Good flight?”
“No not really.” He replied honestly
“It wasn't any mechanical problems I hope?” Stan continued
“Yep, both the wings fell off.” Leo teased him
“Oh you -” Stan replied, both of them laughing loudly
“Anyway, I have to get going, see you around Stan!” Leo said after a moment
“Take care!”
He waved to him politely, his legs bounding eagerly towards the exit to the hanger.
Suddenly, just as he was about to walk out of the large metal doors, a pair of tall smartly dressed men appeared as they stepped through them; at their backs, a large plasma rifle lay strapped securely, the weapon wobbling as they stormed quickly towards Leo.
“Leo Holaven?” A cold voice called as they came to a halt alongside him.
“Yes that's me” He replied, looking up
A metal badge flashed up, the man pushing it in front of his face, allowing his eyes to fall on the curved blue symbol.
“Arlington Security force, we've been instructed that you come with us immediately.”
Leo gulped, his vision filled with the plasma rifles at their backs.
“S-sure” He stammered, stepping shakily between them.
In moments, they led him outside the hanger and to an unmarked, sleek black hover vehicle waiting on the roadway. Nodding towards Leo, they indicated to him to get into the back, and he found himself complying with shaking hands. The second he sat down, a kick pressed against his chest, the men sending the vehicle speeding down the road.
They drove him to an unmarked, crumbling building close to the centre of the city, ushering him straight inside; as soon as he entered, the guards guided him to a lift, travelling along with him up to one of the upper floors. Once they arrived, they led him towards an unmarked door at the end of a corridor, standing sternly beside it.
“Please Enter” One of them said
Leo nodded, shakily walking over to the door and pushing it aside, stepping into a plain white room. As he glanced around, his eyes fell upon a long haired female wearing full military uniform, the pupils widening in shock as he recognised her. At one side of her face, a long scar ran down the smooth skin, passing under a black eye-patch and appearing at the edge of her cheek.
A single, clear blue eye caught his gaze as the woman looked up, seeming to sense his presence.
“At ease, Airman before something breaks.” She commented, referring to Leo by his rank
He found himself unable to speak, paralysed, as he stared into the legendary face of Herne Santorani.
“Ma'am its an honour...” He finally managed, saluting respectfully.
“The honour is all mine.” She replied coolly, pointing to a chair opposite her “Take a seat”
Unfreezing his legs, Leo managed to walk over, promptly sitting down in the chair.
“Coffee?” She asked, a can appearing in her hand out of thin air from under the desk.
“No thanks, I'm not thirsty, ma'am” He replied, watching her with interest.
“Ah, its good stuff this canned coffee.” She remarked casually, pouring herself a drink into a mug, the words “World's best rebel leader!” printed on one side.
“Anyways, I apologise for not coming personally to see you, but there are Bygeniou spies all around, especially at this crucial time.” She explained. “I have something to ask of you, have you even flown in the Pandea continent?”
“Uh...” He thought, trying to remember his previous experiences
“I have, but it isn't an easy place to fly through Ma'am, there are many hazards along the way, not to mention the Vatallus gears in Sunshine Born.”
“Hmm.” She took a sip of coffee “Have you managed to get into Bach mountain chain through there?”
“Yes, Ma'am but it was no easy feat. We took heavy losses just getting to Nubarke Caves” he answered, Herne standing up and walking over to the battered window.
“Tomorrow, the Bygeniou mothership will be passing across Tylent Jungle, for the first time in several months. We do have an offensive already planned and mapped out.”
“Yes, Ma'am, everyone has been briefed to meet in Redline beach and push forwards from there.” He nodded, noticing one side of her face glowing in the light from outside.
“I am changing your orders” she said suddenly “I want you to fly through Pandea.”
He gulped nervously “Alone?”
“No, a formation of I-Gears will accompany you as an escort.” She took another gulp of coffee “We intend to place high yield nuclear missiles onto your gear. Basically I want you to use them to send this mothership crashing to the ground.”
Leo felt suddenly cold, the idea of carrying nuclear weapons into enemy territory frighting him, his mind wandering over every possible scenario.
“Nukes? Ma'am, With all due respect, is that a good idea...?”
“Rumour has it that Bygeniou high command are on board that mothership. If those rumours are true, we may have a chance to strike a devasting blow against our enemy. Possibly one from which they may never recover.” Her features suddenly appeared hard against the light from outside as she turned to face him “And above all, this is one chance I am not prepared to waste, no matter the cost.”


His meeting with Herne Santorani finished abruptly, the two security escorts leading him out of the building, before driving him back to the military complex. The moment they arrived, the guards ushered him out of the car, promptly diving off into the distance seconds later.
“Damn I could use a drink” He thought to himself the moment they left, turning himself away from the complex and walking down the street.
After a few minutes, he arrived at a small building with a glass front, a neon orange sign flashing the word “BAR” above. Slowly, he walked towards a small door and stepped inside, instantly finding himself surrounded with a warm welcoming environment; plush leather chairs sat neatly between various circular tables, a luxurious bright red carpet coiled underneath them like a sleeping ocean; soft sounds of classical music reached his ears from a jukebox in a corner, the room filling with quiet, soothing tones.
Squeezing past the tables and chairs, he walked over to the bartender and ordered himself a simple drink, sitting down in the nearest seat moments later. As he waited, his mind wandered over his conversation with Herne, a bad feeling about his orders already filling his stomach like a dead weight.
“It's bad enough flying through there without nuclear missiles. But what if they have air patrols?” He thought “I wont be able to defend myself with Flare since the weight will strain the engines...”
His thoughts were interrupted as a young girl, dressed in smart uniform, stepped up to his table; a tray of various drinks held aloft in her hand. On her head, a portable headset sat comfortably, the earpieces hidden behind erratic, wavy purple hair; a welcoming smile spread across her face as she placed a drink on his table.
“Hi Redcat, how did the practice go?”
“Hi Monica” He responded after a moment, wincing as she referred to him by his call sign instead of his name “Not too badly, yourself?”
“Same as always” She responded “Tomorrow will be a real challenge though.”
“Ah, that's true.” Leo continued “Lots of pilots to manage”
“Nothing I cant handle.” She spoke, confident “I should get back to work, see you around Redcat.”
She wandered off, her slim body weaving around the tables as she carried drinks to the rest of the bar patrons, stopping for a brief chat with each one.
Just as he started to sink back into his thoughts, another voice interrupted him, making him jolt in his seat again.
“Hey Leo, interesting drink?”
He looked up slowly, his eyes sighting a slim figure of average height standing stiffly beside his table; a warm, friendly smile beaming down at him from above.
“Hi Lawrence!” Leo said in warm tones “Sorry about that!”
“It's alright” Lawrence replied, sitting on a chair next to Leo. “What's on your mind?”
“Just tomorrow. These big assaults always make me edgy” He replied “How are you, my friend?”
“I'm well thanks, a little nervous myself. I doubt there is any pilot here who isn't nervous about tomorrow.” Lawrence's soft brown eyes watched him as he took a sip of his drink “You should be fine, you're pretty skilled with that old gear.”
“I wish.” Leo chuckled softly “I'm not too bad I suppose”
“Oh come on, don't kid yourself.” Laurence took a great gulp from a glass of beer in his slender hand “You fly better than most the M-Gear pilots I’ve seen in a long while.”
Suddenly, a loud cheer erupted from one corner of the room, making them both look up. In front of a large, flashing slot machine, a fellow pilot seemed to be celebrating; the machine spewing out a large pile of glittering, gold credit tokens. Unable to help themselves, they both burst into laughter, the pilot dancing in front of the machine manically.
They talked for a while about different topics, finishing only when Leo started to feel exhaustion in his legs, deciding he needed to go home and sleep. Politely bidding his friend farewell, he walked back the way he came, travelling past the hanger and going inside a large tower block.
Minutes later, he arrived outside his apartment door, quickly unlocking it with his keys and stepping inside. A sea of discarded junk lay scattered all over the floor below him, forcing him to take wide steps over it all as he began to get himself ready to sleep.
Suddenly, his eyes fell upon a small picture frame at his bedside, stopping him in his tracks. Gently, he reached over and picked it up, his eyes glancing down at the beaming faces of his mother and father; their arms stretched around each other as they stood in a grassy park, the sun just visible behind a large green tree.
He stared at the image, remembering taking the picture in the midst of Bark City, just one week before it was decimated by both Arlington and Bygeniou. A wave of disgusted sadness filled his stomach as he placed the picture back down, crashing onto his bed heavily and closing his eyes.


Leo awoke with a start the next morning, disorientated, after dreaming vividly of running between burning buildings amidst loud explosions. Taking a few slow breaths, he pulled himself out of his bed before taking a shower, the warm water helping him clear his mind from the lingering dream.
After a quick breakfast, he got himself dressed and proceeded straight to the hanger. The moment he entered, his ears filled with the howls of crewmen shouting manically, their shapes darting left and right erratically in front of him. Amidst the chaos, he heard Stan's distinctive voice bellowing orders to his subordinates, his large frame storming between parked aircraft like a rampaging ox.
Casting his eyes around the hanger, he eventually spotted the distinctive bright orange shape of his gear, Flare, seated in amongst the line of planes. Cautiously looking around, he slipped between scattered equipment and manic crewmen, heading towards the orange shape. As he approached, he instinctively began to examine the frame, his eyes darting across its body as he visually inspected it.
Finally, he arrived at the ladder beside the cockpit. In that instant, he noticed that all the other weapons systems had been removed.
“Great, not only am I carrying weapons of mass destruction, I'm also defenceless” he thought dryly, beginning to clamber up into the cockpit again.
Quickly seating himself, he reached over and grabbed a clipboard off the top of a console, a long list of pre-flight checks for him to complete visible on the paper. Eager to get going, he started switching on the consoles, carrying out each one of his listed checks in turn. Just as he was about to finish, he suddenly spotted something strange from one of the console readouts, making him stop dead.
“Odd” He muttered, peering down at the checklist again, a puzzled expression crossing his face as he double checked the value.
Convinced something was defiantly not right, Leo clambered back down the ladder and waved down a nearby crewman, asking him to find Stan and bring him over. He waited patiently for several minutes, thinking to himself, before finally the crewman returned with him in tow.
“Hey Stan” Leo greeted politely “Sorry for disturbing you but I was running pre-flight checks and I noticed something wrong with the shield generator.”
Leo saw concern etch immediately onto Stan's hard features, and he paused for a few moments.
“What exactly is wrong with it?” He inquired
“Well, the pre-flight manual says the output range for this gear should be between 30 mega-watts and 60 mega-watts, but the console in there is only showing 12” Leo explained
“That is very low...” Stan agreed “Did you notice any power problems as well? Low output to from the generators for instance?”
“Nope, the power systems all looked fine” He told Stan, shaking his head
“Alright, i'll take a look at it now.” He replied with a grunt
Leo watched curiously as Stan wandered over to the back of the craft, taking a multi-tool device out of his pocket, and stripping a panel off the back of the gear frame. A loud clunk echoed as it fell to the ground, Stan peering inside, his hands carefully pushing wires aside like the branches from a tree.
“Looks like you made a good spot, but it is not good news I'm afraid” He said, pulling his face away from the panel and standing up again
“What's up?” he asked, fearing the worst
“Well...” Stan began to explain “The shield generators they place into these gears only last so long and for so many charges and discharges, much like a giant battery. The one on this gear is beginning to wear out”
“Can't you replace it?” Leo asked
“No, well... Yes we can replace it, but shield generators are not cheap, and getting hold of one for this frame now would not be a cost effective option at all.” Stan sighed “I'm sorry Leo, but once you return from this mission we have to decommission the gear”
“But... Surely she can still fly without the shield generator” he protested
“She can, but we both know the dangers of it. The shields do more than protect you from bullets, and for M-Gears, these are what allow you to shield charge other gears. Besides, Arlington command would fire me if I allowed anyone to fly in an unsafe gear”
His heart sank inside his chest, realising that Stan was right. A sense of disappointed loss filled his heart, Flare had once belonged to his father, and as long as he could remember the sturdy airframe had always had a place in his life.
“Alright Stan...” He said emotionally “She can still fly this one last time right?”
“Yeah, I'll patch in a couple of temporary boosters to bring the shield power up to normal. While I’m doing that why don't you get yourself settled in and do another check? In case you find anything else.”
Leo nodded sullenly, clambering back into the cockpit and sitting heavily against the chair, the consoles around him flickering innocently. With a heavy heart, he picked up the clipboard again and ran through the list of checks, thankfully finding nothing else out of place.
“All good?” He heard Stan call up from below
Leo checked the shield readout one last time and nodded, the value now back to normal.
“Thanks Stan... See you when I get back” He called, passing him the clipboard before sitting down in the pilot seat.
A few moments later, the ladder beside him slowly moved away. Once it had vanished, he reached over and pressed a button, closing the cockpit and surrounding him in a transparent bubble. A gentle thud echoed around him as the glass pressure sealed and locked shut. Once he was sealed in, he pushed a throttle lever forwards a tiny bit, engines flickering behind him as Flare began to move forwards for her final flight.


An eternity seemed to pass, the gear ambling slowly across the tarmac as it rolled into position. Bright light shone through the hanger entrance, the sand outside shining brilliantly. Taking a deep breath, Leo pulled his headset on, opening a channel to Arlington command.
“This is Redcat to Arlington command, requesting permission to launch”
“This is Arlington Command, Monica” He heard her voice reply “How are you Redcat?”
“I'm good thanks Monica” He lied “Just eager to go.”
“Your escort gears are already waiting for you in Reynard.” She continued “You have launch clearance Redcat, good luck out there!”
“Thanks Monica, Redcat out.”
He waited for a few moments, a crewman hurrying forwards in front of him, holding up a pair of yellow lights towards him.
With a loud cluck, a rattle echoed through the cockpit, a series of protective barriers emerging from the hanger floor, surrounding the gear; as soon as they were in place, all of the crewmen stopped suddenly, their bodies racing behind the barrier to get away from his engines.
After several moments, the lights in front of him changed colour to green. Within seconds, he thrust the throttle lever forwards as far as possible. A powerful, shaking roar suddenly erupted into the hanger; the tremendous engines at the back of Flare leaping into life. Velvet blue fire gushed outwards from the back of the craft as slowly, it began to move, the force from the engines pushing Leo back against his chair. With another thunderous rattle, the gear slowly began to accelerate, the desert light inching closer in front of him.
The crewman in front of him dived out of the way, the gear shuddering as it wheeled faster and faster down the runway. All of a sudden, the runway ended, the gear lurching as it dived dangerously forwards. Quickly, he pulled up on the flight joystick, pitching the gear's nose upwards. In seconds, like a graceful bird leaping into the air, Flare soared off the ground and glided gently into the desert sunlight. With one steady on the controls, Leo flipped a switch on the main console, causing the landing gear and flaps to retract into the gear body with a soft clunk.
He let the gear ascend for a few moments before levelling off, pulling back on the throttle to reduce power to the engines. Beside him, twin monstrous peaks enclosed upon him, caressing him in their rocky embrace. Taking a quick glance at the map console, Leo pointed the gear forwards, heading in a straight line away from Arlington.
“Least I’m finally flying...” He thought to himself “Should be over pretty soon I hope..”
After a few minutes, a gigantic hovering, circular gateway appeared on the horizon; at each side of it, a series of spires pulsed with dark blue energy, a slowly rotating yellow ring set against the front of the structure; filling its inner space, a thin solid wall of rippling energy filled the air, the surface waving gently like the surface of a calm ocean.
Carefully, he pointed his gear towards the wall, the front connecting with the energy a few seconds later. In that instant, a deep rumble echoed through the cockpit. A great, shuddering gasp erupting from the metal, pure energy bursting outwards from the spokes and surrounding him. Seconds later, with a blinding, powerful flash, the energy suddenly turned itself into kinetic force.
Leo felt a massive push against his chest, like a savage bear pinning him into the chair, the gear suddenly accelerating massively in an instant. A speed monitor on one of the consoles began to climb rapidly, the numbers jumping into four digits, then five. With a loud smash, the gear entered an opening, the speed display jumping into infinity.
In front of his eyes, a tunnel of pure energy surrounded him, soft swirling colours dancing against the glass. The force against his chest continued, pushing the air out of lungs, the cockpit rattling and rumbling around him. He felt the very frame of the gear shudder, the metal strained against the massive kinetic force around him.
Then, almost as quickly as it started, there a flash of white blinded his eyes. A small plain, covered in small cliffs and patches of soft grass, swam up underneath him; in the distance in front of him, a vast ocean stretched into infinity, beautiful orange sparkles shining from the surface as the sunlight reflected off the water.
“Reynard Beach. One down lots more to go...” He thought to himself as he banked his gear towards the east, the ocean spinning to his left.
Suddenly, as he flew across the terrain, a sleek silver gear appeared alongside his own; at the front of the craft, Leo noticed a pouncing, familiar blue bear painted on the nose cone. The moment he opened his mouth to speak, his headset crackled to life with the sound of a familiar voice.
“Good to finally see you Redcat.”


“Bluebear!?” he exclaimed, surprised “What are you doing here?”
“Escorting you” Lawrence's voice came back over the headset “At least that's what my orders are.”
“Why the hell didn't you tell me yesterday?!” Leo shouted back
“There wasn't really time, and besides, we were told not to mention our mission.” he explained “Anyway, now that you're here, lets get going, we have no time to lose.”
“Alright, but you're making this up to me with a lap of the beach once its all over.” He teased in a warm voice
“Fine.” Lawrence responded “In fact, that sounds like a good idea anyway”
At that moment, a group of four other gears appeared from the south, all of them designed with the same smooth shape as Lawrence's. As he watched, the other gears lined up alongside, position themselves into a perfect, straight line.
“Alright everyone, Redcat is here so we are ready to roll.” Lawrence spoke up “I want everyone in an A shape formation. Myself, Peanuts and Anchor will take point. Teddybear, Rollermine you guys will watch the back. Redcat, you are to stay in the middle at all times”
“Also, be sure to patch your status reports to Redcat, in case we need some shield charges” He continued, looming steadily towards them.
After a few seconds, a small panel at the top of his cockpit lit up, displaying the five other gears by their call-sign. Below each entry, a blue bar stretched across underneath a dark red bar, indicating the shield and hull strength of each gear around him.
“This is Redcat, I've got all your status reports coming through clearly.” He informed the other pilots
“Good to hear Redcat, everyone lets go! We'll form up when we're back in Edmont Valley”
Leo leaned back in his chair, preparing himself as they passed through the gateway, emerging moments later into a desert-like plain. Wide rocky valleys, covered in broken brown sand, stood alongside sharp steep cliffs. Out of the corner of his eye, a set of towering tall mountains stood together, positioned like a row of behemoths.
Sighting his escorts waiting in front of him, he quickly lined his gear up, positioning it directly behind Lawrence. The second he fell into line, the gears around him began to move, his own hand reaching over to the throttle and increasing his speed to keep up with the formation.
Outside the glass, deep clay canyons soared below him, sharp peaks pointing like knives into the air. Some distance away, a great dark cavern passed across his vision, the entrance shaped like a gateway to hell.
“Glad I’m not going in there” He thought to himself “That's the Hornian Habitat”
Noticing his formation bank to the right, he glanced forwards just as they passed through another gateway, Leo following them through a few seconds later.
After nearly a minute, he finally came out of the gate, quickly lining himself up with his escorts. As soon as he flew into position, the formation veered off again, their path heading around a massive icy peak; huge cold spires rose upwards from the ground around them, white snow surrounding it in a covering as thick as lead, the snow blindingly brilliant as it stretched out in all directions.
As he peered around, he spotted a ruined tower passing across his right side of his vision, and the snow below finally gave way to an icy ocean; icebergs floated gently across the surface, their shiny surfaces shimmering against the cold, dark sky.
“Alright everyone, prepare for the next jump” Leo heard Lawrence as he flew through another gateway hovering above the vast ocean.
Less than a minute later, Leo found himself hovering above an immense bridge when they arrived, the structure stretching in front of him into infinity; looking around in every direction, he found nothing but cold, deep water rippling roughly below.
“So much water here, its like hovering in the middle of nowhere” he commented down his headset as he returned into formation.
“Gjert is our supply line between Pandea and Arlington” One of the pilots responded “We might see a few Arlington navy boats as we pass if we are lucky.”
“It might be good to see something, we've seen nothing but sand and snow since we left” Leo spoke back, flying up over the steel spokes of the bridge.
As they passed through the deserted ocean world, Leo's eyebrows rose, spotting a group of grey blips on the edge of his radar screen. Immediately, he focussed his attention on them, waiting to receive identification data. After several long moments, he breathed a sigh of relief, the blips turning bright green as he peered out of the cockpit.
“Looks like we have boats” he mentioned down the headset, noticing a group of hulking destroyers escorting a bulky aircraft carrier.
“There should be a few more docked in slope port” Teddybear answered “When we eventually get there.”
Just as the next gate appeared in the distance, they passed across a massive, open iceberg; at the top of the bridge, a series of five white towers sat on top of the spokes, energy zapping along cables to the main one at the centre; seated above the central point, a holographic symbol of Arlington rotated around slowly, acting as a brilliant beacon amongst the ocean.
Leo bowed his head for a moment in respect, the symbol of Arlington in front of him serving as a reminder of the pilots lost in the last Pandea war. Moments later, he raised his head just as they zoomed forwards through the next gate.
Half a minute later, they emerged into Slope Port, finding themselves above a wide open area filled with clear white water. In the distance, a series of grassy cliff-tops pressed against each other, bright green colours mixing together with dark browns; As they set off, Leo sighted a huge battleship moored against a port to the west, gigantic quadruple-barrel cannons sitting snugly against the bulking frame; he also noticed his radar suddenly becoming a flurry of activity, hundreds upon hundreds of small ships sailing beneath them. Following a path up and over the cliffs, the water and boats gradually fell behind into a deep river canyon, the next gate appearing in front of them at the furthest end as they sped hastily through it.
When they emerged, Leo found his eyes blinded by brilliant white, a snow covered world surrounding him again; dense white canyons rose up in all directions, an igloo shaped dome sitting squarely at the centre of them, waves of dark green energy pulsing upwards from its roof.
Moving onwards through Portsmouth Canyon, they followed the dome all the way around to its southern tip, positioning themselves to fly into one of the canyons. A few moments passed before another gate appeared at the far end of it, their gears speeding through as they left the white world behind them.


They stormed out of the next gate into a deep, tunnelling corridor, topped off with a blue energy field; small platforms stuck out at odd intervals, each one containing a single, lethal looking anti-aircraft cannon. The moment they began to travel into its depths, Lawrence's voice filled Leo's headset as his friend began to give instructions.
“Alright everyone, after we get through here, we'll be rapidly approaching enemy territory. I want everyone's eyes open.” He commanded as they banked left, heading down a fork in the passageway. “Once we get to B point I want everyone formed up on Redcat at all times. Make sure if any enemy gears go after Redcat you deal with them swiftly and cleanly.”
A small chorus of ayes came through the headset as they began to climb up a steep shaft towards a central dome
“Redcat, keep your eyes on that radar. If you see anything shout as loud as you can.” Lawrence addressed him sternly “Keep yourself as far out of trouble as you can, your extremely vulnerable without your weapons.”
“I''ll do my best” Leo replied, guiding his gear through a main central dome cluttered with iron beams and gangways.
Plunging down another shaft, they sped down another corridor for a few moments, passing back into a main tunnel. After a few seconds, a gateway filled with white energy appeared in front of them.
“For Arlington!” He heard Lawrence chant as they sped into the Sunshine Born gate
“For Arlington!” He himself reply in the last few seconds, the energy tunnel surrounding him again.
When Leo emerged into Sunshine Born, a powerful rumble erupted from his gear, followed by a shuddering shake. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge gust of wind buffeted his gear. With an abrupt wobble, the gear tilted to the side against gale, the engines stalling from its mighty force. With a frantic pull on the flight controls, Leo tried to drag the gear away from the gate and stop himself slamming into it.
A mighty green flash abruptly erupted from the sky. The clouds tearing themselves asunder as a furious bolt of lightning streaked downwards, slamming into the ground close by. His gear rattled intensely, roaring rain pounding against the glass as he finally brought it under control, only to be thwarted by another pounding blast of air.
“Holy hell!” He exclaimed aloud
As he finally got his gear back under his control, he heard a garbled transmission through his headset, the sound of Lawrence's voice interlaced with heavy static. Making out something about travelling on to the next gate, he pushed his gear forwards into the storm, his eyes trying to make sense of where he was going through the scattered raindrops.
Below him, the radar screen flickered and pulsed uselessly, the screen intermittently flashing with red blips as he struggled over a hill and above a massive crater; a mighty tower slowly appeared into his view on his left, rain thundering down off the top platforms of the structure, the radar lighting up for a second with a dark red blip before it vanished in the static.
Continuing to fight against the storm, he finally managed to see the gate appear in front of him, his spirit surging at the sight of the device. As he came within inches of it, a lightning bolt tore down in front of him, missing him by inches and blinding his eyes for a moment before the gear went through the gate.
He jumped as the second he emerged, his headset filled with Lawrence's panicked voice.
“Move! Move! Everyone full speed to Daisy!”
Leo jolted, moving the gear forwards just in time as a turret platform behind him activated. A Hailstorm of bullets shot down the corridor in his direction, passing through his previous position and scattering against the wall with gold sparks erupting into the air.
With a sharp jolt on the controls, he tilted his gear to the side, attempting to make it less of a target; more turret fire sprayed towards him, his gear banking left down a fork in the corridor. More bright, yellow flashes lit up the cockpit seconds later, streams of bullets hurtling towards him from all directions. With seconds to spare, he flipped his gear upside down, skilfully evading the projectiles
Reaching the end of the corridor, he pulled up into a chute, flipping his gear back to the right orientation. Upon reaching the central room, he weaved through the cluttered metal struts without hesitation, plunging back down the opposite shaft at full speed.
In a few seconds, the gear stormed out of the chute and sped forwards, Leo keeping the gear close to the floor as he possibly could. For a few moments, the turrets lost their lock-on, the extra speed allowing him to outrun their targeting systems. Within a few moments, an orange gateway appeared in front of him, the cockpit filling with its brilliant heavenly glow.
All of a sudden, a pair of pointed guns appeared out of nowhere behind the structure, its twin cannons pointed straight at him. Leo's eyes widened as he realised he had no way to avoid them. With a bright flash, bullets erupted and stormed through the air, getting closer and closer by the second. A gold light filled the space in front of his eyes with a deathly halo, forcing him to blink and look away.
In that instant, a savage jolt kicked Leo hard in the chest, the deadly bullets suddenly vanishing from view.


The sound of his own heart pounding in his chest filled his ears as he finally arrived in Daisy Riverhead; bright sunlight poured down from a crystal blue sky, casting brilliant reflections off the water from inside deep, winding riverbeds; on either side of him, Leo could see long flat plateaus of golden green grass, the blades waving softly in a gentle breeze.
Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he scouted around for his formation, finding them waiting for him just above the water inside a river channel. His hands trembling, he gently manoeuvred his gear into position behind his friend, the reassuring sight of his gear back in front of him. Once again, the second Leo lined himself up, they set off once more; water trailing up magnificently behind them as they soared down the channel.
Passing below a gigantic floating temple hovering above the middle of the river, Leo noticed smoke trailing from a hole in one of his escorts wings, the gear wobbling a little unstably. Looking up, he observed the shield display for each of his escorts registered near zero, showing they had taken considerable damage. Instantly, he began to press buttons on a few panels, preparing the gear to make a shield burst.
“Whoa get roughed up a bit in there?” He called down the headset
“Most of us are okay, Rollermine took a bad hit though, but he seems to be holding up.”
“She's fine” Rollermine answered back “Wings a bit clipped, but she'll fly.”
As soon as a light blinked on the main console, he pressed a small button, initiating a shield burst. At the back of the gear, a series of emitters on the hull rapidly charged up, reaching full capacity in seconds. Suddenly, the hull unleashed a wave of bright white energy in a large sphere from the emitters. Whenever the energy struck another gears shields, it surged back into the generator, recharging their power.
When he next lookup at the formation panel, he noted the shields of his comrades had all been restored by around a third.
“That should help you all out” He spoke down the headset
“Thanks Redcat” Lawrence replied in a grateful tone
“You're welcome” Leo found himself smile a little, the river bank beginning to thin out as another gate loomed up in front of him.
Reaching the other side of the gate, they emerged into a large, open plain covered in smooth, grey mountains; towards the east, various cliff top plateaus led downwards into a wide ocean, the smooth water lapping at the rocks around the base of the cliffs; as they began to fly down towards the rocky crags, Leo sighted a ruined temple in front of a pair of mountains, its shattered shape surrounded by crumbling pillars on all sides.
Diving down to a cliff just below the temple, they passed through a tall arch and slipped into a dark tunnel. A purple glow emanated from the middle of the tunnel walls, generating a soft light that revealed other small passageways, each one with its own archway entrance.
At that moment, as they turned a corner in the tunnel, a red dot appeared firmly on Leo's radar screen, positioned directly behind them. He gawped at the display a moment, watching it as it followed them at the same position. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, the dot promptly vanished again, leaving the radar screen clear.
“Strange... Maybe the scanners are malfunctioning” He thought, his instincts telling him otherwise.
Diving downwards, they passed into the next gate, reappearing underground inside a deep cavern; crystal stalagmites, composed of an unknown purple mineral, hung down from the ceiling at various angles with tips like sharp swords. Slowly, they began to navigate through the caves, carefully guiding their gears between the stalagmites.
After a while, they passed straight through a central chamber, soaring across a group of large anti-tank cannons. Leo caught a glimpse of the symbol of Bygeniou, its shape flickering between the cannons, before they soared onwards into more cavernous corridors.
Occasionally as they travelled on, Leo kept glancing down at his radar screen, waiting to see if the blip appeared again. Thankfully, after several long minutes of winding in every direction through the stalagmites, they made it through the next gate without incident.
Emerging against a gigantic green ocean, they quickly moved into position and soared across the water, their gears passing down into a small river channel; all around them, dry, scorched earth covered both the banks of the river and beyond them.
“Just two more gates” He thought, willing his gear onwards as the end of the channel came into view
Suddenly, the radar in front of him lit up again. The same red blip appeared again, directly behind them to the left. Just as he opened his mouth to yell a warning to the others, the radar lit up again. Three more red dots appeared, approaching them rapidly from the north, cutting them off from the exit. Seconds later, Leo found himself frozen stiff as they were joined by two more dots, both of them directly behind them.
“Bluebear, this is Redcat, we have multiple enemies, front and back on an intercept vector!” he nearly shouted down the headset. “We're trapped inside the river!”


Several long, silent moments passed, the enemies closing in on them with every second.
“Alright, Redcat, pull out of the river, go around the mountain and straight through the gate. Rollermine, Teddybear go with him. We'll distract them in the river channel” Lawrence finally spoke up “Go! Now!”
Obeying instantly, he pulled up, breaking the formation and banking over the left edge of the river channel. Keeping the throttle at maximum, he pulled his gear around a vast mountain, following it in a close curve. Steadily, the next gateway started to appear in front of his eyes, the peak slowly sliding away to reveal its presence. Carefully twisting the controls once more, he brought the gears wings back down level and raced forwards.
All of a sudden, five blips sailed into view on the radar, spread out in wide pattern. Peering down, his eyes sighted five hulking A-Gears positioned right under the gate, waiting patiently for them to approach. Upon each of their frames, a mean looking plasma cannon pointed upwards, alongside several powerful missile systems.
“Guys, there's no way you can handle that kind of anti-air fire. Break formation and let me get their attention.” Leo commanded to his remaining escorts quickly “As soon as you see my shields go dark orange race into the gate.”
The moment he heard a pair of acknowledgements, he raced forwards towards the ground hears. The second he came into their range, a thunderous, crackling sound filled the air around his gear. Streams of rapid-fire, purple plasma energy rocketed upwards, white flashes erupting from his shields as they fought off blow after savage blow.
Keeping himself in a straight line to the gate, he sighted all five of the gears now beginning to concentrate fire on him. Within moments, a shield warning flashed on his status console, causing him to slam a switch beside his flight joystick without hesitation.
Instantly, a brilliant sphere of orange surrounded his entire gear, the shields suddenly supported by a layer of impenetrable energy. His two escorts surged forwards, catching up and passing by him, their shapes safely disappearing into the gate. In the instant before he went through the gate, a sudden flash of light erupted out the corner of his eye. He turned his head just in time to see Anchor's gear explode in a shower of metallic debris before the world around him disappeared again.
He emerged with his pair of escorts into a place full of multiple steep, brown mountain peaks. Long, winding pathways stretched between them, creating a maze of passageways. As soon as he was clear of the gate, the formation display flashed as Peanuts and Bluebear also emerged.
“You alright Redcat?” Lawrence spoke up as soon as they flew down into one of the paths, Leo also setting off a shield charge to recover his gears shield.
“Yeah...” He gulped “I think so...”
“Good, we're nearly there. Just a few more minutes.”
As he spoke, the radar in front of Leo came to life again. This time, multiple red dots appeared, scattered all over the place, but heading straight in their direction.
“We got multiple contacts, multiple directions, all on intercept.” He spoke quickly but clearly
“Redcat stick to the mountain paths and stay low” Bluebear responded “Everyone else, keep Redcat's path clear, there's no easy way out of this one, so just protect him as best you can.”
Pulling the gear downwards, he lowered his altitude until the craft started to skim the ground, dust scattering up underneath him. Suddenly, just as he turned into another mountain canyon, the formation display above him flashed. The data for Peanut's gear abruptly disappeared, an ominous, empty blank box appearing in its place. Unable to help himself, he stared at the display, transfixed. In those brief seconds he broke his concentration, an enemy I-Gear slipped down into the pathway behind him, unleashing a volley of missiles.
A loud blaring klaxon erupted all around him, the sound hitting him like a punch in his face. Snapping out of his trance, he slammed the gear throttle backwards, pulling it as far as the lever would go. Instantly, the quadruple engines initiated a reverse burn. Each of the jets on either wing flared forwards, the force pushing the gear backwards. His speed dropped quickly as he slowed, eventually dropping into the negatives, the gear hurtling backwards. With a quick tug on the controls, he pulled the gear upwards, trying to evade the missiles.
A whirl of smoke passed over the front of him, all but one of the missiles tearing past the nose and slamming into the mountain. The remaining missile swerved to the right and slammed into the rock beside him. A sickening crunch erupted through the gear as the explosion rocked the gears shields, the force of the impact causing them to immediately fail.
The enemy gear soared past him suddenly, its pilot performing a skilful snap roll so it faced him again. Another burst of missiles erupted from the gear, hurtling straight towards Leo. Reacting quickly, he tilted the gear to the side, evading the second burst of missiles as explosions rattling against the rocks. In that instant, Leo decided to try and pull up out of the mountain pass to get away from the gear.
As he gained altitude, out of nowhere, a B-Gear appeared. Its pilot heading straight for him. A flash lit up his eyes as he saw the gear activate its bombing mechanism. Within seconds, twelve unguided bombs hurled forwards off the wings and straight towards him.
Leo's eyes watched, the bombs sailing through the air, with red trails blazing like crimson fire. He knew he was done for, that he was caught, like a tiny rabbit in the headlights of a massive car. His mind slipped back into his memories: of Bark City in those last few moments, the ferocious fires burning; the massive explosions as the bombs fell; his parents lying dead in the rubble of their home, their bodies twisted and broken.
All of a sudden, a flash of silver erupted out of nowhere, another gear streaking forwards, positioning itself straight in front of oncoming bombs. His eyes fell upon the symbol of a pouncing blue bear on the nose of the gear. In that instant, an almighty slam ripped through the air, the gear frame shattering like glass as the bombs tore into it. Shards of deadly debris and metal hurtled forwards, violently connecting with his gear and tearing one of the tail fins clean off.
Moments later, a huge bang erupted from the left wing, a large chunk of broken nose cone slamming viciously into one of the engines. Instantly, a danger message flashed on the console, the engine igniting with a jet of fiery flame like the breath of a dragon.


Leo stared in disbelief, refusing to believe the events just happened in front of him. His eyes stared forwards, wide with shock as the bomber came around again, intending to finish him off. His eyes watched it getting closer and closer, has hands paralysed against the controls, unable to move a centimetre.
All of a sudden, a barrage of missiles and plasma guns erupted across the side of the approaching enemy. The enemy pilot had seconds to turn and face something before another barrage of missiles blew it apart, sending flames and chunks of burning metal flying into the air.
Finally, he snapped out of his trance, an I-Gear with a damaged wing soaring past him through the explosion. Chasing swiftly after the other enemy gear, it forced it down into the canyon below him, missiles and bullets flying all over the place. Suddenly, a loud snap erupted from below as the enemy flew, nose-first into the mountain.
“Redcat, you okay?” he heard a soft female voice on the headset, a gear pulling up on his left side.
“Y-yeah... in shock but...” he found it hard to talk “Gears lost one engine so I’m real slow, I don't think we're going to make it.”
“We'll make it.” Teddybear replied, the other gear joining him on the right “We're almost at the gate.”
He felt himself shrug at the words
“I guess I can try...” He managed to say, his throat too heavy to speak.
He pointed his gear towards the south east and flew up over the mountains. Finally, the final gate to Tylent jungle appeared in his gaze, hovering innocently in front of a floating airstrip. Without wasting any time, he pointed his gear down, speeding into the gate.
As soon as he arrived, he pushed forwards, his gear limping from its damaged engine. Immediately, he turned his attention to a rough missile console, hastily patched into the cockpit. With a hard yank, his hand roughly pulled a lever down underneath the word “ARM”. Across the wings of his battered gear, the four heavy, nuclear missiles activated their warheads; seconds later, a button on the same console lit up, a soft green light flashing in readiness.
Flipping a switch, he opened a communication to Arlington Command
“This is Redcat to Arlington command, I am about to launch nuclear weapons at the enemy mothership. All units should pull back immediately.” He shouted clearly
Suddenly, hovering above an island oasis above the deep jungle, the mothership appeared. A massive, sprawling bulk of metal with six gigantic, yellow engines flaring brilliantly at the back of it; thick heavy armour plates ran down the centre from above the engines, a large, square control room positioned right at the top. A pair of landing runways lay on each side of the bulk, small fighters taking off periodically and attacking nearby gears. On one side, his eyes made out the shape of Anubis, the sitting jackal, painted onto the hull.
“This is Arlington command to all combat gears, pull back from the enemy mothership immediately. Retreat to a safe tactical nuclear warhead distance.”
As soon as he heard the response, Leo began counting to ten in his mind, his eyes staring straight ahead. The moment he reached ten, he slammed his hand down on the flashing button, a fizzing sound erupting from both wings as all four missiles took flight.”
As soon as the missiles were away, Leo quickly slammed his gear into reverse, his eyes never leaving the mothership. The missiles drew closer and closer every second, approaching the bulk from the sides, their trails brilliantly white. Watching them, he began to count the seconds until impact, bringing up his hand to shield his eyes.
The moment his countdown reached zero, a huge blinding flash erupted above the jungle, followed by another, and another. Metal exploded outwards as a thunderous detonation like a supernova slammed into its huge bulk. Four huge shock waves tore the air around the mothership apart, tearing into it with a sound like a ravaging tornado.
As the light cleared, Leo spotted one of the landing runways snapping off and crashing to the ground, flattening part of the jungle. The mothership wobbled in the air for a moment, flames covering every metal panel on its massive body. Moments later, the hulk of metal tilted forwards suddenly, slamming into the water beside the oasis with a massive splash. Another explosion erupted seconds later, one of the engines detonating with a humongous bang, sending shards of metal flying in every direction.
Leo sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. It was finally over.


Leo flew the gear to a long, winding beach by the ocean at Reynard, landing it against the sand close to the edge of the water. Clambering out, he hopped down softly and stared outwards at the calm, soft water. The setting sun cast a long, dark purple glow over the surface, reflections of tiny shining stars beginning to show against the glassy liquid.
Lowering his eyes, he listened, hearing nothing but the soft sounds of his own breathing mixed with that of the rolling water in front of him as it lapped against the beach. His mind replayed everything again, reminding him he had lost so much: His parents, his best friend, Lawrence, and soon, he would lose his gear Flare too.
Taking a deep, steadying breath, he turned his gaze out upon the ocean as thoughts and feelings raced through him faster than he could make any sense of them. Sadness, anger, desperation, frustration all coursed together in his veins, one after the other. He was so overwhelmed he failed to notice the footsteps approaching him.
“Its difficult I know. But he did what anyone would have done for a friend.”
The voice interrupted him, making him look up. The the tall figure of Herne Santorani stood nearby with her arms crossed, gazing out to the ocean with her remaining eye, still dressed in her official uniform.
Leo staggered, completely taken aback by her presence and he went numb with shock
“At ease” She continued “I may be in uniform but that doesn't mean you have to be official.”
“S-sorry” He managed and stood upright stiffly “I was just...”
“Thinking, about the loss, the pain. Wondering if its all worth it.” She finished for him “back when I used to fly, I used to think about those things too, whenever we lost someone close. That's why after every major battle, I came here, to stare at the ocean and remind myself about what I was fighting for.”
“Yes...” Leo agreed, listening carefully
“In the end I decided what I needed to ease my pain was something to remember them all by, all those people who had been lost in my life who meant something. So I started bringing flowers and laying them on the water and watching them go out to sea.” her arms folded tighter “And that's why I'm here now, since as leader of Arlington, every pilot I lose is someone who means something to me.”
“I... I understand” He responded, sighing gently
“Did we -” he wondered about the mothership and BCU High command
“We dealt the damage we were aiming to deal, yes. BCU won't be troubling us for a while” She turned away from the beach “I should get back, I have paperwork that won't do itself.”
“Thank you...” He replied, but when he looked up, he found she was already gone.
Leo stayed at the ocean edge for an hour before flying back to the deserted hanger and returning to his apartment. As soon as dawn broke the next day, he got up and went down to the shops in town, buying four flowers from a stall before borrowing a spare gear from Stan and flying back to the beach.
Once he landed, he took the flowers out and held them in his hands. Two of them had purple petals with a white centre; one had red petals and a deep yellow centre; whilst the last one was completely blue. Gently, he knelt down at the water edge and placed the flowers together onto the edge of the crystal blue water before standing up and watching them.
Gradually, with soft serene ripples, the flowers floated away from the beach. The bright colours of the petals merged together as they flowed away, becoming more and more distant. Until finally, they were swallowed by the infinite sea around them.
“No matter what happens, I will never forget any of you.” He promised to the ocean, before turning to clamber back into his gear.
Behind him, for a few moments, the waters edge at the beach took the shape of a proud, roaring bear. Fierce, jet black eyes glistened as they watched Leo's gear fly away until it became nothing but a distant speck against the golden horizon.

Some Notes
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This was probably one of the more painful writing experiences i've had. i initially finished it at 16,000 words then had to cut down what i had without destroying the story. Then i had to make sure what i had left actually fitted together into a story.

I hope you all enjoy it either way


June 1st, 2013, 04:12 PM
The contest is now closed. Great work everyone! We will be announcing the winners as soon as all of the Moderators and CMs have made their final choices.

Good luck!

Closing thread, a new one will be opened to announce winners!