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July 23rd, 2013, 05:55 PM
So, what are headphones? Like, really, what are they? What do they do? You know, etc..

First and foremost, it let's you listen to things. Mostly music, I suppose. And you rated series of infomercials and the occasional anime. Duh. Sometimes, you can even speak into it! Gee, ain't that awesome...


With having headphones, especially in ghost, wow.. just wow. You can hear them breathing down your necks, hear them cough like a radio and run like the wild, wild west. All jokes aside, yes, you can do all that.. if you know the correct settings to set your Sound Settings too. Ultimately, the first and second bars should be down to zero. I don't know about you guys, no offense Suba, but that music is annoying to the capitol T. Really.

So, loading.............

First and second bars down to zero. Third bar? Well, if you're like me and don't much like talking on the mic - unless you really, really have to convey your message across - set that particular bar to 25% or something to your hearts desire.

The last bar? Oh, god, stressing.. You, of course, leave it at 100%. Well, unless, you want no sound at all. This aspect will have you dying a lot, I mean it. This is where the magic happens. With this one little small bar of wonders, the game is - er, haha - mostly in your favor.

Now that SOUND BARS has been explained and established.. let's move on to the mic itself. Please, when you play MAT and you're in BOMB or the human side of GHOST, don't play music. I repeat, DON'T PLAY MUSIC! And don't do anything that requires your ears to be elsewhere besides the immediate game you are playing. Really. Headphones are the shiizzle. Eh, even in TEAM MODE, it's the shizzz.

(I sometimes wonder.. if you know this logic, why is it that you still call ppl hackers when you're on the GHOST side of all things? Huh, weird.)

Volume-wise? Hmm.. it's up to you. I usually turn my computer volume to 75% and just up and/or down my headphone volume according to the game I'm playing. So, when I play human in GHOST, I set my volume to the maximum. I want to hear, you know. But, CAUTION, this may cause hearing problems. You've been warned, I have no regards to pay for your hearing aids.

Anyway! Human on GHOST, I set it high enough to hear the breathing of the ghost themselves. Like when they're breathing (Press ALT ppl!), or when they're running (Again.. press SHIFT! SHIFT I tell ya, SHIFT!), or when they're spamming their melees. Oh yah, like you're not gonna hear them try to hit you with that dangerous weapon of theirs..

BOMB? It's the same thing.. you can hear them run everywhere if you actually listened instead of talk and blast them music notes around like boogers. Geez. And TEAM MODE is the same thing. Unless, they're smart and they walk. Muahwahahhaha. Then you either die by fire or live by firing.

...And my rant is done, I think. Best of luck to you all! Have fun! Live happily! And remember the most important thing of all, THIS IS A GAME! Gg.

IGN; Miio, AngryAppIe, AngryTomato, StickFigure, AlienZucchini.

And you wonder why, lol.

August 13th, 2013, 05:37 PM
Agreed, NO music. The main reason I always turn off music-it is an immersion spoiler.

Aside from that, headphones intensify the gaming experience because it sounds real!


October 7th, 2013, 05:43 PM
And intensify, it does! Lol.