View Full Version : Ava and force use

January 7th, 2010, 05:31 AM
well,i got soem mirage forces,and a lvl 71 archer...and im steadily upping ava after getting my perfo to lvl 10....

im kind of curious,6 arrow ava at lvl 10,as i recall the force dmg boost is per shot,so does that mean that a mirage force would be used 6 times in one ava casting?

also,my spi at 51 only gives me max mana of 171...which is rather pathetic for perfo lvl 10as it makes just 3 shots before pot....id like atleast 20 shots before pot....so what do i need to up spi too?

January 7th, 2010, 08:56 PM
Dunno how to answer your first question. As long as you use force it increases attack power. That's it!

I only get 6 shots of Perforation lvl10 and my MP is 369. I suggest you invest on some rings and amulets in your current level to increase MP.

If you prefer quantity shots of Peforation then just allot 1 skill point. :P

January 8th, 2010, 05:44 AM
wow nice,a 600 dmg point boost in one lvl 10 ava casting...not to mention the percentage attack up

January 10th, 2010, 12:54 AM
Ava applies the 42% boost on whatever your tooltip damage says.

January 10th, 2010, 02:22 PM
naw,i emant,the speed boost is what i talk of...lvl 10 ava fires alot of shots in time similar to 2 shots regular attack...and with mirage force 100 attack point boost,that means i get a much higher amount of dmg in a shorter amount of time....