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October 6th, 2013, 05:46 PM

**Scarlet is a fresh new guild!! Our guild website everything is new >.< So if you're looking for a new community where everyone is new.. You are more than welcome to join us... We will start with Lucent Heart and Aura Kingdom but will eventually get more members and more member on our website where we are always a guild and will play other games together and keep growing!! knowing each other... build trust...become gaming friends... play together... and have a great experience!!*

About Scarlet
Scarlet is all about working together and have a great community, do stuff together, getting stronger together... group up for dgn,pvp, and at least an hour a day of social meeting!!
Earn our pride true hard work and reputation together...
Have fun... enjoy the game with each other...

Pve: We will do dungeon with guildies and everything that's involved with pve*to get gear and weapon or some kind of points to craft op gear etc etc*
PvP: If there's ever a big scale battlefield for pvp we will definitely take part in them with orginized group and plan for special mission*this will be discussed with guildies how we plan things* and if possibel form party to enter arena pvp if there's ever an option like that >.<
You won't be forced to do any of them... you can volunteer to join groups if not, then that's okay to >.<
You can play as you like just follow the guild rule and feel comfortable while playing

Guild ranks
1. Guild master = Zefhar
2. Vice leader =
3. Officers =
4. Members =
How to get promoted: be very social and helpfull and willing to help the guild!! more info about promotion will be out when we know more about the game rank system!
We will name the ing ranks with a poll when we have enought poeple on our site!
When there's more info about the ranks we will add all the ranks, if there can be more rank ing!

Be active... you can be a casual player or hardcore... we accept any kind of poeple here from all over the world! *note* if you go offline for more than 2 weeks you will be disbanded.. For the rest just follow the rules and have fun with everyone >.<

1. Respect : have respect for every guild members and non guild members. Don't trash talk to anyone in the game, this is to prevent hatred towards our guild and in guild argument which it not healthy!! it's for keeping the guild with a clean chat and thus keeping it fun for everyone :3

2. Active : If you're not going to play anymore you will be disbanded. If you didn't log in for two or more weeks you will be disbanded. If you won't be able to log in for a week or two msg me in game or on our site, if you didn't msg me you will be disbanded! This is to keep the guild active with many poeple onl!!

3. Spam : In guild chat, please don't spam the same things over and over, it can become annoying for others! and start an argument and fighting which is not good!

4. Overal : We want to be a big/respectful guild on the server which its members love being with ^_^

If everyone can follow these rule we will have a wonderful environment!

How to join
Sign up on guild launch and apply here :
Scarlet - Alpha - Aura Kingdom - Guild Hosting - Guild Launch (http://scarlet.guildlaunch.com/)
To be an official member please join our site.

The site is our official site, there we will post events and all the guild content.

Total members at the moment = 47

Join our site.. there we will manage our guild together were our members can make decision for future guild content and not just the leaders decide but everyone in the guild can influence how we will play!!

October 6th, 2013, 06:12 PM
its quite nice thread, but at least in my opinion, i dont think you should put how to get promoted or, requirement in a guild recruit page...idk i think it just trows people off a bit.

and now a question, do you guys pay for the site?

October 6th, 2013, 06:25 PM
true i should take it out XD the requirement is oky tho >.> and pay for guildlaunch ?? if thats what you mean then no :3 why do you ask :3 ?

October 6th, 2013, 07:10 PM
ooh subagames.com is so hard to work with XD i dont know how to edit this post nor how to add a profile picture >.>

December 3rd, 2013, 09:00 AM
I would like to join when the beta starts, mostly because I like the name Scarlet, hahaha.