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December 8th, 2013, 06:30 PM
I translated these descriptions from the JP wiki of all the zodiacs and their attributes for those who want to choose a different zodiac than their actual one for whatever class they're playing. Please note that I'm doing a direct translation of the skills so they may simply be romanized or a different English translation than what beanfun used.

Type: Attack
A zodiac that learns many battle skills that are high risk, high return.
Especially, when both the level 10 skill Burijiento, and the level 45 skill Baabario have both been acquired, there is a great difference in in-battle HP and MP regeneration rate.
For classes that do not consume a lot of MP, there are times when they never run out of MP.
However, to compensate, HP and MP regeneration rate out of battle is considerably slow.
Skills like the level 15 skill Destruct and level 50 skills give very high attack power, but is highly risky in terms of defense.
Overall this zodiac is more for attacker classes.

Type: Regeneration
Excelling in regeneration and stamina, this zodiac is distinguished in stability.
As a result of not having much in the way of attack power, their table turning fire power even after using their native zodiac skills or awakening their zodiac isn't effective.
With what little attack power they have not being necessary, they are able to help with regeneration and reducing hate with their level 15 skill Inventor, making them very suitable with the priest classes.
Also, with their zodiac armor on their HP is high, they are able to take up 2000 damage with their Taurus Power as well as increase their defense.
With their level 20 skill Templator they are able to accumulate positive points more easily than other zodiacs so they are able to use their Happiness and Anger skills more frequently than other zodiacs.

Type: Special
While they don't have any skills that stick out, they also don't have any demerits.
With their level 45 skill Klex Built they can increase their attack/casting speed by 12% which helps greatly with any class.
Their level 35 skill Sonic Boost is like the magicians' Teleport so it is difficult to use.
Their level 15 Move Veil increases movement speed when traveling so it is very useful.

Type: Defense
They boast of high HP and defense, and is the highest in defense classes alongside Libra.
Although their attack power is a bit low while in their zodiac armor, they are blessed when it comes to defense, so rather than a quick decisive battle of strength, they are more suited a drawn out battle while being the main focus.
With their level 35 skill Self Protect, while in zodiac armor they can nullify all critical hits, so they excel against enemies who deal critical physical damage.

Type: Attack + Defense
Their high attack power and their ability to deal critical damage while in zodiac armor is very high, making them the top of the zodiacs next to Aries.
They can reinforce their defense with their level 15 skill Show Person, so that makes them suited not just for classes that are in the rear guard but also in the front lines.
However, they are weak against damage from passive skills which makes them not suited for enemies who deal heavy damage in one hit or drawn out battles where they have to sustain damage.
Their level 35 skill Lion Pride has a quirk, so it can be difficult to use.

Type: Attack
With skills like the level 15 skill Pessimist and the level 35 skill Photo Fine, this zodiac specializes in critical damage.
Photo Fine puts a debuff on the enemy, so everyone in the party benefits.
Their level 45 skill Gentile greatly raises their stats and their balance is good.
Their weaknesses are their HP in zodiac armor being lower than the other zodiacs, and their fire magic abilities being unaffected by the raised critical chance from their Pessimist skill.
Overall you can expect to one-shot with this zodiac which is suited for attacker classes.

Type: Defense
They specialize in receiving attacks like they are nothing, and they are at the top with Cancer in the defense classes.
Although they lack in attack power, they excel in defense and reducing critical damage so they are best suited as a tank.
With their level 15 skill Nonburejirento, they can raise physical and even fire and wind magic attack power, and with their level 35 skill Sui Space they can temporarily prevent the enemy and themselves from attack which gives the party an opportunity to attack.

Type: Attack
Their attack power and ability to deal critical damage in zodiac armor is very high, so this zodiac is one that is suited for a attack class that deals heavy critical damage.
Their level 15 skill Pains highly raises their critical damage.
Their level 50 skill Fever also raises critical damage, but the weakness of this is the lowering of their accuracy.
However, there are choices to compensate for the lower accuracy and critical rate so there are few weaknesses with this zodiac.
Their level 35 skill Motor Assault lets them deal great damage to all higher ranking enemies that are not a boss.

Type: Attack
This zodiac does nothing but go after the enemy. Their increased critical damage is lower compared to the other zodiacs, but with their level 15 skill Playfulness they can max their casting/attack speed, and they can set the scene with a battle against a higher ranking enemy with their level 35 skill Blow Power which ensures a critical hit.
With their level 45 zodiac skills they can deal great damage making their weaknesses few in comparison, which makes them a more balanced attacker zodiac.

Type: Attack
This zodiac is skilled at raising their own regeneration rates and fire power.
They aren't as flashy compared to the other attack type zodiacs, but with their level 35 skill Demankonpuritezaa their critical damage is raised 100% just by initiating their zodiac armor.
As such, like the other zodiacs and their zodiac skills, their skill activation/duration/cooldown/etc are not affected, and until their zodiac armor disappears it is possible for them to do nothing but strong attacks.
Also their level 50 skill Construct, like Aries and Leo, raises their critical damage to the highest at +60%.
Their level 15 skill Complete Recovery is independent of the delay of items like potions and nectar so they do things like save resources by using them sparingly or save them for emergencies only.
Their weakness is that they won't be able to naturally regenerate HP and MP, but they can work around it by getting their HP to 33% and raising their negative points.

Type: Special
There is nothing that stands out or is unique about them, but this zodiac sits right in the middle when it comes to abilities.
With their level 20 skill Outlaw, they can quickly raise their positive points while attacking more quickly than other zodiacs.

Their zodiac armor skills have a quirk so many are difficult to use.
They can only use it on themselves, but their level 15 skill Untouchable completely gets rid of any slowing debuffs.

Type: Evasion
Unlike zodiacs like Libra and Cancer, rather than increased defense and reducing damage, they have increased evasion therefore reducing how much they get attacked.
They learn the Evasion skill at level 45, which, when used together with the level 15 skill Pacifism and the Fear skill, can surpass 100% evasion of threats.
Also, they can reduce hate with the Calculate skill, which makes them very suitable for a priest class.
The level 35 skill Escapism is another self-defense mechanism against strong attacks. The cooldown is look for this effect, so they can plan accordingly so that they can use it in battle.
Also, along with helpful items and their abilities they can turn tiny.
They become small and can run around wherever they want.

December 8th, 2013, 06:40 PM
@Anyone reading this thread: It's a good idea to take into consideration the Astrolabe stats/abilities when picking your Zodiac as well. Astrolabe unlocks at level 10 through a quest, and allows you select a series of passive & active abilities depending on 1. your sign, and 2. your choice of 1-3 options. There's a tier level of Astrolabe every 5 levels from 10-80 (though the level 80 one will most likely not make CBT/OBT).

Screenshots of the Suba English version text for some of them here: https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=60453&p=620028#post620028

And Kiaze posted the other 6 here: http://www.regalisguild.com/forum/m/16923849/viewthread/9051362-zodiac-astrolabe-guide