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December 13th, 2013, 05:51 PM
Lucent Heart - Steam Greenlight Project


As tradition would have it, Lucent Heart has joined the ranks of our other games vying for a spot on the top 100 Steam Greenlight Project. The page is now live for everyone to drop by and drop a vote for Lucent Heart! Suba Games' Ace Online has already made it to the Top 100 list reaching as high as position 84! This is more then achievable with the Lucent Heart community that we have created through our Facebook fan page and here on the forums!

So all of us together, let's vote for Lucent Heart and get on that top 100! If we can manage to break Lucent Heart in the top 100 and have Valve Greenlight our game then it would open the doors to something so amazing. Our player base would skyrocket as the over 10 million Steam users would now have access to Lucent Heart! Cities would become even more lively and we could have more channels for players! So cmon! Let's get VOTING!

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