View Full Version : Getting Stuck

December 20th, 2013, 03:40 PM
Anyone else getting permanently stuck once they enter whispering grave?

Rode to whispering grave from gold port
got stuck high up in the air when i entered the map for whispering grave
tried to relog; still stuck a few inches above ground
tried to channel switch; stuck up to my knees below ground
tried to restart game; still stuck
tried to enter with other character and then switch back to Yume; still stuck
tried to toggle full screen; still stuck


I get stuck every single time I enter whispering grave. That's 4x tried. Once on 12/15 and 3x 12/20.
Already sent a support ticket on both occasions. Nothing's done by the GMs yet. I got myself unstuck every time by using Room Invasion to die and respawn in my saved location (and I dread the day I get stuck and CANT use Room Invasion -there's a limit to it). I can't do dailies or quests this way tho so it's definitely highly annoying for me.

The only other way i know of getting unstuck is by teleporting. Alas at all instances i didn't have teleport scrolls :|