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December 27th, 2013, 11:31 AM

Hello Everyone! I'm TMtrue the Guild Master of Requiem. Requiem is a small group with the intent of having fun and helping others whenever possible. Mainly it's just a bunch of us hanging out! If you want a fun, laid back experience, please feel free to apply!


1. Be kind to one another! I don't want any feuds inside the guild, with any other guilds, or any other players!
2. Careful with your language. Sometimes, kids play games. Sometimes parents play games and their kids watch. Please be mindful to others.
3. Follow the rules of the game! I don't want any of my guild members to get caught hacking the in-game store and giving yourself everything there for free.
4. Contribute to the guild whenever possible. This means any crafting materials you wont use, any extra gold, or simply doing guild quests.
5. If someone in the guild needs help, try to help them out. Try to help out your fellow guild members. You never know when you'll need the favor returned!


Guild Master: TMtrue