View Full Version : runtime error for lucent heart opening the client

February 22nd, 2014, 07:05 AM
i open the client it says zodiac login aplication has stop working. if i click the lucent heart on my desktop when it opens then when i open it through folder it tell me to open lucent heart patch then same thing happen i keep getting the zidiac login application has stop working. ussualy this comes out a bit then if i keep clicking the aplication it works suddenly but sometimes it takes hell long that if i spam it it keeps giving me the error

February 22nd, 2014, 03:13 PM
You may want to ensure you run the game in Administrator mode. I had to do that the first time.
I use Windows 7 for my OS and had to right click the game, then select Run as Administrator to get the patch successfully.

I realize this comes a couple days late so I hope you haven't given up hope yet. In addition to Administrator mode, what can
you tell me about your internet connection? If you run through too many Firewalls or perhaps you have a strange network
topography you can encounter various errors from that including the issue you stated.

Basically, if you can answer the following:

Anti-Virus: Do you run anything special for Anti-Virus on the computer? Norton and McAfee are known troublemakers.
Operating System: What is the Operating System for your computer?
VPN/Special Connection Setup: Do you have to do anything special to reach the servers?
Multiple Harddrives: Do you have more than one Harddrive for the computer?

Answering those will give me a clearer understanding of your setup and I can probably provide a more accurate solution to
the issue if it still persists.