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February 28th, 2014, 02:06 AM
We're a group of old and new friends who want to expand a little on our roster to help get a more steadily advancing instance group. So far we haven't had enough people in the guild to really get any reliable Instance advancement, only 6-8 different players in the whole guild. So we're looking for 2-8 new players to join us in advancing in ward. We would like...

Main Tank(our current: Is a SG w/ 2h sword, The guy seriously should be DPS'ing)

Main healer
~~Maybe a secondary healer just in case, and

Physical DPS ranged or close combat.

We have enough mages at the moment, but check back later.

If you are interested feel free to whisper either Alvell or Starkist (I may be afk at the time you whisper me, give me a chance to get back to you i check messages regularly). Preferred levels are from 50-55, but if you're close we might be able to work with you. We Currently do instances on weekends (PST-Time/ West coast). If we get more player we may do instance more frequently. So please If you have the time, and are looking for a smaller guild, come talk to me. We'll get you in and work with one another to get this guild to where we want it. Farming instances and getting those nice looking sets.

+'s Knowledge of Instances(<we have some understanding, but having a veteran would be nice)
+'s Potions or Alchemy Professions. Having another crafter would help decrease my work load.
+'s Have 1-4 pets actually suited for what your role is.

-Side not to Old LH players who may think of joining do to past experiences with old Royal. We actually aren't the original, we inherited the guild from the old GM(or old member) When he suddenly vanished. This is NOT the original Royal by any means. Sorry, and good luck.

February 28th, 2014, 10:28 AM
Just to clarify, there was a guild named "ROYAL" that existed during closed beta (from what I understand), but a different one was created during open beta in which Clufus and I (the current guild masters) were a part of until the leadership switched hands after the original master left. She never came back and the guild fell apart, so the two of us decided to revive it and make it our own. The revival started with a few close friends (most of whom know each other IRL), but things have worked out better than we expected and we are now open to new members. =)

March 6th, 2014, 04:54 PM
I can confirm this guild is the bees knees.

Main Tank(our current: Is a SG w/ 2h sword, The guy seriously should be DPS'ing)

I challenge any tank out there to hold aggro against me!

Edit: Most of us have serious raiding experience dating as far back as Ragnarok Online, up to about 6 years of WoW raiding. If we set our minds to something, it gets done.

Yes, a tank would be nice. But with my damage output, I usually end up tanking the kill-target and moving down the line. A tank who could keep aggro from me would be amazing, but not necessary.

March 8th, 2014, 04:51 AM
I was planning on making pure healer but its gonna be low level doh