View Full Version : Hi this is for people who are intrested into hearing my customs

March 14th, 2014, 09:34 PM
Yeah hello eveyrone I am here to talk about custom dances or songs i have done i will post a site so you could hear about them and give you the name to where you have to name them and to where drop them off okay so ill discuss here is the site
mp3skull.com - Free Mp3 Download (http://mp3skull.com/) that is where i get my custom music now here is a list of songs and the way you have to type them as alright here i go

1) eco mp3 now that is how you name it right there okay the singer to this song is um Jason Walker

2) Taylor swift Last Christmas that is how i named it so you do the same if you want to hear it

3)Fairy Tale College 11 do the same thing as i said

4) Come back to me mp3 the Lylas okay that is another you do thats the singer the orgianl way to find the song is Come back to me by the Lylas alright

5) the afters lift me up you type it like that after you download it song name: lift me up singer: the afters

6)Thousand years is another custom i did name it like that singer is um Christina Perri

7) GANGNAM MP3 PSY is how i did that one when i saved it now the singer is PSY and the song is GANGNAM STYLE got it.

alright now that i finally told you about the customs of mine you look on skull mp3 or you can download them anyway you like but make sure you follow how i named them which is next to the numbers next thing you do on how to put them is you save as to your desktop um go to your um compaq c then Program files (x86) find suba games folder click that then lucent heart after that click data then music folder and click dance music and your able to drag any of my custom songs choices into that once you download them and name them my way alright so there you go just study and do it and my in game name is AngelWolf just whipser me or um look around for me in therall thank you :3 hope you enjoy this awesome nice detail and if you want to do your own custom songs as well you can do the same thing :3 thank you very much i am super helpful got any questions send me a message thank you

March 16th, 2014, 02:34 AM
sounds legit will take a look at them,also im aware of that O:, try something a bit more advanced C: