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March 15th, 2014, 06:49 AM
Dear Gm,with the current rates it will take a while to get to cap lvl(like several moths to get gear,lvl start doing dungeons and stuff) so we won`t be able to test the whole game and find bugs and any other things you might be interested,so this being said I would like to suggest a rate increase and/or a better CBT gift pack(you will delete the chars so let us get wild),what I think is the more important to get now:

-def clothes,some ck/dmg WB, hats, shoes,relicts,decos(basicly some gear to help us survive in the game)
-BE and maybe scrolls to start checking the raf system
-if no new rates are implemented then some xp/drop cards
These are basic stuff...nothing not too crazy if u think that the beta will last max a month and we need to lvl to CS10 and start checking everything out.
Sorry if I had any grammatical errors,English is my second language.
Also feel free to add or remove stuff,maybe some stuff i forgot about.

March 18th, 2014, 05:44 AM
whats the maximum level for 9 dragons ? i made lvl 41 in 6 hours casual play here

March 18th, 2014, 07:01 AM
At the moment, the level cap is 130/CS10.

March 18th, 2014, 09:07 AM
whats the maximum level for 9 dragons ? i made lvl 41 in 6 hours casual play here

RC6 is a really low level so you will grind that within a couple of hours. The curve drops and leveling will just get harder and more tedious. There are no real quest incentives apart from RTD, dailies and some RTE. The quests generally give bad experience and grinding is faster which is really the only choice you have. Some of the party quests are worth doing because they give you some good rewards and exp at RC and SM.

You can easily build a 300 def set, get to RL4 and get enough golden thread low (you'll find loads as you level) and complete the collection collection- Man Dae. You will need 10 golden thread (low) to make the required two golden thread (mid). When you get your set from Hefei, buy the sleeping dragon and crouching dragon from the general store twice each and refine your set to +2 refining both top and bottom twice will cost you no more than 20k and will give you 180 extra defence.

Flowstones are fairly easy to come by and collecting enough will get you new weapons from the trader up by COF and VOH - each weapon has a bit more damage and a crit boost.

You should all have your cavity press buff active from the hermit - the +25 attributes and damage increase will really help. Loads of new players don't know about it until they are told how to get it.

At OC somewhere in Zhengzhou you have a deco for four days as a reward in Baoyang village and at RL4 you can get a four day Lumi deco from the a&d npc in Hefei with +30 on attributes and 1k crit for four days.

Now that players are hitting SM there will be a fair amount of masters needing disciples and the m&d buff gives a nice bit of extra damage which levels up and increases. You can also ask your masters to help you get disciple gear with points which the disciple earns through playing and questing. The gear is decent and worth asking about.

In Bamboo Village, you can do the quests in that area for the experience boost cards (3x100% 30 minutes each) which are fairly easy to complete.

There are more rewards out there to help you level, if you don't ask, you don't know.