View Full Version : Some bugs and some change that may need

March 17th, 2014, 05:25 PM
Name: Aya
Level: RC 8[Lv.44]
I want to say something about what i`ve seen on this Sacred Flower Holist:
first of all 50% of it its nice but the other 50% is lame,i`l explain that bellow.
Name of skills that need to be reworked or to say the exp rate its lame too low for a lvl 1 skill
now to start with the first skill that need to be reworked:
Freezing Art of a Hundred Flowers-it is instant but because of missing bug and monster lvl it grows way too hard for lvl 1/10 skill,
Summoning Spirits of Ice Ghosts-because its instant it grows with 0.05% per using and this is on 1/10...how do you expect to lvl it up from 2/10 or 5/10 it will be imposible,
Heavenly Spirits of Lost Souls-this is like a core skill of Holist Sacred Flower and it grows a little lower than it should i think it need up a bit...not too much but a little more,
Mistress Art of Healing-this 34hp per 3 secconds for 15s its lame for a lvl 44 character and it grows so slow i think its useless skill for a high lvl player,
Summoning Spirits of Fire Ghost-it grows hard for a 1 or 2 all stats on first lvl and 3 all stats for 2nd lvl skill,it need a little more exp faster.

In general skills are meant to grow fast firs 3-4 lvls and after that to grow harder and harder,or to say first lvl to be fastest,2nd level to be faster,and 3rd lvl to be normal and so on,in decrease stage of exp rate.
Heroic Episodes of White clan dont work and on Black Clan i didn`t tryed to see if those works,the deffence against physical attack monsters dont apply at all,i have like 1k Def and i was hited hard by Giants and Blind Monks or what was they`r name.
Idk about the other clans bugs or issues.
If i`l find other things strange or some bugs i`l send feedback on forum again.
Thank You all!
Don`t forget this is only my opinion and it should be taken easely.And sorry for my bad English.