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March 20th, 2014, 07:40 PM
Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is 7SkyCloud in the old back days of 9Dragon in Asura server. The founder of The Shadow of Valiance and current new Clan community called DemiGodz. I played 9Dragons for three years and one of my blue dragon character has GL and the other nuker to EC 7. The community that I am building is not just all same players from one place but the world with vast players who mission is to hold and bound to be faithful to its community. I am looking for active, brave, courage, and integrity players who is beyond just a game but a place to hang out and laugh together. We also have couple vice leader positions open.

1. What can a clan community benefit you?
More players to interact and able to use voice server. Also we will create a channel for those who play the game and select someone in that game to represent us. It can be you or some of your friends who are active and well knowledge being a leader.

2. What is the cost to join?
Cost you nothing to join and we only ask donation to help keep the site and voice server running.
If everyone chips in then I would say not much at all to donate because I am already putting at least half towards our voice server and site running.

3. Why and what reason to join a clan community?
It will last for years to come or even decades so it will just keep building up from other players you run into to become a member. The more players you have in the community the much better because it can defines that every game we have the strength, organization and knowledge to win every battle and territories.

These are some of an example that will benefits everyone, so I hope that this will help explain why clan community is important.

As for myself I am not fluent in English so please excused my grammars and errors.

Last, DemiGodz community is located in North America.

To visit or email us please click the site below to get to our maim community.
We do have a chatroom and also setting up voice server very soon.

I hope to meet everyone or at least stop by to say hi and post your comments.

DemiGodz - Blue Dragon - Age of Wushu - Guild Hosting - Guild Launch (http://www.demigodz.guildlaunch.com)



March 21st, 2014, 12:07 AM
Hi you're in the wrong section please leave and watch where you post next time thanks~