View Full Version : Client freezing = need to reboot computer

March 30th, 2014, 05:15 PM
This kind of problems already occured with the previous hoster.

Sometimes, if you are doing actions too fast the client is freezing (last time at 18h36 CET today). At this point if you don't stop and make another action (for example moving camera or hitting a key because you are in a fight), your computer become definitively frozen and you need to make a hard reboot.
This can happen when a new player come insight or when there's too many ( 3?) monsters hitting you.

In the same way, I can see frequently monsters walking like 1 or 2 seconds more after being killed. And more generally I'm getting little lags frequently when doing actions (but less now than on the previous host).

This happened to me on 2 differents computers. Both are enough powerfull to run this game.

My ISP bandwith is as following :
Ping : 22 ms
down : 16.65Mbps
up : 0.88Mbps

I don't think being the only one in this case (I hope so...).

April 2nd, 2014, 03:08 AM
Another "nice" lag behavior (already got it with previous hoster):

Everytime my HP is under 5% (or whenever i'm almost dead), client freeze temporarily preventing me to heal or take potions.
If i'm still in fighting, I die.