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April 7th, 2014, 10:38 PM
Hey Dragons,

I wanted to do a competition for everyone but I wanted to wait until the items wouldn't be deleted from cbt. I thought about some potential ideas for the competition and a few sprang to mind. One night I was watching this film, a woman stumbles across a website where you can enter for a chance to fly to a second earth. The woman enters the competition by writing a letter explaining what a flight to a second earth would mean to her and why she needs to go. The idea was beautiful and throughout the film, you saw a powerful meaning behind the letter, so that's where my idea came in.

For those who want to enter, reply below with as little or as long a reason what 9dragons means to you. You can make it as over-exaggerated, funny, sad, memorable - anything you like. It must be your own words and it has to be a minimum of 30 characters. There is no maximum.

The competition will close on the 8th May, 2014 and I will decide the winner. The winner will then be announced and in boxed. The decision time will be based on how many entries are made and how long each entry is. The winner should be announced within the week.

The winner will be able to choose items from the Item Mall up to a maximum of 30,000 SP. I will trade you the items as you decide what you want.

The reply must be your own work
A minimum of 30 characters
There is no maximum amount
There is no voting - I decide the winner
Try and keep some of the information truthful and respectful towards others

Good luck guys and have fun! I have added a small example for the competition to clarify things. It is cliche but it works. If this works well, I will be holding more competitions regularly so let's get those entries in!.:COOL:

I don't know how I got here or what drove me to waste my life away on drink and drugs. I found 9dragons and life was good. My education improved, I got into college and ended up completing a four year degree at university.

April 7th, 2014, 11:48 PM
i would enter but i know you dont like me so i wont waste my words :D
off-topic:you said you'll take me as disciple yesterday and you didnt

April 8th, 2014, 12:04 AM
i would enter but i know you dont like me so i wont waste my words :D
off-topic:you said you'll take me as disciple yesterday and you didnt

I have no problem with you, your opinion doesn't mean I don't like you. Also, sorry about the disciple request, I was using my cards last night so I didn't want to leave.

I can disciple you whenever you need it. I hold mo grudges so feel free to join the competition.

April 8th, 2014, 05:15 AM
I found 9dragons 6 years ago when i was trying to find a game where you can wear armour and weapons.I didnt knew on that time the meaning of mmorpg,I was just 15 years old :D.
Actually i grown up with 9d and its like an old friend who cheers me on bad days. Also here I learnt to speak english,even now my speaking skills are far for beeing perfect xD.
Made many friends during that time but most of them has left this game...RIP the old Bardo legends
Who knows for how long I will play this game since I want to make a trip around the world this summer but im trying to get the best moments on this game as long i'm playing it...
ps:i might be gone till next month but at least i wrote my story

April 8th, 2014, 07:44 AM
How I found 9Dragons? Well, when I was in 9th or 10th grade, at English class we had as homework to present our hobbies and theres this guy who gets up to talk about his hobbie that was 9Dragons.

The way he described it made me think for a whole week at this game untill I got home in the weekend to search for it. I googled 9Dragons and clicked on the first link which took me to the Acclaim site; downloaded the game in no time and when I open it I came across the choice of the 3 servers.

All had decent population load, but I kind of liked the name Bardo. I chose bardo, logged in and my first character name was URBANGROVE (weird) and I got to chosing in which clan map you wanna start. I`ve read all 6 of them stories and the most captivating was the one from The League of Beggars. I got ingame and I was stunned.

I started to move around, not knowing anything about it, I was reading every NPCs story UNTILL I meet 2 "NPCs" that were chatting. Two players were chatting and I didn`t knew how to open the chat box since I didn`t read the game guides. I finally found out how to grind, was a hard choice to decide on which stat to add my chi points and every quest I had, I read it verry carefully transcending myself into the story, like I was just reading a book.

Killing those mobs while leveling was amazing for me, I was fascinated how fun it can be and a quest took me to Hefei, THE place where I got lost. So many stands with goodies and I didn`t knew how they got it all that. I found a new quest, the one that reset your attributes, I`ve read the story she had and I thought she will give me EXTRA chi points to make me stronger. I did it once, I re-arranged my points, thinking I`m hella stronger and I did it again and the 3rd time I did it, I just realized I didn`t got any extra points but reseted the once I already had. I was dissapointed.

I wandered around Hefei and I found the way back to Beggar clan base. After some more grinding, I thought I should go back to Hefei, BUT this time I couldn`t find the way back =))). I was pissed of and I closed the game. All that happend in a 2 days span.

I went back to highschool Monday and I approached the new coleague asking him about this game which I found it interesting by his presentation. He was already an old player and he had a spare account which he gave me to play and he decided to teach me the game with his friends.

I got home in the weekend, I logged ingame again on the new account my coleague gave me, on Asura PK, a BoT Hybrid. He thought me how to grind and few other stuffs and I was on my own after that.

After a while I suddenly died, while I was dead sure I had 90%+ HP. Guess what? A nuker PKed me from behind. It was the nukers era. Second role was new addition to the game and server was crowded with nukers. After 2 months (just in weekends since I was gone in week time at school) I played that character, getting it to EC3 I decided that I`m good enough to start my own character, which was a nuker.

I was still verry noob and I still didn`t knew lots of stuffs, like how to build a nuker AND then I started the research. I`ve read every single guide that was on back in the day, but still wasn`t enough. Since I didn`t had alot of time to grind, I took a verry long time to reach RL7, when I made my verry first video of 9Dragons.

We had only 2 hours of 2x Saturday and Sunday which were starting at 2 AM for me and was incredible hard for me to attend, so I was mostly grinding on base xp rate. I finally made enough gold to buy a 400 defense set and a pair of 20% speed boots of which I was incredible proud, but I wasn`t yet FD12 so I took my time for some serious grind session and FINALLY made it to FD12. Man I felt like I was invincible.

Lots of funny stuffs which I can talk about since I started 9D, but would take me days to type it all down and hours to read it, but eventually I made it to where I am today. I`m not a top player, I don`t consider myself as one, most of the times when I launch harsh threats I`m just trolling and I like to PvP and grind alot event tho my time is limited. I`m verry unlucky when it comes to refinement and combining stuffs and I keep trying even thou I waste high amounts of ingame resources and IM items which I buy from other players.

PS: Don`t consider my post as competitive, I did it just cause I want it to, not for the prize, so desqualify me from beginning.

April 8th, 2014, 08:07 AM
dunno about you guys but the best moment for me was when i reached ec6 for the first time and got wt instant nuke....i wont forgot that day

April 8th, 2014, 09:09 AM
I was 7th grade when I started going to a local Internet Cafe I was mostly playing CS 1.6 back then...My brother had a friend who was playing 9Dragons and he started too.I didnt know this game until a friend of mine came to my home asking my brother which role to chose...I suddenly became interested, so I went to the Internet Cafe and made a 9Dragons account.Once I logged in I was fascinated!
I was playing everyday many hours, I remember asking my grandmother to give me some pocket money so I can go back to the internet cafe and play.We finally got an internet connection at home so I never missed any events happening!Even though every event was at 2-4 am at night I was logging every time.
I remember the day I made my first "big" money...I sold a black tortoise fan...for 400k.I didnt know the prices, I just saw the money and took it.The real price was 2kk...I yelled at my brother, "Dude!Look at my gold!!!!" He saw that I made 400k and he freaked out!He said "Let me log on my account to sell stuff to this guy!!!" I was so happy...it felt like I achieved something really important!
After making a ton of alts, I finally focused on one character.My Wutang Healer.A month or two before Acclaim shut down I was CS, I was so eager to get my AoE!When I finally got it I was using it all the time, feeling like some short of a badass!
I was away for a week and when I came back ready to grind like hell to get to GL, I opened the launcher and saw "We regret to inform you that all Acclaim games will no longer be in service effective August 26, 2010" I felt so sad...I couldnt believe that the first online game I played shut down.The same game that gave me awesome experiences and memories was over...

April 8th, 2014, 12:18 PM
Keep the stories coming guys. Everyone who enters will not be disqualified.

April 8th, 2014, 12:33 PM
Ok i will respond as well, this topic could be a really nice way to foster people sharing what you like about the game, first time and recollection. When i read the Nameless's post i wanted to do the same, just post for the sake of memory but Hey, i like to play and gamble so let's compete for fun anyway.

English is not my forte but i shall try my best to express myself and keep the text as true and simple as possible because words are not enough to picture feelings. Excuse me if sometimes i am not in the topic but you know, memories just spring up in my mind and this is not an easy overall process. So i will mostly talk about my fist time experience from Acclaim time. I can't help but just love the memories i had during that period.

To begin with, i practice martial art and love it (mainly learned South Shaolin Style) even if i wear glasses. Even now i have big legs because i have seen in Wuxia moviesguys jumping over the roof in order to escape. So i was impatient and added some weight (yeah exactly when you learn basic clan lightfoot, you character wear weight and in old/ancient time they added sand into it), but i was 14 years old and my body was still growing so it created a lot of muscle around my legs and now i'm stuck with those bulky big legs. Anyway, i still practice nowadays some Tai Chi Cheng style and fighting routines.

I used to play some good old pc games (especially strategy and action) then came the time of MMO. I know for sure that i stumbled across 9Dragons by sheer luck on the web and at that time i did not realize that it will influence my life. No, i'm not joking around and insist of the influence of 9D in my life and you will understand why right below. So i was in high school preparing a diploma called "Baccalauréat" in France with the option Literature. Thanks to this field i didn't have much homework and could play the game to its full extent.
My family education is strict and a computer was not allowed in my room, way before having a laptop i dismounted a desktop computer that i put in the table and playing late at night to avoid my parents surveillance. When i was done i would hide it behind the wardrobe before going to school. I won't say much about all the electronic devices destroyed, thrown away (RIP to my Game Boy and PsP) because it would distract me from studying.:mad:

So 9dragons was quite appealing in the Acclaim Website and after installing the game i simply logged in. As my first MMO and didn't knew what PVP or PVE meant in the server list. So to give a first try i have chosen Asura thinking that the low green bar was the best.... Then appear the character creation and i always thought : "This is a game and will play with a character for a long time so it had better be some"...Hot girl ohh yeah ! That's why all my characters are females. I like the grace, the feminine traits, the boobs. Graphics was ok and nice so i liked my new and fresh character. You could choose your clan base to spawn for the first time but i had no idea about the clans. If i remember well, only the name of the map appeared but no clan description was available (not sure) so i chose the map who looked the most colorful. Then i arrived in Hell. Yes literally i struggled to understand English i wondered around i didn't even know how to change map being stuck with basic quests.Then i got to Zhengzhou and met many people helping to keep grinding and choose a role. I picked warrior and had no knowledge about build so i had to meditate really often. I was fond of the modest (and that's what make this game so unique unlike the big flashy armor in WOW and ridiculous pets), ancient looking china environment so i wanted to stick to the game. The most bitter experience was the following: one guy i made angry because of misunderstanding told me to wait and see when we get to Jinan. Once there he killed me so easily and i was puzzled. I respawned in the clan base. I tried to come later on but he was still there so i made a new character.

Actually doing so i tried almost all clan and hated white side for that reason. Wu Tang nukers pking me, farmers during event driving me crazy and again i made each time a new character. Even though i know shaolin in real life the best (but the clan i know the less in-game), i couldn't help but pick a black side map because i just love Datong. The red brown desert was incredibly nice and this map is important to me because this is where i struggled the most but also enjoyed the most playing this game. Best time of my playing experience. Strange thing i heard about Bardo being overcrowded and experienced Asura being harsh, i wanted to try my best and stick to this server to see how far i could go. So here it is a BOT healer i have made for the nice axe animation (yeah i started to read guides and forum, when Fullneo did so) named "Pie Voleuse" refering to some stealing oriented character. When i arrived at Datong, players were fighting outside the city and asking Bk trade or simply duel. I loved to travel between towns to watch the various duel but what i liked the most was DRAMA.

Oh my gosh, that bear spot. There i was killed countless time but it was not the same bad feeling like the ugly looking grass at Jinan. I mean, players RL at my lvl actually tried to help me and we asked for help from higher level. While i was completely alone in white map, killed like some karma trash. If you are still following me, i said earlier that i respawned in clan base when i got killed for the first time in this game. Well that is because i didn't know about that something called Inn. It looked like some brother or hotel, who could have guessed it was to save your azz in a town and spawn there when you got killed ?!!!! Even now unless you read the forum or someone in game tell you, the option "Save Here" when you talk to the chick in front of the Inn doesn't mean anything. Not clear at all. :ehh:

Anyway i found out eventually and could completely enjoy the drama thing in Asura. What i didn't like was loosing XP from being hit by a mobs. Yes the last hit, instead of a player, the mobs kill you and it was really annoying since the XP was so low. I purposely stand aside and i was being pked by a chi kung user, knowing that i had no chance, and letting myself being killed but away from monster haha. I even made friends with Random Pkers but i wish i could remember their name. Some agreed to kill me after one hour because they would not get karma anyway but others was killing like a machine. Asking band mate (ghetto fabulous band) and people around to fight them was just so cool trying to chase and hunt them down, it was spartaaaa. There were even an anti-pk squad during XP event to patrol from time to time. About that, XP event happened around 3 AM from the morning Wednesday for example but i was so found of it that i kept playing and had to sleep in class the next day in the last row 'philosophy course" hiding behind other classmate in front row haha
Also who else remember Legend, the vagabond ??? I also made a vaga char (G1 time) and had really big hope to get new skill and we secretly hoped it was the unique way to get advanced clan like the Lighting Fist clan according to the RP description.

But like you guys i was so upset when Acclaim closed and i was only GB. Since then when Gamefirst published the game, things were not the same and people requesting character recovery for DB8 character naked then selling them for real money. Anyway, thanks to 9Dragon during GC EU with the French community things were really different and the GM was corrupted, spawning mobs and giving free dungeons run. It actually closed because of the low population and when the private server appeared it was worst (they hacked and broke through GC EU). But i met my roommate (who played Bardo and he was in the Shinobi, Pride league according to what he told me and has his own experience since all the guys were playing IRL) and i live with him since 1 and half year for my study. When GC EU closed, it was once again a big disappointment and i couldn't find any other better game. Age of Wulin EU that i played for three months is way too much time consuming, complicated and i got frustrated for Tai chi fist/do beating staff skill set, but that's another story hehe.
9dragons really did influence me when facing difficult situation because nothing was worse that Asura ( i used to scream and being pked but know i am completely calm, maibe too calm and relaxed IRL). Also it gaves me a lot of inspiration, a real part of my identity and what i am now (more open minded toward people from the world and accept friendship with strangers, build something together) and more love for Wuxia movies (I discovered Legend of the Condor and just love the plot).

Now my roommate and I, hope that subagame will handle this game since it means so much for me an the community. (Still waiting for the long dreamed advanced clan lol). Come on guys, share your story !! :awsum:

April 8th, 2014, 01:16 PM
Keep them coming lads and ladies!