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May 17th, 2014, 09:30 AM
♥Saki's Freebie Chibi Headshots♥

Okays I haven't been in the mood to draw in a long time do to RL things Bumming me out T//T but lately I've been Lazy drawing since I've just bored and it kills time.I've been hitting the Freebie Requests on Gaia Online for the Last few Days but I'm getting bored there so thought I'd hit a game.^^ I don't actually play Lucent Heart anymore I'm just here hoping the Suba picks up Domo </3 but I do like the Characters in the game soooooooooo-drum roll- Yeah some Freebies for chu Guyz now♥ (>^ w^)>


Lazy Doodles (https://forum.subagames.com/album.php?albumid=4346)

Old Doodles (http://greenminttea.deviantart.com/)


1.I'm only doing Lazy Doodle/The Headshots
(I'm sorry I have no heart to go all out anymore, with the things going on in my life </3 I just posted my Old DA[Which I quit read my last Journal update there if you don't believe me] just in case anyone was wondering what my old work looked like.)
2.I'm not doing couples.
(I know LH has to do with it a lot but I'm only doing headshots so yeah hard to do with couples.[Maybe later guyz♥])
3.Do not Pm me with offers to color/do full/Anime/or my old type of work Please and Thank Chuz.
(If you do your Pm's will be ignored or I'll send Rule One)
4.I'm only doing the 1st 4 people to post the right requirements.
(Sorry I'm not going to book myself tell I'm bored here so just 4 shots for now♥)
5.I'm not going to do the same hair style over and over again so once someone posts a character with that style that's it for it.
(Sorry I got bored with Gaia because I was only finding people that looked too similar to one another that wanted free art and with me only doing Lazy Doodle Headshots it was like I was just going to be doing the same character again so yeah if your character has the same hair as someone else that I put on the list your request will most likely be skipped)
6.I don't really wanna to armor so yeah...
(Either post your Screen Shot without your Armor type Hats or with a costume hat.[most likely will do some of them but just in case it's a no and you don't wanna be skipped and lose your spot post a SS without too])
7.I have the right to Skip any request without any expiations.
(If I skip you it's most likely because you did not fallow the Rules or post the request right,or other personal reasons....>.>[didn't wanna do your Character, I didn't like your SS, I know your a trouble maker so on]so please do not pm me or try to pick a fight on this forum over something silly ^^ you can look over your post and retry or just take a hit no offence guyz. ♥)
8.I will do other Anime type Mmo Characters from other games as long as you post the request right and I want too.♥ ^^
(I don't care really if your Screen Shot is not from LH it can be from AK,EE Domo or whatever as long as it's a Anime game)
9.Do not be pushy guyz.^^♥
(I'm not a speed drawer and I have a lot going on right now so yeah I will get them done when they are done♥)
10.Remember your Manners
(Say Please and Thank You it is free after all and it is greatly appreciated ^///^ ♥)

♥Request Guide Lines♥

I need....


(A good Screen Shot or the Character. ^ 0 ^♥)
.No Armor Hat/One SS with and one without
.A close up on the face as best as you can get I'm only doing Headshots after all,I don't need to see your pretty outfitz and the backgrounds ^^
.No fuzzy SS Please post clearer ones if your can
.Only Anime SS
.No Furrys
.No OC
.A few References would be appreciated.^///^♥

2.A color

(it can be...)
.Your favorite color
.Anything but White/Black
.The color you just like it to be
.If you want a content color to match something give me the palate number^^
.A brighter color I just prefer using mostly pastels lately of whatever color someone chooses so if you want a Bright Pink write Bright/Neon/Dark so I know what color your looking for as the main Line color
.You don't care just tell me to Random it.♥

3.Do you want your IGN on the Doodle

.If yes please post it ♥

4.Face Pose

.Happy,Sad Mad,whatevers you know the words ^^
.Winking, Wanting a kiss,Crying you get my point ♥
.If your lazy and don't know or wanna describe what your looking for you can post a Reference and just say similar to this
.If you don't care just Random it

5.Save your Lineart.

(I'm not saying I will ever feel like coloring it but you can ask me to save the doodle just in case,^^ I clean out my PC all the time so it will get trashed so do you want it saved?[Will put it on my Lineart USB])

♥Waiting List♥





May 17th, 2014, 10:57 AM
Never mind Someone delete this I'm going to try this on AK Forums since I can edit post there unlike here Sooooooooooooo if you have a Aeria account Try there in art froums <3^^