View Full Version : My Suggestion

May 19th, 2014, 08:42 PM
I'm not here to say open up new PvP server or give me hell of exp rate but little more than what we getting could been better so here i listed my suggestion........

1) Exp could have been little more if it possible or occur on weekend as event.

2) PvP server it's not gonna make any differences since not much player at the moment on suba.

3) Transport courier could been given more or implement some thing as player have to pay some money to instant transfer from NPC since once you are high level, it is tough to LF all the way from other maps to he-fei or base.

4) Karma and Disciple point also should tweak to little high rate since it is very hard to find a player which can PvP for a trade or finding disciple. I been yelling for a weeks but until today ain't got any disciple so you know what i mean by it.

Well the rest i am fine with & the pouch event is indeed a good move especially for newbie or for those doesn't use points to play who can get better weapon and stuff. I love this game and salute to any GM which who trying to make differences and help. Thanks.