View Full Version : Sudden Major FPS Drop / Lag

May 30th, 2014, 07:21 PM
Hello everyone. I'm having a problem with a major FPS drop that happened randomly a little over a week ago. I recently got a new Toshiba touchscreen laptop and it ran LH amazingly up until last week. What I'm really confused about it there weren't even any new patches or updates that I saw. This constant very low FPS is very annoying, and it makes the game very unpleasant to play due to the choppy display. I've already tried putting all the graphics settings on low, running a search for updates, and running a system test. Lowering the graphics did nothing to help the FPS and both tests came out saying everything was fine with no need to update or patch. I really hope someone can help out because I love LH, and I hate having my gameplay ruined by lag. :(

Also if someone could tell me how to view my FPS while in LH, that would probably help give more specifics. I currently am not sure how to do that. D:

Something that I noticed that may be important is that the lag happens as soon as I hit "Enter Game" from the launcher. The company logo screens that fade in and out are choppy and character selection is as well. I will also attempt to make a video of the lag and link it to this thread as soon as I can.

Has anyone else experienced this problem in the past week, and if so, has anyone been able to fix it?

System Stats
OS: Windows 8
CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz
DirectX 11
Sys Mem : 4104280 KB
Video : Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
Video memory : 1835008 KB