View Full Version : Provoke-effect Smashing moves do not work properly

June 6th, 2014, 12:01 AM
Date & Time bug occurred: 3:30am GMT
Description: What's the point of these moves if they do not work during their effects? It appears there's an arbitrary limit of 3 mobs per character and any that exceed that limit shift over to a nearby player, regardless of these effects.

I'm unfamiliar on how this might affect other clans, but Wu-Tang has this:

Smashing Sword of Rainbows - "...and greatly increase the hostility rate of the target Deviant Clan."
- Now, This is highly misleading. One, it's single-target, meaning it only affects your Smashing's target. Even then, one use of this move is not enough to hold the attention of the mob it's used on, as hinted by the move's effects, as a rather strong Chi Kung attack will make it change to said user instead of retaining aggro on the Warrior.

Smashing Sword of Flowers - "...and target attacks only you for 4 seconds."
- Bad grammar aside, when this hits, it causes an Imprinting status effect on the target, implying the Provoke effect. However, I've seen the enemy's targeting changing during the effect from one player to another.

Steps on how you can recreate this bug: Attempt these moves to keep monsters off someone near you with 4 or more of them around.

Other information: The hostility move has a 2 second cooldown while the Imprinting one is 20~25 seconds.