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June 29th, 2014, 02:37 PM
Hi guys, i'm a old Pt player, and now i'm coming back

I have some questions about the classes:

- Mage still weak at high lvls?
- Knight is weak compared to fighter,mech and pikeman?
- Mech is the strongest now because of the 5 tier buffs?

I wanted to play with a Knight or a Magician/Shaman, but mechanician appears to be the strongest because of his attack buffs , everyone says that magican is weak at high lvl because he has aoe damage, so he is MUCH weaker than a melee and good to kill bosses only, and shaman has a very good 1vs1 attack but doesen't has agony so i would need a lot of mana to play with him and Knight is weak and good to kill undeads only.

What shoud i do? i wanted to play with one of those classes, but everyone says that they are bad, so should i play with a pike/fs/mech?

Should i stick with the one that i like more or get the "best"?

June 29th, 2014, 09:24 PM
Well if I was going to start over I think I would just go for a new character. Assassin is sexy and with her dual swords she is awesome. And I will leave the rest to anyone else because everyone has their favorite character and sure you are going to get a range of Opinions with a question like: or get the best. Its none really its the player behind the character who makes that character awesome. Its who you would enjoy the most. If its a mech then I would certainly stick to what I would like to do. Like with me I started out morion with a mage. I disliked the mage so I went to melee. Pike is awesome with the new tier 5 skill amplified. For me it was Pike and assassin class. I like Pike because he is able to vanish in a mob and appear somewhere else to strike out a death blow from behind. I will never say pike is bad for anyone but its my taste and someone else might like being priestess. Whatever you decide my friend I would pick out a melee class if you want to succeed in going to high maps. I would pick a class I like and another one for my second class. One to level with and the other one to play when you are bored and don't care about leveling as much just to get away from leveling for a bit. Nothing wrong there but whatever you do try to level your main character more since he is the one you want to hunt for you. Good Luck and Welcome back to ept Pristontale. Home of the elite players of pt from around the world. We are the best Pristontale Ept.

June 29th, 2014, 09:52 PM
I do have a mage lvl 83 and i really like playing with it, im making a hybrid mech next month tho!
But its like megaman007 says, it all depends on what you like!!