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July 8th, 2014, 03:20 PM
I've decided to make this thread after making a thread about the upcoming item mall releases. The main point of this thread I want to say now, before I try to outline my points is this : Do a better job. The reason I'm just blatantly saying this is because I have very strong doubts that you'll even read up to this point, let alone this entire post. Why do I feel this way? Because our suggestions are never implemented in this game.

Let's start off with what started this entire thought process for me. The item mall releases are terrible, ill-advised, and quite frankly, stupid. Players have loudly expressed their desired items and such since the game launched. Sure, some of these items can be viewed as over-powered, but alot of it is fashion and harmless things. When Subagames finally decides to release something people want, Tarot Pets? How do they go about it? Terribly, of course. Subagames finally decides to get some feedback from players, asking which Tarot Pets they find the most useful, and the best. Why? Not to know which pets people want so that they release them, but to find out which ones they don't want, to release them in an order that would make them the most money.

How many threads in the 'Suggestions' forum have actually happened? The ones that CAN be implemented (such as item mall releases) are ignored, while the ones that involve changing the actual game are replied to with a 'We've asked Playcoo' message. Tell me this, have you asked Playcoo why an update you referenced as 'almost ready' six months ago is still 'being tested?' I'm beginning to believe this is on the fault of SubaGames side, not PlayCoo. Speaking of updates, what genius decided to post about an update to another SubaGames title's game client on the Lucent Heart Facebook page? We've been anticipating a new game client for Lucent Heart for about half a year now, and are teased by posts of another game getting actual updates.

If you don't care about Lucent Heart, why is it still around? The GMs are obviously busy on other games 90% of the time, coming on only to release an announcement about something, whether it be events that happen 70% of the time, a crappy item mall release that nobody cares for, or to simply sit AFK. The only time player feedback is gathered is when it is used as a tool to make SubaGames more money. Otherwise, suggestions are just ignored and viewed as irreverent.

I have a feeling the thought process behind releases is something like this :

You want the white shirt fashion? Awesome, we'll be released countless other sets of fashion first, to ensure you pay for the one of those you like the most before we release one we know you'll love. If we release the fashion we know you love and want, you'll buy that and then never buy any of the ugly fashion we have left to release, and that way we will make less money. If we release a decent tarot pet, then who would pay for the useless ones, such as the Star and the Magician? The players want battle mounts? We better make sure we figure out the best way to release them, since so many players want them I wonder if we could get away with releasing them in a gacha with terrible odds and a more expensive price tag, we'll figure it out eventually, maybe this year.

We messed up releasing Athena, Poseidon, and Hercules for so cheap. Sure they're in gachas now, but the damage is done. Maybe for the future divine bonds, we'll release them in more expensive gachapons with worse odds to make more money, since everyone loves them, they will pay more for them. I feel lazy this week though, so I'll just release two pieces of female fashion and call it a day, girls like anime stuff. I'd much rather be modding another game right now, don't have time to look for stuff to release.

The GMs have no idea how the game works, they aren't made to get a feel or understanding for the game. They can't answer questions, they don't know how the game works, so they don't know how they should release things in the item mall. LH's actual gameplay is linked heavily with the item mall, and it seems like Subagames either doesn't understand that or is trying to avoid it altogether. We get monthly event schedules with events scheduled the week before we get the schedule, probably because the GMs never bother to release it until they feel like it, instead of when they should.

I feel like if the playerbase were to lie and say that the best battle pets and mounts were the worst, we'd get them before the worse ones, because GMs have no way of checking for themselves, they have no idea what they are looking for when they summon a battle pet. They probably assume a level 1 Divine Bond represents all the bonuses it has to offer. Instead of figuring these things out themselves and making their own judgment, they ask players what is the best, and then slowly release them, worst to best.

You released two sets of fashion, fine, that should be a slow IM release week, a set of fashion for each gender. You released two bathtubs, for an entire week's release, what was the reasoning behind that, it was extremely dissapointing and underwhelming. Now you release two PIECES of fashion for female-only, and announce it as if nothing is wrong with that picture.

Get your **** together or close the game, because right now it's just a ticking time bomb waiting to be closed, and it's your fault, not the lack of a player base's fault.

July 8th, 2014, 03:57 PM
I agree as well Virus. Lucent Heart is a game that gets little attention to it's problems and situations happening. They take more than awhile to fix a ticket. I made a ticket last week about a missing item. They replied back within 20 minutes then they reply again 4 days later asking a question that they could easily figure out by my Ticket information along with the screen shot. It's now tuesday and i haven't been replied. The GM's are very lazy with this game and lack adding every feature that this game needed since the game was owned by bean fun. Seriously! They haven't even added battle mounts yet, but you're adding bath tubs… We didn't need house (Even though the battle function is interesting), that addition really wasn't necessary. You all should not waste our time with these amateur features, and name this game more unique.

July 8th, 2014, 04:12 PM
There's a difference between "avoid making the game pay to win" and actually keeping players. The way this is headed is not keeping players.

Just wanted to point that out.

July 8th, 2014, 06:47 PM
I agree with everything Virus said. Especially "Get your **** together".
I don't really need to add anything else.

July 15th, 2014, 08:27 AM
Oh my. Has Lucent Heart degraded since I last played? :c

July 15th, 2014, 11:09 AM
I have taken everything in this thread into consideration, back when it was first made. Virus and I have even chatted since then. I'm not sure this thread will continue to be useful so I will close it for now.