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September 19th, 2009, 01:47 AM
Zex wanted to make some anyway, and considering I got too much spare time at my hands at work I've made one for Archers.

Archer Guide


1.) Introduction
2.) Stats and their effects
3.) Skills and their effects
4.) Playing style(s)
5.) Build Overviews + Analysis
6.) Weapon Choices
7.) Gem or Age?
8.) Level Areas

Archer is a pretty underestimated class and often wrongly used, or likely not used to their fullest potential. This often results of their Users individual playingstyle and their incapability of putting some serious thought into their char. Of course everyone has the right to play his char the way he wants to, since it’s up to the individual to decide whether it’s good or not. None the less this may includes giving up on the utmost potential and overall performance.

Archers, especially in the low level area are a pain to play. They are very tight on stat points, therefore it’s advised not to spend any stats into any attribute until you have your next item and it’s requirements. In low level it’s a decision whether you want to go for Armor first (STR + TAL) or Weapon (AGI + TAL). The amount of AGI required is tremendous; therefore don’t waste any stats unless you definitely know you can be bothered to.

Archer doesn’t really need SPR all that much until 50, therefore this stat shouldn’t be boosted too much until your 3x’s. Around the time Perforation gets available it’s advised to have ~50 SPR. As endgame Sheltom it’s advised to at least have a Murky (64 SPR minimum) or Devine (72 SPR minimum). From personal experience I can say that a Devine is definitely worth it and makes hunting via regeneration very possible.

Generally Archer does get split up into two departments, Low Str (Ring Armor – 77 STR Syn) and High Str. Their pro’s and con’s will be discussed later in this guide.

Stats and their effects:

Strength: Strength does basically nothing for Archer, other than making Armory and Bows available to us. It gives more weight than Health, but also less HP. Archer’s HP formula is generally pretty bad, therefore adding at least a bit of health should always be considered.

Willpower: Sadly back in the days with a balancing patch Archer’s mana formula turned out to be the worst out there, competing with Pike’s and Fighter’s. On the other hand our raw damage was boosted. Even though our mana pool is limited we still need it very badly to level, hunt, and kill in BC.

Talent: Talent is the „The Jack of all Trades but Master of nothing“. It has impact on various attributes such as Defense, Attackrating, Absorb and skill learning speed. Sadly it’s needed for Armor and Weapons, don’t ever add more than needed though.

Agility: An Archers Strength, literally. What Pikes, Fighter and Mech needs in Strength is what we need in Agility. Agility directly boosts our raw damage, Defense and Attack Rating.

Health: Health is the more efficient Strength for Archer. It adds more HP than Strength but less Weight. Archers are limited on weight you may say, but so they are on health. If played properly the lack of weight can be undone by only wearing a few pots on you and yet be able to hunt for hours, if not days.

Skills and their effects:

Scout Hawk: Isn’t PT awesome? Yes it is, so are their translation mistakes in skill descriptions. Scout Hawk adds xx% Attack Rating, not Attack Power. The skill itself is useless and can be considered past 9x, otherwise don’t waste a thought on that one.

Shooting Mastery: Shooting Mastery is a must. At level 10 it boosts the raw damage by 40%. This skill definitely needs to be 10’ed as soon as possible. Preferably already by the time Perforation becomes available.

Wind Arrow: Personally, I don’t like it at all. It is an okay skill in the beginning for leveling, shouldn’t be level’ed at all for later though. It’s getting mana inefficient considering you’ll have Ava and the damage is so-so. The rumor that WA never misses is not true, WA can miss, the animation however will always show.

Perfect Aim: Perfect Aim is an underestimated skill. It’s definitely NOT worth leveling, however having it at 100% comes in handy due to the damage boost against demons.

Dion’s Eye: Dion’s Eye too is a useless skill, and shouldn’t be considered before 9x. The skill description again is very vague. The ATR add it gives only applies on the bows ATR, not on the total ATR displayed in character screen, unlike Scout Falcon does.

Falcon: Falcon, at least in low level areas is a very good skill, and almost ensures you’ll get all the drops. Generally it’s a good skill and should be considered by 1on1 levelers, otherwise don’t bother getting it anywhere over level 1.

Arrow of Rage: Your first AoE skill, that’s if you want to call it that way. Its damage is poor but at least makes the monster flinch. It’s AoE range is very limited. Use it to level if you want but don’t level the skill past 1.

Avalanche: It’s THE skill for Archer and PT in general. You won’t find any better hunting skill than that. Its mana efficiency is unbeaten by any other skill. Downfall, the skill locks you down until you’ve finished the cast. This in fact can kill you until you learned to handle it properly. None the less, this skill should be 10 by the time you hit 80, latest 85.

Elemental Shot: Don’t bother using or skilling this one, it’s damage it’s pathetic and as we all know Elemental defense whatsoever has never worked to begin with.

Golden Falcon: This skill is a must have for everyone who has decided to level falcon, to get the highest damage out of it. Otherwise you should leave the skill all alone rotting.

Bomb Shot: This skill makes me fairly speechless, I do not know who invented something that dumb, pathetic and useless. It’s good a for a laugh, nothing more.

Perforation: Perforation is likely the strongest AoE PT has to offer. Too bad it’s no 360° Skill like torn. None the less, for fast leveling this skill is required and there’s no excuse not to have it. At 10 the skill gives 6x% damage boost and 30% additional critical rating, therefore average every 2nd Perf shot crits. It eliminates zerg of monsters within mere seconds. It’s fairly mana consuming though, Murky SPR should be considered as a minimum to not get poor over mana pots. Once you figured out how to line up your monster properly this skill beats them all.

Wolverine: Wolverine, I’ve hardly seen a pet more stupid than this one. Sadly all Wolf gets from our AGI is a defense boost, making him fairly useless later on, regardless of his level. It’s advised to figure out some tricks he may be good for so he can be left at 1 so more important skills can be leveled.

Evasion Mastery: Considering we can’t wear shields, bows can’t block and we basically got nothing to defend ourselves with in monster zergs I highly recommend this skill being the 2nd skill to level in T4.

Phoenix Shot: Phoenix Shot is the spammable destroyer. It burns mana, yes, however, the 15x% damage boost at 15 Attack Spd rape everything and everyone. Without this skill you can’t be any competition in Bless Castle to anyone. In case you do have however, you can even knock out Fighter and Pikes. Here comes the trick; Phoenix Shot is chargeable. If charged it hits a whole crowd. Phoenix can be used as substitution for Perf 10 to save 10 stats from there, I wouldn’t recommend it though. Charged Phoenix Shot can NOT crit, spamming it 1on1 Phoenix Shot very vell crits though and rapes everything on its way. Forces also do NOT work if Phoenix is being charged, 1on1 they however do,

Force of Nature: The skill is a joke for everyone who hasn’t considered leveling falcons. Whoever chose not to use falcons shouldn’t even learn this skill to save a skill point, which is better be put into something else. Force of Nature’s damage does NOT apply on any AoE skills.

Playing style(s):

Playing styles exist as many as player do, therefore there’s not too much to say.
Whoever likes 1on1 grinding should definitely level Falcons and Shooting Mastery and use them appropriately. Basic rule for whatever you do however is: Don’t ever take hits that were avoidable, it may get you killed.

A general Note:
When you enter a new area figure out what mobs you like and which you don’t like. Sometimes it may be smarter to switch the spawn if there are too many dangerous mobs around. For instance take S1 and Shadows and/or Stygians, which are a pain in the ass at 70.

Also, analyse the spawns. If you haven’t noticed yet each spawn has its very own spawn limitations. It’s impossible to get a monster past that spot. They will automatically bounce whenever they reach that point, you should learn to know where those points are and make eventually use of it.

An important Note:
As an Archer, don’t ever leave your 1H empty. The PristonTale client has a bug which causes game.exe errors for the Archer, and sometimes everyone around that Archer. It happens by hitting “W” while shooting with a bow in order to switch to shield, and only if your 1H is empty. This bug has been around forever and is fairly unknown. It doesn’t happen all the time but way too often, if you’re curious and willing to get depressed give it a try. It’s suggested to use a Wand as one hander for two reasons:

1.) It’s light and saves important weight.
2.) If aged it gives mana (10 per age level) which is good in case you use a MP Gemmed weapon, so you won’t be losing 20 MP when switching to shield. Minimum age level for the wand should therefore be 2.

The suggested style to be efficient is using Perforation to level. Find a suiting spawn with enough monster you can handle. Quantity over quality is what you should go with. Just because you are 70 and can enter S1, it doesn’t mean Dark Sanc wasn’t the better place to level due to it being easier to handle. Get to know your spawn appropriately and learn to line up the mobs properly. Then you’re all set for fast and effective leveling.

Build Overviews + Analysis:

Falcon Build:
This build is meant to deal pure and highest 1on1 damage with default attacks.
It requires a high level falcon, high level Golden Falcon and FoN as T4 skill.
The Falcon to summon is always Golden Falcon, not Falcon.

Falcons, assuming you have a 8spd weapons attack every 4th bow shot hit. Therefore its damage can be divided by 4 and added to your base damage. However, this static added damage is not included in other skills % boosts.

Falcons damage at level 10 is 28-72 per hit.
Golden Falcon at 10, adds 65% to Falcons Damage
FoN adds 46 damage to falcons.

Now, I’m not sure whether this means it adds 65% on Falcon’s damage, or only 65%.
I’ll do math for base cases. Personally I think it’s 65% and not 165%.

Falcon damage with 65% + FoN:
28*1.65 + 72*1.65 + 46
46 – 118 + 46
92 – 153 Total damage

That applied on every 4th makes 92 / 4 = 23 and 153 / 4 = 38 more damage on your default attack. Considering Monsters HP and ABS in LI and above the damage added is rather minor, if not at all non existent anymore. You surely will be killing a tad faster than an Archer not using Falcons, however, questionable whether this minor damage boost is worth 30 Skill points.

For me the answer definitely is no.

Low Strength:
Low Strength Archers are defined as Archer who stick to Synthetic Armor or lower. That way there’s no unnecessary points spend on Strength, but used for something more useful, Agility, to get the highest raw damage possible. This is necessary to compete properly with other classes on the field and Bless Caslte. Suggested STR is 77 for min strength req. Synthetic Armor. This also is the strength that makes you able to wear 80c/d Boots, Gaunts and Armlets.

Due to the Agility gap between Low and High Str. the defense gap isn’t all that big.

Until you are able to find or buy Devines it’s suggested to Murky Gem your Ring/Scale/Syn Armor. Once you have the Devines you should go for 40HP gem as everything boils down to HP in hunting maps.

It’s advised to add as much on Health to ensure you can survive two hits of everyone monster in a hunting map, to avoid instant deaths and therefore XP loss. With the level 90 40HP quest and 40HP Armor gem a suggested value is ~70 Health past 85.

High Strength:
High Strength Archer waste their state points on Str in order to wear the best available armory. That way they ensure to be up-to-date defense wise as well as abs wise. Usually they go with base health in that case but the stats used on STR are in no comparison to what a Low Str Archer has to put onto health. Also, the additional weight limit gets killed by wearing a heavier armor.

Overall these Archer can’t compete with anyone or anything. It’s easy to outdmg and KS them if needed. They also are hardly a threat in Bless Castle. It’s also very likely that they’d lose a 1on1 Battle in BC vs a Low Str Archer anyday.

Personally I consider this build as weak and ineffective, it’s not the players fault but the classes one, Archer, if not build up properly are weak.

PvP + leveling build:
My favorite ^_^

Bless Castle, Hunting and Leveling can be combined in one build.
Mine looks the following at 95:

81STR (4 points wasted, however, it was for the sake of wearing As Relic Gaunts )
Rest AGI
70 Health

Skills look the following:
Scout Hawk Rest
Shooting Master 10
Avalanche 10
Perforation 10
Phoenix Shot 10
Rest Evasion Mastery

Phoenix Shot is solely used for Bless Castle action and farming kills. Also it’s used to KS if needed or to ensure that I’ll get the drops. Evasion Mastery makes leveling as well as Bless Castle easier, especially in I2 where Monster hit very hard and Bless Castle with all the backstabbing pikes and desting fighter. Usually avoiding 1 hit of CS or Dest lets me output them with ease, else it’s about pot timing and luck. Ever since 80d gotten common, as well as +10 and above it’s no longer as easy as it’s used to be, sadly. Avalanche is used in LI and any other hunting map to kill fast and effectively. With a perf Devine you’ll never need a mana pot since regen is more than enough. Perforation helps you leveling in the harder maps. Phoenix Shot in I2 is not really an option due to charging. It simply is too dangerous, therefore Perforation gets the priority. Also, Perf 10 deals a tad higher damager PS 10 does, due to its frequent crits. With the spare points one have at that point (think its 7 or 8) you can level either Scout Hawk, to increase your attack rating by 90% for 14 rounds, or Dions Eye to slightly but permanently increase your Total Atr. Scout Hawk is probably the better option. It helps in Bless Castle vs. High Def classes as well as hunting. Bloody Knight anyone? ;> With Scout Hawk I end up at around ~3,5k atr for the time being, more than sufficient to annoy and kill some people.

Weapon Choices:

General Note: Bows with 7 speed should be avoided by all costs. Their Damage per hit may be higher, but what matters for leveling is damage overtime.

Great Bow: Great Bow is the first 8 Speed 2H bow at level 15. It should be used until level 30 and then be exchanged by a Metal Hand Crossbow.

Metal Hand Crossbow: Though it’s 7 speed it’s a one hander, therefore only 1/3 slower than a two handed weapon. Later on you can exchange it by a good Bone Bow, assuming you’d ever get one. Otherwise stay with it until Sagi.

Sagi: The back in the days most desired bow ever. I still like it. Sagi should be kept until Titan Bow. Despite me hating Crossbows Ancient Crossbow too is only 7 speed.

Titan Bow: Titan bow should be your choice until Swift Bow. Chaos Bow unfortunately has only 7 speed, and probably gets you killed unnecessarily often due to delayed pot timing.

Swift Bow: Swift can be used until 8x. Again, I hate crossbows, therefore I skipped Relic Crossbow. Considering it’s 8 speed it surely is any option for anyone who likes it.

Thunder Bow: Thunder Bow, here comes the clue. Thunder Bow is 80 Tal req. So is Mirage Bow (80D). However, Wave Bow (80B) and Grand Crossbow (80C) need 84 / 86 TAL and are therefore wasted stats, unless you’re willing to reset when you get a Mirage in your hand.

Gem or Age?
Well, more simple answer one would expect to be I guess.

Armor: A Low Str Archer definitely will be gemming her Armor. Murky Gem in early levels because he 3,x abs help and later on swap to 40hp.

A high Str Archer should be aging their Armor, the reasons are obvious. Whoever goes for highest def/abs should also go for the highest possible.

Weapon: Generally you can say it’s the Murky Gem in early / med levels, and age/dev gem lategame. You should never use the 20HP gem, that one is for meeles. If dev gem then it is 20MP + 4% crit. Aging bows is a pain. Naturally Aging is the better choice if you can afford it, as well as aging stones to at least +8-10, otherwise you’re better of with dev gemming.

Level Areas:
This is being with the assumption of not using cash shop items, such as Crystals and/or Armor.

Level 1~6 should be done in Garden of Freedom poking hopies and Goblins.

7 ~ 15 should be done in Bamboo Forrest + Ascadia Forrest. Advance on your own pace.

15 ~ 22 should be done in Ruinen Village.

22 ~ 30 should be done in Cursed Land.

30 ~ 37 should be done in Forgotten Land

37 ~ 55 should be done in Forgotten Land + Oasis + Dungeon 1 + Dungeon 2

55 ~ 70 should be done in Forbidden Land + Caves. Caves should be considered for mass killing, Forbidden Land more like 1on1. Battle of the Ancient also is a temporary solution until 60. Stick away from Dungeon 3 unless you have a party. King Hoppy / Illu Knight zerg + Web will kill you.

Starting 65 try mass killing DS. Either party of or find a suiting spawn.

70 ~ 80 should be done in DS mass killing. S1 is too tough, and too deadly to get efficient XP.

80 ~ 90 should be done in S1, either partying or solo perfing. At 85 S2 might becomes an option as well. Due to many monster having AoE I wouldn't suggest going there earlier.

90+ should be done in S1, S2 or Iron2. S1+2 should be solo'ed or partied efficiently. Otherwise it'll be a waste of time. I2 Party is always good, and so is solo XP. Try soloing half the hellspawn and XP will fly. I2 requires lotsa attention and skill as it's extremely deadly.

Note: It's a vague Guide, however detailed ones can't really be given as it's too individual depenend on various factors, such as stats, and gear as well as individual player skill.

Whether you solo or not is too up to you. Before 55 however it's recommended that you party up, considering you're not much faster than a Mech or Fighter in terms of leveling, since Perf only comes at 50.

This guide is self-written, therefore I claim rights and crap. It's not meant to be leaked and only to be contributed to clan members.

The guides open for clarifications, questions and critism.

EDIT: I'll fix spelling mistakes and grammatical breakdowns sometime soon.

Reposted for great epicness.

I shall not be bothered to fix typing mistakes just to have another forum wiped and all teh gud threads lost =(

October 3rd, 2009, 09:37 AM
Fair point Erbe. You never know when Suba will meltdown again.:D

October 29th, 2009, 02:48 PM
nice guide, thanks.

January 31st, 2010, 06:38 PM
Really nice work...
Though I noticed something wrong in your math about falcon damage
"28*1.65 + 72*1.65 + 46
46 – 118 + 46
92 – 153 Total damage"
28*1.65 - 72*1.65 + 46
46 – 119 (118.8) + 46
92 – 165 (164.8) Total damage

Am I right? Not a big mistake.
Again, nice work. Keep it up.

January 31st, 2010, 07:53 PM
nice, except for the lack of neutral position, for example: a high strenght archer MAY be a waste for ones just as a high AGI archer may be a a waste for others.

The fact that some people don't like certain build or are unnable to enjoy it doesn't mean it should be called a waste. i am pointing this because the new player who read a guide should have a neutral and objective view of the different builds.

About the armors, it should be exactly the opposite regarding age/mix. A low strenght archer will live forever in her lowbie armor, so should age it to the highest level possible, but a strenght archer will be changing armors every 5 levels, so aging them is just a waste of resources until getting at least an 80c or 80d armor which will stay with her for a longer time, hence giving now some credible reason for aging it.

Agree on bows aging/mixing. Usually my rule of the thumb is "if you wont go past +7, then stick to dev mix, will be cheaper and will provide AR bonus, which aging doesn't"

On the training areas, if the archer is fully armored then can easily train at her current level area on 1v1 and with some caution for few areas can also do massive killing without much trouble. After level 64/65 one of the best options is mass killing in throne room, eitherway solo or in party (i prefer solo so i can line the mobs up before releasing the artillery).

February 3rd, 2010, 10:24 PM
The low level armors have low armor, hence a %-boost is moot, in fact rather useless unless you age retardedly high. In high level maps the additional gained ABS / Armor won't save your ass or buy you enough survivability to survive this one single hit, HP however can and will, not necessarily all the time though. I think a perf Synth armors defense was around 140ish? Maybe 160ish. You can do the math by simply calculating (armorvalue)*(1.05^agelevel), it won't be exactly a beneficent outcome regardless of age level, most definitely not when considering possible real cash flow being part of that.

For leveling it's out of question that ABS is king unless you plan on 1on1'ing your way up, which should always be avoided due to the XP sink that leveling style is compared to the other options.

Most archers use their wolf incorrectly to begin with, which their biggest problem all together. Theoretically one could go all AGI and base health and still do fine except for unlucky respawns that happen to be right in your face. Not recommendable for leveling by all means.

I don't know if most people these days throw out money for cash shop items, if not, the closer you stick the guide the better for you, most probably. Otherwise get yourself the cash shop armor, as it grants the biggest bang for the buck for a long time, may it be leveling or hunting.

Really nice work...
Though I noticed something wrong in your math about falcon damage
"28*1.65 + 72*1.65 + 46
46 – 118 + 46
92 – 153 Total damage"
28*1.65 - 72*1.65 + 46
46 – 119 (118.8) + 46
92 – 165 (164.8) Total damage

Am I right? Not a big mistake.
Again, nice work. Keep it up.

Indeed, you are correct.

For future reference might want to look at this :

There's a table showing Falcons' damage at any possible mix-match level, without the bonus that FoN grants however. Not like it matter anyway since it's static.

February 4th, 2010, 07:56 AM
nice guide :) but I was wonder about the delay of WA and Perfo, is there really a delay when you have WA lvl 8 and above? and is there really a delay of Perfo when its lvl 10? I heard rumors about this, but it's never cleared to me :confused:

February 4th, 2010, 08:25 AM
Agree on bows aging/mixing. Usually my rule of the thumb is "if you wont go past +7, then stick to dev mix, will be cheaper and will provide AR bonus, which aging doesn't"

This always bothers me when i see it. I fail to see why i should mix a bow (or jav for that matter) with the +20HP mix. Archers already have tons of AR, how much do you actually need? Given, the +20 HP might be nice, but i prefer mp-gem on ranged weapons, hands down. +4CRIT, +20MP and +6/+6 is way more useful on an archer in my opinion, given that you are the class with the most AR anyway...

February 4th, 2010, 09:45 AM
This always bothers me when i see it. I fail to see why i should mix a bow (or jav for that matter) with the +20HP mix. Archers already have tons of AR, how much do you actually need? Given, the +20 HP might be nice, but i prefer mp-gem on ranged weapons, hands down. +4CRIT, +20MP and +6/+6 is way more useful on an archer in my opinion, given that you are the class with the most AR anyway...

Only agi archers/atas have tons of AR, armored builds has normal AR just like every other class, yes a bit higher than the average of course, but not that high. For the bows, since all high level bows except the wave, has AR bonus on the spec it may be not that much important, but if we talk about javelins things changes since they does not have AR bonuses.

A +6 age will only give you +6 min dmg +6 max damage and +3% critical , while with a lot less cost and effort (come on, maturing bows/javs surpasses the ridiculous) you can have it +6/+6 plus +4% critical (already better than +6 age) and add to it the +20 MP, as you said in your reply and you also have spent like less than 20% of what would have spent on aging. But the other option, which is the +6/+6 +60 AR +20HP mix, well, maybe it is not "that" great, though i have made some tests and at middle levels it makes a difference against the MP mix; of course always talking about balanced builds, not agi builds which i do not like hence i do not play. bad, On the other hand, while 60 AR is not really much for bow which will already give a lv/1 AR bonus, if it was a javelin then this las mix would have been more justified.

But again, if you are not going past +7 in age, then aging is a waste of time, sheltoms, gold and effort. And going past +7 if the bow is not an mirage or higher is just about the same waste.

February 8th, 2010, 11:25 PM
This always bothers me when i see it. I fail to see why i should mix a bow (or jav for that matter) with the +20HP mix. Archers already have tons of AR, how much do you actually need? Given, the +20 HP might be nice, but i prefer mp-gem on ranged weapons, hands down. +4CRIT, +20MP and +6/+6 is way more useful on an archer in my opinion, given that you are the class with the most AR anyway...

*waves at Shin*

i agree with this actually ^^ i always HP gemmed because i'm a kamikaze archer :'( :'( but it's more useful to have extra MP and critical %. i think do MP Gem if you aren't a chatty suicidal archer! anyways the 60 atk rgt won't make much difference anyways will it? :confused: i wish we had a better idea of what atk rgt really does. like what difference in damage 100 extra atk rgt will make!

February 9th, 2010, 09:22 AM
i wish we had a better idea of what atk rgt really does. like what difference in damage 100 extra atk rgt will make!

It has nothing to do with damage. Attack rating, as the name cleearly self explain it, at least for those of us wh ocomes from the old RPGs, just means how many chances you have to actually hit your target, as simple as that.

February 9th, 2010, 09:27 AM
It has nothing to do with damage. Attack rating, as the name cleearly self explain it, at least for those of us wh ocomes from the old RPGs, just means how many chances you have to actually hit your target, as simple as that.

Exactly. More hits mean you do more damage in the same timeframe. If you hit 80 out of 100 hits, you will have a higher total damageoutput than you would have if you only hit 50 out of 100 hits...

The way i understand Eudo (*waves*) is that it's still somewhat fuzzy how exactly attackrating works. If we knew that for sure, we could deem whether 60AR make indeed a difference in total damageoutput on an archer or not.

February 9th, 2010, 10:03 AM
hi Chrislev and Shin!

okay, that's what i thought it meant... but i remember someone telling me it also determined the range of dmg your hit has... from between min to max oO;

the problem is i reaallllly don't notice myself hitting anymore at 19xx atk rgt than i did at 15xx XD maybe there's a cap or a point where it just tapers off?

February 9th, 2010, 08:07 PM
Hahaha i know what you mean, Eudoxia. Maybe our little problem (not that little in fact) is that after one reach the ice maps and above, all monsters have insane, and i mean REALLY INSANE, ammounts of absorbtion and defense (blame the pikes!) so our character classes "looks as if they were weak", there isn't an easy answer for us i'm affraid.

I have some theories about what you said about the range of damage and the AR, but since they are just some thoughts and nothing else i prefer to keep them for myself until i can get more data to back those ideas. I know in some RPG engines (and i mean real rpg, not computer games) there are tables to determine how moch lesser or higher damage an attack can do based on the grade of success result from the AR roll, in some of those engines a marginal success would reduce the damage up to a -99%, while the critical success (different fromt he critical itself) can boost the damage a huge lot. Other than opening the possibilities that our little game "could" have something similar, it is only speculation.

To understand how battle sequences are managed in all RPGs, maybe you would like to read some "player manual" from any of the free RPG out there, those are meant for playing using paper, pen and dice, the difference in a computer game is that all those dice rolls from those games are done in a nanosecond (along with maybe several thousand calculations which would impossible to handle by a human game master in a real RPG session). Some games actually does exactly the same rolls as the paper and dice games. But in short, usually one dice will determine if you hit or miss, if you hit you roll for critical hit, if you miss (in some cases) you roll for critical miss (those are fun!) after that, you do a damage roll which will determine how much damage you do based on your weapon and bonuses; the GM will do the necessary absorb modifications and apply the damage to the monster. That easy^^

I'm sorry, i went off topic and let the excitement about RPGs take over my fingers hehe, i've been playing those games (from both sides of the GM screen) since the early 80's and i really love them.

February 12th, 2010, 05:36 AM
ATR doesn't do anything but determine your chance to hit your target, the calculation is done by considering ones ATR and the targets defense. On that note, there's only a very few monsters with high defense, in fact only Black Knights have ridiculous amount of defense, same for Temple Guards I think. They're the only mobs you'll always miss on more often than others. There is also no such thing as 100% hitting chance (I figure it caps out at some point) - if you shoot hoppies long enough you'll find yourself missing, regardless of your ATR.

Monsters past Ice1 and up have a mix of fairly high HP with a nice chunk of ABS, it's more the HPs fault though, as semi viable ABS + Much health make last a fight a lot longer it would under different circumstances.