View Full Version : Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad not working properly :(

August 16th, 2014, 09:50 PM
I'd like to address some problem regarding the gamepad support. I was using Logitech F710 for mostly action game MMORPG and it's working properly. When I try to select gamepad setting inside Divine Souls options, it's detected as XBOX controller...so I assume it would works inside the game. When I start the game and tried to controll my character, unfortunately the gamepad wasn't work properly. The only button work were:
- Right analog for controlling camera
- A button is lead into start/ESC button
- B button is lead into select/mght be T button
And the rest as D-pad, left analog which should be use to controlling character movement, and the others button wouldn't work.

I hope there'll be update or any help to make the gamepad works as it should be. Well...the M+KB is working just fine, but I thought the action RPG also support gamepad & I'd rather using gamepad to play with.

Thanks for the attention to this problem & hope this game would be great deal in MMORPG world.

PS: Sorry if I posting this problem in Help and Support category, I don't know if I should post this in here or in Bug section.

August 17th, 2014, 03:11 AM
The control support is really limited, especially with the xbox controller. A lot of the buttons cannot be bound to keys and the default controls for the xbox control are really poorly created.

The support is there but the default key binding needs sorting out and the extended controller support needs to be considered. You can alter your keys in the control settings so maybe you can get it to work using the keys you own.