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August 25th, 2014, 10:04 AM
So essentially, when exactly is fatigue going to get removed? The rates are extremely unbalanced when you hit the last 10 levels of the game (lv30), with high dungeon fatigue costs it's pretty ridiculous. In the early stages it's not too bad, because you get a ton of quests with low fatigue costing dungeons, leveling is great.

Now at lv31 you have a maxexp of 3.9M which the leap it's making is 1M(29)->1.8M(30)->3.9M(31)->4.5M(32)->7.8M(33), and it's only going to keep skyrocketing from there, as the dungeon fatigue continues to rise. At lv30 you have the dungeon Sand Grave which easy mode run costs 125 fatigue, allowing you 4 runs for roughly 175k exp + the repeatable(s), then at lv31 you get to do it all over again with the 2nd repeatable unlocked.

I can do the dungeon 17-18 times to reach lv32, but with fatigue that means I'd have to wait about 4 days for the resets since I can't imagine doing 50-60+ grind runs on no fatigue while knowing there's multi-millions of more exp to get right after it. Whatever the devs were thinking, these scales are too much, so now instead of playing for a handful of hours a day, I do my 1hr session of fatigue burning and then I'm logging out until tomorrow. I had thoughts of making an alt - that was before I hit lv30. The passion and motivation to play is quickly dying.

So there's your big negative, I reached my brick wall but there are still champs guttin it out like Cannabis(33) and Viper(32?) but eventually they'll hit the level that reads a maxexp which they'll naturally respond with a middle finger. So.. 1/2 fatigue fridays anyone?

August 25th, 2014, 10:36 AM
As previously mentioned, we are looking into alternative solutions to keep the benefits of the fatigue system without inconveniencing players. Thank you for your feedback!