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August 25th, 2014, 01:09 PM
That will be a long post, from a point of view of an old 9Dragons player.

Lets start it:

1. Consumables:

- 9Dragons Premiums Packages (9k SP) - (+25 stats, 5% crit dmg) - huge boost at the begining, almost useless at the end (you're good with healer buffs as well both starting or end game) - suggestion 5k SP 30D (some will buy some will not)

- Chakra Purge, Mastery Pill (8k SP) - a bit expensive, can't experiment with stats at this rate, probably no one bough it here (there is a quest for 3x stat reset + 1 Mastery pill and another quest for Mastery Pill only) - suggestion - 2k SP

- Epithet Change - worthless, either you go premium or nothing - suggestion remove it

- Couriers Guild Voucher - useful when you need to change location fast, especially when doing RTD quests - suggestion 50 pieces - 2k SP

- Lion's Roar - hallo? anybody hear me? wts tons of crap :) - suggestion - leave only The Land only, remove all the rest

- Experience Cards, Combined Cards - speed up a grinding a bit but at a cost of lower drop (killing 2x less mobs gives 2x less drop) on Experience Card but many people don't care about this - suggestion - 800SP XP Card, 1000SP Combined XP

2. Resources

- Dragon's Scales, Dragon's Tears (4k SP) - every player need them sooner or later, but the problem is it doesn't guarantee anything besides that your weapon won't break - still you can end up with useless +8,9 at high lvl if you have bad luck - suggestion - 2k SP piece

- Iron Separator, Jade Separator (2k SP) - don't know the usefulness of Iron Separator (anyone used/using it?), as for Jade Separator its required for slotting decos and weapon +4 slots - suggestion - 1500 SP

- Red Dragon Orb (8k SP), Green Dragon Orb (12k SP) - last resort item between use able weapon or trash one, Dragon Scale wannabe but with endless usage thus price is devastating - suggestion - remove Red Orb, it only rollback your destroyed weapon without refinement (no one will buy it to refine +1-10), only useful on items +11++ when you are out of hardness - Red Orb - 5k SP

- M&D Band items - pure cosmetic for anyone who want to have some additional text above his head ( etc. "i kill you !@%#^$" or " noob - don't touch" ) - suggestion - 1K SP each one

- Disassemble Tool Gold, Master Creating Guide, Dragon Blood - does nothing but doubles already pretty low chances to craft, refine cloth, disassemble weapons for more RSE - to be effective needed in very huge amounts - suggestion - 100 SP piece

3. Wardrobes

- Eternity (8k SP) - need Jade Separators to make it effective, otherwise as good as paper or piece of rag you can wear to look better - suggestion - 5k SP

- 30D 2k SP - more variety needed, price is ok

- Lucid Deco - do not put it in Item Mall, make it obtainable but hard to get in game (part of ps6 clothes set that are obtainable in Icy dung)

4. Bags

- Eternal 8k SP - everyone need some space but not for that price - and you need two, tbh in some dungs you couldn't even fulfill 10 of them if you want to gather everything - suggestion - 4k SP

- 30D - where are they? - suggestion - 1k SP

5. Passes

- Icy Dung 1 entrance (1k SP) - really? 1k SP? they drop from mobs, and after 10 runs you don't want to look at this dung anymore - probably no one will buy it - suggestion - 100 SP 1 entrance

- Black Monk Dungeon - this is where the fun begins, dung drop items needed to craft banners (rates are really low - and I mean REALLY, REALLY low, you get 2 Rings per Red run, 1 Green run, 0 Purple run) and you need hundreds of them to try to craft (beside other valuable items you need too) - plates drop from 4 bosses that spawn 30 min interval (need all 4 to make 1 entrance pass purple) - that means months of farming to get lucky and get banners - should be dropping from mobs or for those who don't have that much time - presented in Item Mall - suggestion - 200 SP 1 entrance

Just to let everyone know, this is only my humble opinion of what Item Mall should looks like. Others may have better ideas or different point of view. This wasn't made to start flame wars - it was made just to show what I was thinking about it.

Peace :)

August 25th, 2014, 03:00 PM
I'm f2p player, but your suggestions looks awesome

August 25th, 2014, 09:16 PM
Update lucid deco asap, Ao Dai deco, Ao Dai bag, WSC, +1, +2,...

August 25th, 2014, 09:25 PM
They need to slash prices across the board if they want to compete with private servers, also we are lacking deco choices.

August 26th, 2014, 02:42 AM
I agree with the OP these prices look fine. But I doubt it'll ever happen.

August 28th, 2014, 10:07 AM
I'm f2p player, but your suggestions looks awesome

It will benefit f2p players too, as the gold cost will reduce dramatically and more people would be willing to sell.

August 29th, 2014, 05:04 AM
It will benefit f2p players too, as the gold cost will reduce dramatically and more people would be willing to sell.
from previous post: *look

I don't really care to be honest, I just want the server to be alive... But from the looks of things it is going to shut down soon, I mean we're maybe 10 people online at most...