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January 31st, 2010, 05:17 PM
Hello! :)

I got an 72 ata atm

10 triumph
3 HoV
5 storm
1 vengeance..

Now, I'm considering wether to go for HoV or vengeance hehe. I wouldn't mind at all to go all out party ata maxing HoV and all but that would only be fun if I could play party all the time =) Or so I think atleast, This is my highest char he! But at the same time, vengeance looks so useless considering damage output and mp/stm cost (compared to my 72 fighter).

Of course it's silly to compare an ata's output with an fighter but I'm just thinking effeciency here. What do you guys think? Should I go HoV and hope to get nice parties later or should i go vengeance and do slightly more damage with potting madness? I'd like advice on how my future would look at 9x-10x considering wether I went for party build or damage build. Thanks all!

Also if you got any nice 80b-d gear for sell I'm interested :) I got 25kk atm

Thanks in advance all! and maybe you catch me ingame!

Sagashi is mah ata's name

January 31st, 2010, 09:01 PM
hi there

This is how i manage this on my main ata: i first got HoV to level 5, after that all and every EP goes to Vengeance until it is maxed out (at level 94), after that, it's all a matter of preferences.

If you look at the numbers only this skill doesn't really look strong, but when you see it in action at high level you deffinitely change your mind. Remember that every time you click it will shot twice, so you have the chance to deal almost double the normal dmage, use it with a vampiric cuspid and a mana recharge and you will keep your health on the top while drastically reducing the need for mana pots. Be advice to bring with you one or two trucks full of STM pots though.

Well, that's what i do, but mine is not a party ata but a fully soloer, maybe someone does it different and also want to share it here.

January 31st, 2010, 11:11 PM
my atas 89 (still ><) and my setup is HoV 8 and ven 5
i had HoV8 quite early and i really love that skill.
The evades saved my ass so many times already :)

So HoV is not really a pure party skill IMO, its more a question if you go full offense or strengthen your defense, the party compatibilty is more of a bonus.
However, when I hunt Im using Vengeance 66% of the time (next to split jav)
Chislevs mentioned vamp and mana recharge and this works wonders.
So i will max out Ven from now on.

MY advise would be to look at your preferred gaming style, if you feel your defense is not good enough invest in HoV else go for Ven.

Also you can substitute vengeance till its at a decent lvl with twist jav and split jav! But HoV is really our only defensive skill (apart from shieldstrike of course)

February 3rd, 2010, 08:14 AM
Thanks to both of you!

I think I'll get vengeance to 4-5 and then max HoV :) cause atm damage is much more needed then defense

February 3rd, 2010, 11:58 AM
Anytimes, mate!

You are making a good plan there :D

Uhm... damage... :'(

Well, at 8x your damage output is still nice considering the monsters absorb and HP, even at very early 8x an ata can kill pretty fast everything in iron, just grotesques require a bit more shots and, of course, babel, but that's a different story. In iron 2 thinks are still Ok, the level 5 on vengeance will work just fine for you there, Once you get to the icemaps mosnters start to have way too many hp, it is like they were developed thinking in those few overpowered classes who deal 3 or 4 times more damage per hit than us, yet the average ata will do Ok there.

But the real nightmare will be after reaching to the island...... man, you better get used to deal poor damage because every character there is like 10 times weaker than a level 1 trying to kill a bargon in forgotten land lol Monsters there just have insane absorb and super-insane HP.

But don't worry it is a long way till getting there from 8x :rolleyes:

Let's keep going on!