View Full Version : Respec stone do anything for daggers?

September 11th, 2014, 07:58 AM
So pretty strait forward question. It seems like alot of items have a good chance to roll NS when respecing.

With daggers, there is only NS and ASA spec, so I figured that I'd often be rolling NS.

I just wanted to test for myself, so I bought some low level daggers and respecced them 50 times. More than half were ASA spec. This leads me to believe it's actually a 50% chance for it to be NS and a 50% chance for it to be ASA spec.

Since respec stones give a 50% chance to make an item your spec, and daggers only have one spec that they can be, is there even a benefit to using them on daggers since it seems to be a 50% chance to roll ASA spec anyways?

September 11th, 2014, 10:03 AM

September 11th, 2014, 11:37 AM
I had the same questions on respec. Some characters seem harder to respec somethings. I find that true with fighter items because i did this recently and just gave up after losing over 2 mill in 70 level stuff and got the drop with my pike later. But i had success in repecting assassin things it was easier for some reason. I repected 80d armlets for assassin and that was easy thank god for that i was using jera's. I could do a test maybe with my different characters but i find it a waste of time when you can buy the item or hunt for it cheaper then repecting. I hate losing gold the way the economy is right now. So the solution is to way do you need to respec or wait and see if it is available or go hunt the stuff. At least there are options. I wish the respec rate was better for jera's though but that is a part of pt you win or loose gambling with doing respec on items. Then again if you are totally rich then that doesn't matter anyway. I wonder if sometime suba could give free respec like they do aging event that would be awesome. I haven't repected daggers i bought a 80d plunder dagger for my assassin and paid a hefty price for it either way i think i would have used a ton of jera's if i had an ns one so buying it was a good choice for me. Have a nice day pter's cheers...