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September 15th, 2014, 11:28 PM
To be honest with you i'm rather sceptical about making this thread you see, because unless they release this game on steam asap (and provided that will suffice to save this game) it's painfully clear that this game will soon be soo dead... again.
So i had this dilemma about whether it's even worth bothering making a thread about looking for a guild... but oh well, here it is.

What i am looking for in a guild:
1. Mature (preferably age 20+ people), helpful (could use someone to help do my 3rd job change), active.
2. Not too annoying with rules this and rules that, i like saying a couple of strong words every now and then so if you strictly family friendly guild we probably won't get along.

About me:
26y old male, hardcore grinder, not too social (to make me talk you probably gonna need to shake the words out of me. :P )
Atm lvl 36, played this game before it closed down and moved to suba games for a while too, long ago.
Also played for a little while when it popped up on suba but got bored quick at the time and left (compared to that time this game now is soo deserted), now decided to give it some more of my time so i came back like 2 days ago and... got to grinding. :-)

If you got more q's or whatever pm in game ign: "Urthemiel" or hit me on steam: Steam Community :: Urthemiel (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Aizen-ji/)
Because i am unlikely to check here once i got what i came here for or.. left the game heheh.
PS: Oh and yeah i don't expect your guild to meet all of my req's but at least some of them. :)

September 16th, 2014, 02:05 AM
Allright, seems like i'm stuck on job switch now :P don't want to progress to 37 before completing job switch because then i won't be able to use the shop potions so i guess i'll wait a day and see if theres a guild that wants to pick me up, and if not.. soon Edda will be back online, guess i'll go play it instead of lucent heart.. This game was supposed to have had a nice community or so i heard.. or once had perhaps is the correct answer now.. i see none of that 'nice' in here anymore, after all trying to ask for help in zone is useless no1 will ever help you and trying to find a partner to do stuff with is also useless since this game is empty. :) So yeah, so many juicy options one does have when playing lucent heart these days :P no wonder no1 plays here.
PS: Also feel free to leave message if u just some dude/gal who wants to team up (im lvl 36) to conquer together the hardships of living in lucent heart. Or if u want help? if i can provide it that is, not much to do now anyway while i'm stuck. :P

September 16th, 2014, 03:58 AM
Done. Not looking anymore... for now.