View Full Version : Planning to buy > 100 Bond point fill cards!

November 3rd, 2014, 01:14 AM
Reasons I will not disclose I'm buying 100 Bond point fill cards!
Well not right now I only got 1m gold so it may take awhile to get 100m!
Anyway just though I'd throw it out there.
I've married my in game wife but now she made and alt after she found out I have an alt... guess what's next?
She wants her alt to marry my alt! I've got the gold but she doesn't want to wait or I guess be kissy faced enough to get the
darn 10k again! Well its not that she doesn't want to do it its... last time we ended up having to spam emotes for a full week at three hours
a day! That's a lot of kissing. So can someone help a guy make his girl's dream come true... again.