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November 17th, 2014, 09:42 AM
Archangels is a newly established guild, aiming for end game gear/pvp/dungeons and much much more. There will be events hosted by the Leaders and Staff, but this will be announced at a later date as most are all fairly new to Lucent Heart. We are friendly, sociable and do are utmost best to please our current members.

There is no level requirement and we accept the majority of people. Have any questions? Feel free to ask away! Ras is fairly experienced with LH, so I'll direct you to him! We range from 15 upwards, and our members are working hard to level the guild doing daily guild quests. This is a must! As without contribution levelling the guild will not be easy to accomplish, So your help and contribution is needed!

If you want to join us pm Kirito__ or Ras and they will get invites sent to you asap! We look forward to seeing new members very soon!

Guild Level: 1
Guild Master: Kirito__
Vice Master: -- (Forgot her name ><)
Chief Of Staff/s: Ras, -- , -- .
Members: Unsure however I know there is around 7-9 of us at the moment all at a similar level range; 15-40+.