View Full Version : Lost and Confused...

November 18th, 2014, 06:30 PM
So I just now made an account on this website (getting ready for DOMO~) and I'm having some issues with my account. My Security and Nickname Settings won't change. With my nickname, it says that it failed to change it and took one of my tries away, so now I have to wait a month =/ not sure what that's about. And then with the Security question, I selected the question and then filled in my answer. However, it said I didn't fill in an answer and got all glitchy looking. There were two question boxes, one being blank and the other still had the question I selected, and then the answer box under those was blank. So it went from two fill-in boxes to three...and I couldn't do anything with the blank question box. Also, when I "changed" my Nickname and Security settings, I got the free points that were promised. So did it fail or what? After some time of staring at the screen completely lost, I decided to click on the Contact Us at the bottom of the page and get some help (I looked at the tickets and they didn't really help...). But when I clicked on it, Google Chrome came up with like, 5 or more tabs. All of which only opened to Google and MySearchDial. So...what am I supposed to do?