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November 27th, 2014, 06:25 PM
For all the Poetry Lovers to share their wonderful art with other DoMo lovers like yourself.

And to start it off...

Seven Knights

He is the fighter with the gift of fire, to avoid his flame you must escape his ire.
Smoke shrouding him in eternal haze, rivals ash in his unforgiving blaze,
Raging Fire burning deep within him, the only conqueror of its erratic whim.
He is the inferno, impossible to tame, roaring phoenix, and master of the flame.

She is the aesthetic with powers of air, controlling four winds for causes most fair.
Riding the breeze where ever it goes, using swift gusts to topple her foes,
Patience unique to her gale like forms, carving canyons with her ferocious storms,
She is the tornado keeping you pinned, goddess of fairies, and keeper of wind.

He is the defender, protector of earth, fighting for her ever since her birth,
Using her metals, trees, and stones, to break his enemy's skin, flesh, and bones.
Steady as the eldest mountain side, fighting mainly to protect planets pride.
He is the quake not lacking in girth, soaring dragon, and guardian of earth.

She is the warrior with element water, relentless storm to those that fought her,
Rivers oceans and lakes are her tools, trapping evil in deadly whirlpools,
Often calm flowing through existence, her waves aren't often met with resistance.
She is the tsunami tall and bent, queen leviathan and Poseidon's trident.

He is the soldier draped in the dark, death will always fall upon his mark.
Hidden in the infinite shadows of night, enveloping opponents in heavy blight,
Just as dark as his powers suggest, his control of the wicked is obviously best.
He is the shadow filled with deaths musk, soulless reaper and bringer of dusk.

She is the queen our guiding star, our moral compass for near and far.
Luminous seraph shining for days, scorching adversaries with brimming rays.
Illuminating the path for us to take, only using her gifts for others sake.
She is the ether blinding in sight, miraculous angel and heavenly light.

I am the king with magic of all, leading six knights not willing to fall.
Employing all skies, lands, and seas, crushing all sinful with just so much ease.
Wind, water, fire, and earth are mine, even light and dark and space and time.
I am the cosmos stuck with this curse, fearless divinity and the universe.