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December 17th, 2014, 08:01 PM
So the Skype group has decided to make some new lingo for DOMO here are the ideas!

If you have your own ideas feel free to leave them or tell us how crazy we are:D

Puller = Aggression managers or Experience coordinator
Tanks = Weaponized Fortresses or Advanced target aggression coordinator.
Melee/Ranged DPS = poking specialists
Magical DPS = "im not touching you" specialists
Doctor = team wellness planner
Muse = Pet Smart
Leach = Manager in charge of unproductiveness
Gatherer = Resource specialist

December 17th, 2014, 08:04 PM
Sexy person = Me

December 17th, 2014, 08:12 PM
Person who doesn't wait for tank to pull aggro before attacking = punching bag specialist XD (just thought i'd put something I thought of here XD)

December 17th, 2014, 08:31 PM
Mrs. Magic-Eye = There are no words.

December 17th, 2014, 08:37 PM
Male shuras = arnold schwarzenegger + steroids

December 20th, 2014, 03:02 AM
I think I'll change the tone a bit by making a serious contribution to newbie knowledge by contributing some of my own (hopefully) useful information regarding AoE parties.

AoE = Refers to an Area of Effect Spell

Tank (Merc) = Refers to the person who keeps their team alive by using skills that generate high threat in order to keep the enemies off of his team. This role will almost without exception go to mercenaries, as they are the only ones who have tanking skills without subbing them in. As a tank, you'll learn to love wicked windmill and mock monsters.

AoE'r = Refers to classes that can use AoEs capably. Usually includes Fencer, Dancer, Wizard, and to a lesser extent Shaman. Note that Fencer does not begin accessing its aoes until level 22+, and Shaman does not get access to its aoes until level 29+.

Healer (Doc)= The person who literally keeps the team alive and healthy. Obviously, without subs, only doctors can fill this role.

Muse = As you might suspect, these are musicians. They might seem useless if you've never played DoMO before, but they are essential to keep your team running. They provide many buffs that will keep your team at their best, and also are the main way that you will get mana before people start getting their docs to 33. (Even then, they still are the main way you will get mana...) Also, make sure you don't recruit a pet muse. This probably won't ever happen to you, but it's really awkward if you do...

Puller= Refers to classes that pull the enemies into the AoE team. Basically, if you don't fit any of the above roles with your class, you're probably stuck pulling. Ideal classes for this include Thief (avoids damage through evasion, has a couple of weaker aoes to help it level), Hunter (similarly evasive if built right, and comes with his own strong bow, has aoes, but they are kind of below average.), Martial Artist (Bulky, and possibly evasive. I advise against using the boxing glove's aoe.), and to a lesser extent, Blademaster (Squishy), and Merchant.

Note that classes are able to sub in other specs to fill other roles. Beware however, as most jobs are not nearly as apt at their role if it is subbed in. This is fairly unimportant for aoers and muses, as they do not quite need to be so effective, but is essential to remember for tanks and docs. Although one time I tanked on my doc... Good times, good times...

AoE Team = Refers to a team that groups up to kill monsters using AoEs to level up.

VIP = Very Important Place. These tend to refer to the "Prime" spots for AoE teams, and are always in high demand.

Passport = A quest or something else that "unlocks" a dungeon for the player to enter freely. Without it, the player can not go in on his own without his teammates help. Most passports are unlocked through your main quests.

Casks = Caskmasters in the Inn Basement. Generally good for around level 15-22, though you may have difficulties getting recruited at 15 or 16. It should be noted that Caskmasters have physical skills. They can rip your tank apart if you aren't strong enough, or if the tank builds poorly. (Admittedly, its a little bit too early for build to matter much though...) [Requires a Passport to enter]

PT (MBoPs)= Phoenix Tower, or... more particularly, the male birds of paradise (MBoPs). Not a lot to say about them, they are honestly easier than casks in my opinion. Very good for people from around 20 to roughly... Uh... 26 or 27... It's been a while!

Nept = Neptune's Temple. This dungeon has a couple of different leveling spots, including the crimson globs (crim globs), as well as the VIP, which has a lot of the man-eating zombies without any turtles. There is also one more spot that has a name I can't quite remember. It's right outside the VIP, but it has turtles in it, so I would advise against it unless you want to piss off your doctor. Levels here honestly vary widely. For the globs, you can start at a lower level, but I would recommend around level 27 or 28 for the VIP. You can stay at the VIP area until the low to mid 30s, depending on if you want to try to skip grizz or not.

Grizz (Grizzly)(GG?) = Grizzly Garrison. Here you'll get to fight a ton of fat bandits. While it is very good experience, and bridges the gap between nept and grotto, some people choose to skip it altogether because of how brutal it can be here. The enemies here can use physical skills, which means they can really hurt if you are undergeared or tanking underlevelled at this point. This is good for the low to mid 30's, and you can stay here until the upper 30s if you wish. [Passport Required]

Grotto (Fugis)= Pandora's Grotto. This is a higher level area where you will mostly be killing fugitives. There are two main areas, the VIP, and the area that is outside of the VIP. Both areas are pretty good if you have a good puller. Fugis can hurt a lot because of their physical skills. Unless your are horribly underlevelled, you should not have a problem, however. Grotto is another area that has a lot of level variance. Tanks usually need to be in the upper 30s to be considered, while most of the others can be in their mid to low 30s. Generally, people stop in grotto at 40 or 41. Teacher's Opinion: It is almost essential for your doc to be at level 33 or higher at this point. Without Inner Magic, they will struggle.

Foggy = Foggy Forest. Well, you've finally made it to the big leagues. Foggy is the last stop for most aoe teams. You will be killing iron hedgehogs here. There isn't a lot to say about foggy, honestly. A lot of people level their pets here through aoe teams. Foggy is for people from 40-50, but beware of the 10 level experience share penalty. (Note that this will usually only happen if you start here at 40. At 41, you're probably safe.) [Passport Required]

Anyways, that ended up being a lot longer than I though it'd be. Hopefully it'll help somebody though. AoE teams are some of my fondest memories of DoMO, because you get to interact with other people so much. This makes it a very rewarding way to level. Feel free to go back to the silly lingo bits now!

December 20th, 2014, 09:51 AM
I think I'll change the tone a bit by making a serious contribution to newbie knowledge by contributing some of my own (hopefully) useful information regarding AoE parties.

Nice work. Also Dd is Darkdale (one of the three major cities) and DD is Dragon's Den (leveling area for 50-60).
Other than those two I think you got everything. :D

December 22nd, 2014, 07:46 AM
Lol Thank you @RangePhoenix, You made me think about alot of things I used to do in domo by useing the in-game terms, Where'd I be looking for team members to go party in foggy in the Vip room and others :XD: Good to know people out there still know alot about the game.

December 24th, 2014, 04:42 PM
Mrs. Magic-eye = boob specialist